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Tags : 100 bpm | Folk | 3.34 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Dying Rebel Acapella Comeallya by Shamoozey is something you might hear in an old Irish pub in Ireland. Be nice to have some music with it! Not sure of genre. Get in touch for commercial use. Cheers!

Description : not sure btm.. little verse ive been making.. wanna see what you guys can do with it. any profit or commerical use contact me. email in bio. thanks!

Tags : 100 bpm | Folk | 1.87 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Go Lassie Go (wild mountain thyme) a comeallyah A-capella by Shamoozey. BPM 100. Got a Summery feel in your musical arsenal? Suit various genres!
Get in touch for 'commercial use' of this classic. Please (ft. Shamoozey) in your new creation. Thank you!

Tags : 100 bpm | Folk | 1.72 MB | Male | Singing

Description : An old Irish comallyeh! Get in touch for commercial use.




Description : Greetings! This is my first upload. Leave me a comment if you do something with it!
Can be used with any genre.

Tags : 120 bpm | Folk | 2.07 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Five Days of Christmas by Shamoozey. Get in touch for commercial use!

Tags : 90 bpm | Folk | 1.86 MB | Male | Singing

Description : A good auld Irish comeallyah! 'Risin of the Moon'
Oh OBW, comeallyahs don't have a BPM because of flowing movement
but we'll give it a 90 cos that's where the craic is.
As always, get in touch for commercial use of this rebelpella.

Tags : 100 bpm | Folk | 1.21 MB | Male | Singing

Description : South of the Border acapella by Shamoozey. por favor. Contacto Shamoozey for use of el tracko un commercialo stuff. Gracias.

Description : Gospel 2 voice by Carole S.

Description : Acapella by Carole S.
Gospel song base
(from Alison Krauss)

Tags : 100 bpm | Folk | 2.16 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Johnny Boy 100 BPM by Shamoozey. Get in touch for commercial use of this acapella.

Description : A Tinkers Life, by Shamoozey. 99bpm.
CAMPFIRE IN THE DARK 4/4 (Original words by Paddy Houlihan)
Intro: G-Bm-Bm-Bm-G-G A-G-Bm-Bm A-G-Bm-Bm. See lyrics
section below for more chords. (Feat. Shamoozey) in your title remix. Thanks!

Description : Here's a raw old Canadian folk song 'Peggy Gordon' sung by the lad himself Shamoozey.
BPM 90. Not bad for a Tuesday morn wind pipe cleaner after Labor weekend!

Description : An Irish comeallyaz 'From Clare To Here' written by Ralph McTell and sung here by Shamoozey. BPM 79
If you use this acapella please (feat. Shamoozey) in TITLE of your remix. Thanks!

Tags : 100 bpm | Folk | 3.23 MB | Male | Singing

Description : 'The Patriot Game' An old Irish comeallyaz Rebel song by the great Shamoozey. A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals are "officially released"
for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.

Tags : 190 bpm | Folk | 1.17 MB | Male | Singing | Key : C

Description : Here's a weird one from the great Shamoozey called 'old man wasting time'. Nice little beat with BPM 190 at 3/4 measure. Chords on ukulele C, Am, F, G.
Get in touch if you want to use to make money, otherwise have fun fun fun. Cheerz agus Slainte.

Tags : 100 bpm | Folk | 1.77 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Have a good one!

Description : Shamoozey takes to the fields and more controversy. Wish i could invent goggles that blot out Turbine windmills on the land and keep the beauty of the natural habitat, but even the great Shamoozey can't stop progress so lets pretend they're not there and enjoy the fruits of their labor with positive energy. The BPM is 120. Key of Am. The chords i used were Am, G, D, Am. As ever do the right thing! Cheers!

Tags : 98 bpm | Folk | 2.63 MB | Female | Singing

Description : A girl lost her mother. She is crying -she sees as if her mother is going away down the stream of the shallow river - bare feet...

Description : Here's a little ditty called hear the wind blow love. It was written by lester and scruggs back in the ? Anyway, its in the Key of C and the BPM 1s 170 @ 3/4 measure

Description : An ode to the place I loved and spent most of my paychecks when I was a teenager, back in the late 90's. Would love to hear what you come up with. Thinking it would be nice to get some other people on some other verses / chorus to get some different stories of the classic Record Store.

Tags : 81 bpm | Folk | 2.25 MB | Male | Singing | Key : F

Description : Pick yourself up and keep lovin

Tags : 99 bpm | Folk | 2.22 MB | Male | Singing | Key : G

Description : I wrote this song after a bender in New York and an encounter with an old crush

Description : A little song I wrote before moving to California.

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