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Description : Dusty and distortion feeling for lofi house with 90s feeling. I just experimented forward to see what I could come up with.

Description : In style of artist Vacant with more foley splash snares. Part 2

Description : In style of artist Vacant with more foley splash snares. Part 1

Description : UK Garage drums, with more chillout style.

Description : post dubstep Future Garage drums with 2 step vibes.
In styles of artist like: Bucky, Volor Flex, Phelian and vacant.
These drums took forever to make.

Description : I used water splash as snare, clap and percussion rhythm. Enjoy!

Description : More relaxing vibe.

Description : These drums took hours to make. Enjoy!
In style of Phelian, Vacant, Azaleh.
There are about 22 different percussions that took a while to produce into this loop. :)

Description : I added a impact of glass shatter instead of a snare for more dramatic ambient feeling.

Description : Drums with percussions sounds like a floating river.
This took a while to make. And I tried to find the cleanest snare I could find but I didn't. So I just took something that sounds garage style.

Description : I been making too much UK Garage vibe lately and wanna make more ambient post dubstep style.
These drums are similar style of artists: Phelian, Azaleh.

Description : This drum loop has about 15 layers of different sounds that took 1 hour to make.
Inspired by artist volor flex

Description : Garage drums style of future garage Sorrow.
These drums pattern took a while to make from scratch!
Have fun with these.

Description : Burial type garage drums

Description : Russian doomer lofi post-rock type music.

Description : Ambient garage drums full

Description : I just found out about russian post rock music on youtube. And I was like....hmmm what is this nice dark depressing stuff? XDDDDDDD

Description : .............

Description : Does this even sound like witch house drums?
Sounds more like gangster rap beats lol.

Description : Burial lofi style drums

Description : In style of Vacant.
Feels more like burial but whatever.

Description : ........

Description : I was working on a new song and the drums I made from scratch was very bad so i give this out.

Description : More faster drums

Description : Dark and heavy garage drums

Loops 1 - 25 of 196