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Description : B, D, E, E, D,B

Made in Logic pro 9

Description : Glad to be back! :) Starting fresh with looperman by mainly uploading hip hop loops now rather than dubstep. My dubstep glory days have ended :(

Here's a hard hitting drumbeat I made for ya.
Massive 808's and Trap snares.

Enjoy :)

Description : Inspired by producers like H-Kliq and Scott Storch

Description : Yeppp

Description : Add hats and your set.

Description : Could be used in Electro, Dance, House, etc
( I used it in a house song that's why i put in under house)

Description : Funk Drums i used in a house track... for fun...

Description : Same desc. as before :P

Description : Filthy Bass From my track Cazoo, Drum loop need to be built around this loop though.

Description : Perfect for epic dubstep :D

Description : Rusko Inspired short looped wobble, made in NI Massive

Description : Title says it all folks

Description : Other three are obtainable by posting a review (:

Description : Brutal wobble

Description : Sub/Support Bass.. Sounds badass

Description : Bass from my track Beetlejuice.

Description : Datsik Inspired wobble gate 1 of 2

Description : Excision inspired wobble gate. 1 of 2.

Description : Drum loop from my track Beetlejuice

Description : Trance sawwww 128 tempo

Description : Non wobby robot bass. NOT SURE THE TEMPO.

Description : Drums from Arab

Description : Edited version / Full Version

Description : Un Edited version of Arab Wobble

Description : Ya Ya Bass in FL Studio 10 with NI Massive

Loops 1 - 25 of 30