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Description : More of the excess piano loopage from my song.

Description : One of the excess piano leads I made for a soon-to-be released track.

Description : Explosion FX

Description : Not entirely sure of a title, but it sounds to me like it could be used for a transition or a small part in a song. I can't remember the scale I used but if anyone wants the Fruity Score file or MIDI I can get it to ya.

Description : Made this while looking for something to use in a song.

Description : Key is E melodic minor. Came up with this one while trying to come up with a melody for a new song.

Description : Ahh the creative process of trying to make a melody.

Description : Came up with this while trying to come up with a melody for a new remix. Can't use it tho so I put it on here.

Description : Made this one being creative with an arpeggio and using the (awesome) plugin, BLUE, by Rob Papen.

Description : Reversed!

Description : Creative boredom at it's best.

Description : I can't believe I got this from a snare, phaser effect, reverb, and a free filter O_o

Description : Made this with a soundfont from the Korg MS20, one of my all-time favourite synths!

Description : Synthesizing experimentation

Description : Got creative with the vocoding once again.

Description : Celldweller inspired me to make this one.

Description : The Korg MS20 gave me this idea. I got super creative with the vocoding!

Description : Random effect I came up with.

Description : I spoke with an English accent, recorded this and then vocoded it.

Loops 1 - 19 of 19
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