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Description : DS2 2

Description : Reminds me of big shot by gunna. dababy would kill this too.

Description : something smooth. link me your creations.

Description : Lemme know what you make.

Description : Basically, I had Orange Soda by Baby Keem stuck in my head the past few days. I used the same sound that was in that beat and pitched it down. Lemme know what you can make of this. It's smooth af.

Description : Sup Mate

Description : pikachu

Description : please murk this. im begging.

Description : i could think of so many rappers with dark styles that would slay this loop. link me what you create. i pitched this down about 400 cents, so you might wanna do that.

Description : cool drums i dug out the vault.

Description : reversed a bell, pitched it down 200 cents and added some reverb. the scale is phrygian drop what you make below!!!

Description : dug this piece out my vault. was gonna be a beat but i never finished it. lemme know what you can make of this. its really chill, and i know one of you can make this into a banger.

Description : drop yo creations below and ill peep them

Description : a cool distorted guitar, kinda reminds me of goosebumps intro just a lil bit. pitched down 200 cents from e.

Description : I pitched this down 400 cents from e minor.

Description : Future and Gucci would kill this.

Description : synth part of the loop.

Description : Reuploaded. this is just the bell.

Description : happy halloween eve eve

Description : not to sure about the key as this was pitched down 100cents from f# . try F minor

Description : some more dope bells :)

Description : reversed bell in the scale of phrygian. i pitched it down 200 cents-ish so to match the vibe u might wanna do the same to ur drums.

Description : made this last night. harmonic minor is the scale :)

Description : made this in about 10 min. its a reversed key with a synth pitch bending over it, so it sounds off when its really not. have fun with this.

Description : ... i pitched down the key from c# so im not too sure what the key is, probably c.

Loops 1 - 25 of 36
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