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Description : In style of Volor Flex

Drums all made from scratch.

Comment what you want me to do next.

Description : In style of Vacant

Drums all made from scratch.

Description : Future Garage drums.

In style of Sublab, Azaleh.

Perfectly looped!

Description : ordinary UK Garage drums I made.

Description : Future Garage drums

in style of Vacant.

This drum loop took almost 4 hours to make from scratch.

There are about 27 different types of sounds that took hours to put together. I want you to get the best quality when it comes to garage drums on looperman. You deserve it.

Description : UK Garage

Description : Burial vintage drums.

All sounds made from scratch! :)

Description : Halloween drums for thirsty future garage producers out there :D

In stye of Vacant, Sorrow.

This loops took 3 hours to create from scratch!

Description : Phelian future garage style drums

Description : spooky rap drill

Description : take my soul..!!! :D

Description : 2000s vibes

Description : That more faster dance rhythm from the 90s.

I just experimented forward and came up with this.

Description : that kind of depressing meme boomer music mixes on Youtube XD

Description : Witch House type drums

Description : you can run but you can't hide.....

Description : In style of Sorrow.
This drum loop has over 22 different layers that took long time to create from scratch!

Link in my bio to buy sample packs!

Description : added some phaser for more nicer feeling.

Description : Tried to make the drums sound lofi as much I could.

Link in my bio to buy sample packs!

Description : Vacant future garage style drums

Description : For those who really need that lofi distorted 90s aesthetic poor studio quality feeling. Well here you go.

It's not perfect but, I just experimented.

Description : Late night lounge bar piano

Description : Vacant type beat future garage vibes with metallic percussions in background

Description : Vacant future garage beat

Description : Future Garage Drums

Inspired by: Sorrow

Speed up the drums to 135-138 for faster rhythm.
Sound even better! :)

This loop took a while to make from scratch!

Loops 1 - 25 of 239
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