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Description : Been a while.. Learned a few things along the way. Enjoy ^.^

Description : Just finished this tonight, str8 fuego

Description : Guess I'd better do the drop lead too!

Description : Thoughs I'd try to remake the lead for Bricks, I think it came out pretty good!

Description : I'm back! Enjoy guys!

Description : I have a lot to be thankful for in 2014, one being this site. It took my musical career and kick started it in a positive way. Anyway, I don't just produce trap! Happy New Year guys!

Description : After a short hiatus I am back! I FINALLY learned how to master properly. Run the trap!

Description : Well, this is the drum loop to my newest instrumental called Crystallize. Can be used for Trap as well.

Description : A cool brass melody, can be used for Hip Hop too!

Description : Well, I don't produce dubstep but I have a bunch of these loops like this!

(Apologies if the loop isn't the best quality, I'm still half deaf from seeing Skrillex last night.)

Description : First off I'd like to apologize about a missing loop, I had to delete it because it went against the guidelines... My bad. Second though! Here is one of my favorite melodies in a hip hop song! Can be used for Trap as well!

Description : A basic, but cool melody

Description : Came out pretty good! If you have any requests for loops, please comment and let me know what you want, and leave a comment so I can see what you did with the loop too! I will do some requests as I am out of ideas at the moment.

Description : Seems like the whole city go against me, every time I'm in the street, I hear


Description : The instrumentals to the 140 BPM beat! Here you go, DJZdUbZ!

Description : The vocal track to the previous loop I uploaded. Enjoy!

Description : Same loop, without chants as requested.

Description : A trap beat with a slower tempo and a few more chants. Shout out to xXSniperXx for the request!

Description : Took a while, but definitely worth the time in my opinion. Send me your work if you like it!

Loops (19)