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Description : A trashy UK sound again. These are some of my favorite sounding fillers when I mix. This has that drumstep style kick working along with the panning hats and tin snares. 170 BPM. Enjoy

Description : This is the full hardcore beat to be used in conjuction with the other loop with similar name. For drum and Bass producers who need that extra energy in their mix. 170 BPM.

Description : This is a form of the old two drum loops working together. A form of UK garage style. The drums have a live feel to them. I have the snare looped 37% to the left side of the channel and the hats start at 50% left, go 50% to the center of the loop and then back to the left. Kind of nifty sound I think. Enjoy.

Description : Lets face it...making wobbles is anybodys game. This is just a Halloween wobble I never used but may some day. It is the key of G3 and 170 BPM.

Description : A neat little percussive loop for the that filtered breakdown in your mix. This is at 170 BPM.

Description : Another oddity I had never used in my mixes but decide to give it away. The key is A and the BPM is 87.5 (or 175 for drum and bass). Sort of a glitch lead-in on the second set of 4 of bars.

Description : I never released a certain track of mine but didn't want to waste this somewhat funky lead I made for the track. So do with it what you will. Chop it, dice it and spit it out on your own track. It is in the Key of A and at 87.5 (or 175) for drum and bass or even down tempo glitch hop. Enjoy. I will add more stuff when time permits. Yours truly BLU3COLL@R

Description : For drum and bass.

Description : More of the same breakbeat with kick and percussion for drum and bass tracks.

Description : Another drum and bass breakbeat to mix things up.

Description : A full drum and bass breakbeat for mixing things up a bit. 175 BPM.

Description : More of a hard bassline than a wobble but works well in Electro or dusbtep.

Description : Kind of a weird Electro style wobble. Could be used in dubstep as a filler or strange bassline.

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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