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Description : good for intro or break

Description : Up tempo background tune, good for R&B or pop

Description : Chord progression for different projects

Description : relaxing soft tune

Description : Loop for the fast track

Description : It can be used in tempo 160bpm for fast beat
or 80bpm for slow beat

Description : Ready song is this one, just sing or rap over it and any girl will get ready for exploits

Description : Good for intro or a break

Description : Good for intro or a break

Description : Good for relaxing theme

Description : This one is good for intro or a break

Description : Am C G

Description : Intro of a famous hit by Animals (1963)
but first recording of this song is dated 1937!!!
by Georgia Turner

Description : Am E Gm D

Description : Short piece for any genre

Description : Amazing melody of 60s in C

Description : Blues in 3/4 or 6/8 (both meters are ok)
Chords: Aьmaj7, Gm7, F, Gm, Aьmaj7, Gm7, F, D

Description : mid tempo energetic loop

Description : up tempo loop could be used for various genres due to your taste

Description : Loop is good for song in up tempo

Description : loop is suitable to built a song over it

Description : Cool for intro or a break

Description : It's cool, you can build whole song on it

Description : Energetic, live piece

Description : Spain classical guitar school is unexcelled

Loops 1 - 25 of 30
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