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Description : Hey guys here's a hook I did to a beach vibey song which had no verse.

Just put (ft. Kim) on it if you are using it I am really interested in those who can make a lo-fi coffee feel type song and I may post the ones I really like on my SoundCloud

I will try to listen to your guys songs so please drop them below for me to listen.

this is raw with manual pitch correction

Its in A Major by the way

Description : all genre are accepted

Description : all genre are accepted

Description : all genre are accepted

Description : If you decide to do something with this acapella you can send me that I will be delighted to hear it

Instagram: Sleeperlowmusic

Description : Completely free to use, Just remember to add FT - Lil 31 39 84 86, to the title and link it in the comments.

Description : This is my first acapella, I hope you like it and do what you want with it

Send me your songs to listen to them!

My instagram: sleeperlowmusic

Description : Another oldie I found...

Description : Please indicate that you used my vocals and mention in the description my SoundCloud\Instagram (@ksufus)

To release these vocals or use some other way commercially, please contact me to discuss details.

Description : all genre are allowed

Description : all genre are allowed

Description : All genre are allowed

Description : all genre are allowed

Description : all genre are allowed

Description : 82/164 BPM
C minor

Just a vibe
Original by Ankit Tiwari

Description : In this technique I used Reverb.
The vocals are clear (Hindi language) yet, they have a big reverb effect.
Let me know what y'all think.

Description : A bunch of freestyles

Description : I will be happy if you mention me. I will be glad to hear your works. Just credit me if u use (ft. imOdarka)

please CONSIDER the TEMPO and KEY of the acapella when creating your music,
note, this is important! KEY: D# min, BPM: 95

please use it for NON COMMERCIAL using!
If you'd like to use it for commercial use please contact me to purchase licence!

inst: @imodarka
twitter: @imodarka
soundcloud: @imodarka

Description : Another lofi sounding vocal loop! Same thing goes, add ft Equinox in the title and share profits for commercial use.

Description : Just a lofi loop for people. Let me hear your work! You can only use commercially if I get some compensation for my effort.

Description : Made a free sample lofi vocals pack with a few lofi hooks i wrote, ad libs, and dialogue free dl link below :)

Soundcloud: emilynmusic
Instagram: emilynsu

free lofi vocal sample pack (with the dry wav vocals & processed) :
https:// www.mediafire. com/file/xd44wlca4xuo2um/Lofi_-_Emilyn_small_sample_pack_1.zip/file

Description : Actually im a EDM producer but today, i made some vocals for LOFI artists.

Im not used to make lofi vocals so its not the best. I made a part with the guitar sample and one without

You can use the Vocal on any non Profit sites like Soundcloud, Youtube but not Spotify and other Paid Streaming Sites. Make sure to give Credits

Description : here are dry vocals for a song I wrote. Feel free to use for whatever projects you want! Do not release under my artist name on commercial platforms or it will get removed.

Soundcloud: emilynmusic
Instagram: emilynsu

Description : F major or D Minor

Description : A Coded Message for my spirit friends.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 90
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