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Description : Made With Studio One. Comment With The Tracks You've Made With This Loop!

Description : Check out the beat I made with this loop on my YouTube which you can find in my profile! Hope you enjoy and comment on what you made with this loop!

Description : I made this using Studio One and it sounds pretty promising and it has potential. Comment your tracks!

Description : I will use this in one of my beats. Comment down your tracks in the comment section! Hope you enjoy!

Description : I wanted to share this loop. Comment what you made down below!

Description : I made this loop and I used it in my latest beat "Bronx". It sounds really good so I hope you enjoy it! Comment your tracks down below.

Description : This is a synth loop that I made that sounds pretty nice. Comment your tracks that you made with this loop down below.

Description : This is a Drake type rimshot loop. I made this loop using Studio One. Comment your tracks that you made with this loop down below. I used this loop in my beat called "Tactical" and it works very well. You can also use this as a drum fill.

Description : Hello. I used a bell synth to make this loop. I hope you enjoy! Please comment the track you made using this loop down below.

Loops 1 - 9 of 9
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