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Description : This is for a project I'm working for, your happy to use just have Ft. Michael Lacroix in the title.
Don't forget to share and show me your work! I love hearing them!
Description : In the time of slave ships this was the chant the gangers sang - they must have been very sick. I must be very sick! Not really!!
Feel free to add it to your musical composition.
Description : This is a chant that I grew up with. I have no idea what the language is or where it is from. I know that it means "I believe in cause and effect". You are supposed to chant it monotone as you are focusing your energy on something you want. As you get deeper and deeper into your meditation, your chanting becomes faster.
Tags : 130 bpm | Ethnic | 115.99 KB
Description : original native chant I made for a track that didn't work out.
Description : Something i made while i was bored hope you like it
Description : Ok, so I got tired of having a zero on my profile under accapellas. This was a freak mistake that came I recorded a sappy song I wrote on a Tascam 246. I accidently stuck the tape in a regular tape deck and got this. If you are really tricky, you could reverse it and figure out the words and hear how really bad I sang 20 years ago. The harmony is split L R. . This song is called Clouds. If you really want to hear the original version, go to the Jetset Indie link in my links and look up Clouds. This is the only piece I have in Accapella for now.
Description : First round is just melody. Second round is with harmony. Third round sounds like a voodoo chant (woohoo! lol). Final round is a softer, almost whispered version of the melody.

Sung in C minor.

One of my favourite Nursery rhymes ever. This was what made me fall in love with the Middle Ages, back when I was just 6 years old!
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