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Description : Just a random experimenting home recording. Haven't thought too much into structure or melody tbh I just like the lyrics Let me know how you think this recording is if you can, wandering if it sounds too congested at all? Might be my recording technique .

Would love to hear if you could do anything with it. transposing this by plus 2 sounded better personally.
I added the piano I used for this in my track section

Description : these are home vocals will do some better studio vocals.

can anyone make me like a Joel Corry im sorry type track for this would love that? with like punchy house chords. I did a rough track of this again in the track section/idea profile page

d major

Description : Hey heres the full vocals for 'soul searching' Hope you all like this and Iv heard some great tracks for this so far add ft Jenna evans) from the one I put on before. So would love to hear them again.

Description : Hey, hope you like this, sorry I left it with the backing vocals

Would love to hear if you can do anything with this section of the song for now.

E major 125 bpm

please add ft Jenna evans

Description : Hi so I finally managed to get round to the studios to finish these vocals.
Look forward to hearing what you can do with this if you can. Bb major 125 bpm

Please add ft Jenna evans

Description : Sorry for uploading this twice I did upload a few days ago, but a few people asked for it without my effects on it. (too much effects on the other one)

So here is the dry version

Hopefully this is better

If you would Kindly add ft Jenna evans to your creations would be great

Description : I deleted my track version of this whilst I work on my productions skills lol

bpm 122

home record'
Let me know if you would prefer this dry
would be greta to add ft Jenna evans

Description : Been on previously. But this is full song with backing vocals.

Description : Yeah i'm not sure what this is yet lol. Im working on it

I wrote this with a kind of trance/dance track in mind.

home recording, so i'm not sure what the quality of this is like

Tags : 100 bpm | RnB | 4.47 MB | Autotune | Female | Unknown | Singing
Licence : Licence type not set. Assume non commercial use only

Description : Just a rough version of this again. It has massive amounts of autotune as well, the autotuning on this makes me want to an actual bucket. and I sound like a man. Anyway I will be recording this again at some point. I think this could sound better at increased tempo and a bit of a higher pitch change. I do like this song though so I ill post some better vocals.

Description : Better quality recording than the previous version. 1 verse and chorus

Description : I have had a few messages asking if I could out on full song versions. I would love to hear one with lots of vocals layers/choppy vocals.

Description : would love to hear your tracks

Description : Thought I would share with was a very quick recording

Please check out my Soundcloud Jenna Evans ;)

Acapellas 1 - 14 of 14
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