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Description : let's dance

Description : Only hats pattern

Description : More chill patterns here.

Description : More vintage feeling with these drums I made.

Description : Vacant, Burial style.

Description : That kind of joji style piano.

Description : using more realistic piano for this loop.

Description : why is there liquid in my drum and my bass?
explain yourself!

Description : just experimenting....

Description : More garage and 2-step drums.

Description : More Witch House beats, just for fun.

Description : Happy Halloween this sunday! :)

Description : My first breakbeat drums.

Description : I thought of Squid Game while making this beat.

Description : With relaxing side chain in the background. Perfect for minimal future garage and post dubstep.

Description : Burial Style...

Description : Burial style....

Description : Sampling keys, shakers, wood for percussion

Description : I don't know so much about Witch House music but I made this beat.

Description : Burial and Vacant garage style.

Description : Use heavy and beautiful pads with haunting vocals. And a nice smooth sub bass with these drums.

Description : And now you have a future garage track ready to show the world.

Description : bro...what are you doing? Stop talk to that girl and start dancing with her...jesus...!

Description : sad realistic piano for fake depressed producers out there lol

Description :

Loops 1 - 25 of 165
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