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Description : Trap good

Description : Kae Sad

Description : dunno dinosaur

Description : West Coast,Trap,Hip Hop,EDM everything

Description : Hip Hop also,very cathcy
Drop link to your track i will listen 100%

Description : Trappy

Description : GOODD

Description : Maybe X

Description : noice :) if you make something with this loop just comment it,il lisent to it .

Description : C Minor , D Major , G Minor

Description : Catchy af

Description : Simple trap loop going on the walk

Description : Lead Meed Eweed

Description : really catchy like skecht form LOGAN Pie vlog man hang out on line forest game ok (str8 wtf)

Description : rumba reaggeton senorita biga tita *wtf*

Description : nek napise nesto u comm so yeah

Description : Drop if you made something with this

Description : Drop link if you make something with it please

Description : im like cuz look at you what i hate ohh
(wtf im little drunk)krunk haaha lol

Description : Best titler ever on the andreas (wtf i just said)
cringe i know

Description : It's really fire

Description : West SOUND EFFECT FX

Description : I think the key is D

Description : You can use it everywhere

Description : Smiple cachty melody for trap

Loops 1 - 25 of 34
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