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Description : upbeat synth loop made with serum and effects

Description : Haha cool stuff dude really great stuff I appreciate it dude you know how it is out here

Description : 808 cowbell boyz

key is g# harmonic minor

Description : monsta coop

Description : bruh loop

Description : Gunna, when you opened up for Travis in Boston I was in the pit almost front row dancing and loving life then right after drip too hard you pointed at me and said look at this fat nathan dance and people around me laughed at me so I went to the back and watched the rest of the show from a distance.... my question is why did you do that?

Description : ugly mane 2012 ya heard me

Description : A bell loop in f minor (with several chromatic notes.

Description : A nice, calm piano loop. There's really only one chord, a C maj7 with other notes weaving in and out.

Description : A sorrowful orchestral brass loop in C minor. The chords are C sus4 +5 and Cm +5.

Description : Real spooky, dark loop in E minor. Used a synth/bell sound.
Chords are Em to Bm, pretty much.
Arpeggio following the chords.
Block chords on another post.

Description : Chords are Emaj (addb5-maj7-third inversion) to cm (addb5-addm2)
There are a lot of dissonant chromatic notes in this loop, so be careful!
Piano is EZkeys glockenspiel is ableton library
Effects are grossbeat and ableton default reverb & eq
Please comment if you make anything with this!

Loops (12)