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Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Description : Hi so I finally managed to get round to the studios to finish these vocals.
Look forward to hearing what you can do with this if you can. Bb major 125 bpm
hypeddit download link below

Description : Sorry for uploading this twice I did upload a few days ago, but a few people asked for it without my effects on it. (too much effects on the other one)

So here is the dry version

Hopefully this is better

non commercial use

If you would Kindly add ft Jenna evans to your creations would be great

Description : I deleted my track version of this whilst I work on my productions skills lol

bpm 122

home record'
Let me know if you would prefer this dry

non commercial use. love hearing your track btw. Please send them would love a house track for my soundcloud ;)

Description : Been on previously. But this is full song with backing vocals.

Free for non commercial use.
For commercial please contact so we can discuss.

I am still working on the 'make it right track' on the track section of my profile

check this out on soundcloud

Description : Yeah i'm not sure what this is yet lol. Im working on it

I wrote this with a kind of trance/dance track in mind.

home recording, so i'm not sure what the quality of this is like

Let me know if you can hear any problems with this accapella

EDIT: timing issues on this will redo

Tags : 100 bpm | RnB | 4.47 MB | Autotune | Female | Unknown | Singing
Licence : Licence type not set. Assume non commercial use only

Description : Just a rough version of this again. It has massive amounts of autotune as well, the autotuning on this makes me want to an actual bucket. and I sound like a man. Anyway I will be recording this again at some point. I think this could sound better at increased tempo and a bit of a higher pitch change. I do like this song though so I ill post some better vocals.

Description : Better quality recording than the previous version. 1 verse and chorus
Can anyone make this sound cool? maybe dance version

this is without backing vocals

For non commercial use
for commercial please contact
Why not check out the full version on soundcloud give it a like maybe? lol Jenna Evans

If used please use ft Jenna Evans much appreciated.

exclusive vocal/royalty free done also get in touch

Tags : 125 bpm | RnB | 3.99 MB | Female | Unknown | Singing
Licence : Licence type not set. Assume non commercial use only

Description : I have had a few messages asking if I could out on full song versions. I would love to hear one with lots of vocals layers/choppy vocals.
Non commercial use, for commercial use please contact..
If you download this can you please take a few minutes to follow me on facebook/soundcloud. and I will continue to upload stuff as I love hearing what you all do! Please add ft Jenna evans to the title thankyou :)

Description : Why not support my song on Soundcloud/facebook with a like/follow much appreciated lol what do you think of this in comments, and I will upload some more if you like?
*Please contact me if you wish to use this for anything...and please write ft Jenna Evans ;)
*For non commercial use, for commercial please contact. Let me know what you do with it ;)

Description : Thought I would share with was a very quick recording

*For non commercial use only

Please check out my Soundcloud Jenna Evans ;)

Acapellas 1 - 10 of 10
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