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Description : Brass Progression, wicked Enjoy. Add some pad Enjoy

Description : Made this two 808 Snare roll will be sick to use on trap beats. Its dope! enjoy!

Description : Drums got potential just wanted to share it with y'all

Description : snare roll can be use in all style of music. enjoy!

Description : Made using sim synth, lets see what you can do with it.

Description : There is so much you can do with this loop. Get creative,Made in Fl.

Description : Compose this drum loop in FL studio, you can also mix to your own taste. Epic drum type loop No limit to creativeness.

Description : Made in Fl studio good piece of harmony with the right gears put together would make a great song peace!

Description : Simple progression pattern, good foundation for harmonizing get motivated! start a new project peace!

Description : Made it on Fl studio,Composing Unlimited melodies.Have Fun!

Description : Made in fl studio can be use in any style of music get inspired

Description : Made in FL studio using Sytrus do your thing.

Description : There is no limit to what you can do with this drum loop.

Description : Made from sytrus FL studio. Add pad and good trap drums could potentially be the foundation for a hit.

Loops 1 - 14 of 14
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