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Description : Played a bell melody with chords, reversed it, added a bunch of fx and lastly put grossbeat on it to create the ultimate i dont know what the fuck Im doing melody.

Description : Sounds like a retro synth, bedroom pop type vibe.
Synthpop, clairo, bedroom pop, mac demarco

Description : Idk sounds like drill, hella simple pretty cool though.

Description : Not mixed so its not great but I liked the overall groove. 98 bpm.

Description : Pad I made for a ghostemane type beat.
Root note is F# repeating. Bpm is 130. Enjoy!

Description : just made this, its cool I guess. Just compressed, pitched and reverbed.

Description : Made in FL 20 using Triton. No effects dry sample. Just messed with velocity and strummed the notes.
Root Notes: C,C,C,A

Description : Pretty simple. 120 bpm. Enjoy!

Description : Recorded this on a shitty phone mic hope its usable tho.
I just pitched it down 200 cents, compressed and put some reverb and chorus on it.
Root Notes: D#,A#,D,G

Description : Not actually a guitar, made in pigments and it was a brass preset, sounds like it would be in a rock song. Using this for a song I'm making, Enjoy! G#m
Root Notes: G#,F#,B,D#,F#

Description : Idk what genre this is usually considered but I made it for and Indie track. Kinda sounds like house. 100 bpm, Enjoy!

Description : Made using pigments in Fl 20.
Root Notes: D,A,A,D,C

Description : Mixed and sidechained. Fl 20
Root Notes: G,F#,A,F#
This was made with my other loop "Basic Lofi Piano"

Description : Made this with a oneshot kit. I would credit but cant find the name of who made it unfortunately. Fl 20.
Root Notes: G,F#,A,F#
Half the tempo would probably be good for Lo-fi

Description : Made using pianoteq in Fl 20.Enjoy!Good to use with my previous loop "emotional piano"
Root notes: D,D,A,C

Description : Made this using pianoteq in Fl 12.Enjoy!
Root Notes: D,D,A,C

Description : Made this for a really happy sounding beat. Used an Arturia V7 collection preset and sounded kinda like a bell. Key is E major.

Description : First loop with Fl 20. Used NeoPiano. Enjoy!
Root Notes: D#,F#,G#,F

Description : From an old beat I made, have midi if anyone needs it for whatever reason.C#m.Made using Xpand!2 in Fl 12.
Root Notes: F#,E,B,F#,E,B,C#

Description : Was remixing a song and made this, super simple.125 bpm.Enjoy!

Description : Really was just experimenting with percussion. Lots of different percussion in this.Enjoy!

Description : Super ambient and weird sounding.Not expecting a lot of downloads but thought it sounded unique.Made using Xpand!2 and gross beat half time.
Root Notes: D

Description : Made these bells for a Scarlxrd type beat. Both were made using ElectraX in Fl 12.
Melody is just b,e,b,e,b,d,b,d
trap,pluck,bell,nick mira

Description : Just a pluck arp grossbeated in c major. Made using Nexus in Fl 12.
Rootnotes: A,G,G,F
trap,lil uzi,nick mira,iann dior,juice wrld

Description : Made a little Rhodes electric type piano. Pitched it down and sounded pretty sad. good for lofi I'm guessing.
Bassline: G,D#,D,F

Loops 1 - 25 of 44
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