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Description : this is nice

someone collab with me on soundcloud lmao hmu
link to my soundcloud in my bio

Description : easy and simple but real real nice

usually pretty trash at making lofi drums but these sound good. not gonna use them fo a beat so u guys can. :]

Description : hahahahahahhahahhahahah

ok fr tho this is the easiest shit to make
but it always sound so good

Description : opened: 3 days ago

Description : we used to talk so much... what happened?

Description : do whatever you want with it. put it in the background or make it the main melody. recorded into a mic using my tenor saxophone.

Description : i didn't need it so you can have it

Description : nice 808 and kick thank u cxdy

bass is c# minor

Description : pretty cool loop

Description : haven't uploaded in a while

Description : more happy vibes this time.

comment what you made

Description : oooo baby very cool and nice mm yummy

very much like lil peep

Description : bruh moment #2

comment what you made

Description : lil peep type electric guitar.

made with LABS Guitar Peel Ensemble along with FabFilter Saturn and FabFilter Q3

Description : comment your heat

d# harmonic minor

Description : oooooooooo post the fire you made with this

key is d harmonic minor.

Description : ok, i think i now have an obsession with LABS. thank you labs. i love you.

Description : sad chords, happy melody

Description : a harmonic minor

Description : chord progression is: Am7 - G7 - F7 - Edom7

Description : damn i actually really like this. post if u make anything wit this. :]

Description : spicy as, dog

could be used in a trap beat or a lofi beat. (was made for lofi)

Description : pretty nice

Description : pretty clean. used it ina track and really liked it i thought i would share it with you. peace :]

Description : boom bap style. get jiggy wit it

Loops 1 - 25 of 84
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