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Description : generic ambient loop, sounds calming thought id share, post what you make!

Description : ElectraX preset with slight gross beat

Description : navs style is like my forte at this point

Description : Its finally spring thank god.....

Description : Notes used C#,D#,F,F#,G#,A# and B dont @ me

Description : purple baugettes baby you know im from.....

Description : Loop from a soundpack im doing requested by another producer. thought id share one.

Description : added a lead and sped the bpm up to 150

Description : Still working on a beat to this but i thought id share the melody with you guys :D

Description : Wasted

Description : if enough people request the 3 sounds separate i shall do so.... i guess.

Description : From the 88 glam loop

Description : From the 88glam loop

Description : from the 88 glam loop

Description : Forgot i had a fruity love philter on the last one oops

Description : Mixture of three Electra X Trap X (producer grind) Sounds. 1.Under Arp 2.Aux Pad 3.Cut Keys. if you want the three sounds separately uploaded, leave a comment and i will do so.

Description : mixture of 88glam preset DRZA extacy pad from nexus
and metroboomin Trippin lead with my own touch of eq and reverb

Loops 1 - 17 of 17
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