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Description : Hey! If you would like me to send you the full track let me know. Or if you would like to create a EDM track with me, let me know!

Description : Você pode usar esta a acapella em qualquer projeto, apenas exijo que utilize o (Feat. ruanb7) no nome da música. Deixe nos comentários o que você produzir, eu irei ver e compartilhar.

You can use this acapella on anything you want, i just ask you to use (feat. ruanb7) in the title.

Description : Pretty awesome acapella, right? Use for FREE for all your non-commercial projects and post a link to your track here.

Name the remix as follows:

No Competition (YOUR NAME HERE remix) by AAP featuring Jamal Shinobi

Want to profit from your own remix? Purchase an unlimited usage commercial license for this acapella from our site, release via your own label and keep 100% of the royalties, for only $29.

Visit aapofficial dot com, or click the link on our Looperman profile.

Description : I think this is sounding a lot like Adele meets Rihanna and Missy Elliott or Adele!
Or maybe Demi Lavato or Selena Gomez?
Or just Pink!
Up for the interpretation!
You decide which one, either or both or all!
Although I'm serious this is fun~!
This one seemed to work with such ease compared to other tempos/timing and keys and way less work!
Maybe I am a blend of Pop and Hip Hop?
Who knows!
We may never know. lol

Description : I want professionals to like this.
I just want to see what's out there before I place this on my album.
This must be considered either remix or secondary mix with my name as credits and your name as the mix!
Play around with the vocals as you wish!

Description : Just wanted you guys to know I got more vocals and hopefully somebody who is professional level can make this stand out. I'm willing to pay for the commercial license if necessary if it's good enough to be on an album and commercial radio.

Description : You can add this into various places to make it stretched to 3:22.
This has to be turned up so no haters.
I just want to hear my voice to something
and everybody needs tweaking I'm sure.
But please take into consideration I'm doing my very best! It'll need melodyne or autotune,beat placement on the 4/4 and tempo stretching if necessary with equalization. Top 40 trendy Hip Hop. I think it's G#m or G m or G# I'm not sure!

Description : Hi for fun we are dong a remix of this on the website where you can also download this the full version at

Hope you like and Use as you wish

Description : contact me via email or insta for the purchase of this vocal

Description : shoutout anuuu beats for making the beat for this, the song was bad so i scrapped it.
heres the accapella



Instagram: @ihatejorck

free non-commercial use on soundcloud and youtube

credit me (feat. SMOKEFENT)

key is G# Minor

Description : have fun with this free ting

Description : Include featuring @EyeWaz in your title or description please.

Description : Angel of music
the interlude
from Princess
of Urban Pop
on Soundcloud now

Description : Acapella from a old song of mine. Pease post this to Soundcloud and Youtube only, and please put a link to what you've made in the description!!

I always love to hear what y'all make so go crazy frfr

Description : by jack macrath

Description : by jack macrath

Description : credit me XD my rap name is 2scarze


Description : I will be happy if you mention me. I will be glad to hear your works. Just credit me if u use (ft. imOdarka)

please CONSIDER the TEMPO and KEY of the acapella when creating your music,
note, this is important! KEY: G# minor - bpm: 117

please use it for non commercial using!
If you'd like to use it for commercial use please contact me to purchase licence!

Description : Please pay the COVER fees before you make it Commercial. Do the right thing and pay the original artist.

Description : Ab Fm Eb C# x4

Description : Ab Fm Eb C# x4

Description : Ab Fm Eb C# x4

Description : Ab x4 Cm x4
Ab x4 Cm x4
C# x2 Cm x2
C# x2 Eb x2

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 122
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