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Description : This is a guitar loop thats good fror Rap, Hiphop, or Rnb. I believe it'll be good for a song that tells a story. If you use it let us hear it. Thats all I ask. Peace

Description : This is the brass loop from the fury track. I used the Purity VSTi to get it done. It has both highs and lows simultaneously sorry i didn't separate them guys.

Description : I recently uploaded a track called fury and I'm not exactly thrilled with it but I'd love to hear what others may come up with using the loops. I used "Edirol Orchestra" VSTi to do this loop. Its fast paced but can be used in various genres. It can be use

Description : I uploaded this loop previously but it was at an awkward tempo (149 BPM) making half time tempo 74.5 BPM which can be an issue depending on software preferences. I'm uploading it again at 74 BPM or 148 BPM for easier use. I used Purity VSTi to do it. Can

Description : This is the power guitar loop for the fury track. I used FL Slayer. Its coarse and heavy and can be used in multiple genres.

Description : This a string loop from a track I'm working on. I put a little reverb on it. suitable for multiple genres.

Description : This is a loop taken from one of my tracks. It is obviously a guitar loop and can be used @ 85BPM or 170BPM. The tempo leaves room for the loops to used in many genres. Use it any way you like but I ask that you let me hear what you come up with. Peace..

Loops 1 - 7 of 7