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Description : Probably good for some trap metal or anything with an intense drop

Description : Just processed heavily

Description : edm/hyperpop sounding

Description : distorted and dark sounding

Description : sad piano type beat

Description : Lingering sound

Description : Inspired off anguish
Trap Metal

Description : Hope its usable

Description : String Part

Description : Piano Part

Description : Dark and ambient sounding

Description : bruhhh

Description : simple stuff

Description : Dark sounding

Description : Trap/UK drill vibe

Description : Basic melody played an octave up in the second half

Description : Calm stuff

Description : Internet money sound

Description : A little repetitive

Description : Could be cool for drill or trap

Description : Kinda sad maybe hyperpop or bladee sounding

Description : Darkness consumes you

Description : Batman batman

Description : Fuck it

Description : Lofi beats

Loops 1 - 25 of 162
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