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Lo-Fi Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : not really an acapella, but i layered my voice a couple times to make this! hope it ends up sounding good.

if you use this acapella, please feature me (ft. indoji) so i can see the final creations! also comment soundcloud - youtube links please.

right now i'm personally not looking to be in any deals or apple music + spotify + tidal uploads, thank you though!

Description : For Armani Mcclellan and Squad

Description : If you want to upload this to apple music and spotify and make money, hit me up on Instagram for approval.
(I don't want any money, I just want to authorise it)

IG name on looperman profile. if you wana collab

comment what you've done too.

Description : Please only tag in your title " Feat French Summer Breeze"
spanish verse

Description : All naturally/inorganically deep voiced and are either in 4th or fifth harmonics.

Description : B Minor Scale

Description : D Aeolian Scale

Description : lo-fi distorted acapalla 98bpm

instagram @annemakesstuff

Description : A song about the one I love.

Description : free to use for what ever CLICK ON my PICTURE to get link to my social media my IG is @kapogear
credit me :)

Description : D Minor Natural Scale
Added a De-Esser

Description : feel free to use anywhere, including spotify
The noise and distortion is intentional
Post what you make in the comments, please put "ft.MCD Sprite" in the title of anything you make

Description : Please use it at your discretion. No special requirements. You can rename and do whatever you want.

please CONSIDER the TEMPO and KEY of the acapella when creating your music,
note, this is important! KEY: C# minor, BPM: 64

I will be happy if you mention me. I will be glad to hear your works :)

if you need something exclusive and something similar for one of your tracks - dm me for pricing!

follow me:
inst - @imodarka
twitter - @imodarka
soundcloud - @imodarka

Description : This sound is not edited and the quality being reduced, just hit me up for the high quality if you're interested !

If you use it for non-commercial purposes, just credit me and comment with the link so I can check out your work.

If it's for commercial us / or you want something similar for one of your tracks, hit me up on IG for pricing!

Description : From a full song of mine, just really liked the hook though. Could work on anything.
Credit me as Dezz & post your remix's in the comments :D

Description : free to use XD all i ask for is for you to credit me and show me your work if you want to reach out to me my Instagram is @kapogear and my YouTube is 2scarze ;) thanks and have a good day

Description : Just a quick half song i wrote! Feel free to use in whatever projects you might have. Do NOT release anything under my artist name on Spotify, it will be taken down immediately.

I am currently not taking on too many collaborations sorry, but I do offer commission vocals/producer tags on my profile.

instagram: emilynsu
soundcloud: emilynmusic

not sure what key or bpm this is sorry :(

Description : credit me if you're going to use it for anything
if it for sportify use my name 2scarze so i can get credit
and yeah i have Instagram @2scarze and my YouTube is the same

Description : I'm warming up to this Autotune thing..Like Post Malone said i only know how to sing with Autotune..
Only wet vocals
Sang this to a Tantu Beats Lofi-Beat called Eternal .Check out my sample track

Description : Hope you enjoy this is from my album unprecedented be sure to support the original album if you like this
If you use name "Michael Mayo- Lost All Hope (Yourname Remix)"

for commercial use spotify or streaming service (Other than youtube and soundcloud) please contact me first!

Description : I added a little bit of reverb and lo-fi vibe in it, so I think it fits with lo-fi kind of beats or little bit of R&B or Hip Hop/Rap.

Oh, and if you're gonna use this sample I sang, leave the link of your work in comment section, I will look it up! :)

Contact Instagram: @itslubosh

So ecxited to hear, what you guys will do with it!

Description : raw unedited vocals wrote anotha hook + harmonies

idk bpm or key, sung over Free Xxxtentacion x NF Type Beat - ''Alone'' Sad Piano Instrumental 2019, check it out for ideas

soundcloud: emilynmusic
instagram: emilynsu

Description : Searching - hook
feel free to use for whatever

idk key/tempo, sung over "Losing You" - NF Type Beat Emotional Piano Instrumental 2019 (Prod. Starbeats) feel free to check that for ideas

Soundcloud: emilynmusic
instagram: emilynsu

Description : raw unedited vocals, short hook i wrote
feel free to use for whatever!
sung this over'[FREE] shooting stars SAD JUICE WRLD TYPE BEAT (prod born hero)' on youtube

soundcloud: emilynmusic
instagram: emilynsu

Description : A song I wrote and made a while back, though I added some verses! (BPM is 110).

The difference is that this vocal has been processed to sound feminine (using some manual formant shaping through Newtone).

Chords (Bm, D, A, A & Em6) (I added some guide at the start for the pattern)

This is free, but If you're going to use this vocals, please do name your title "Remember by bitronix (XXXX remix)" with the XXXX as your name. The reason is that I already have a song uploaded with the vocals.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 74
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