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Description : Part of the 618432 release.

Two things:

1. Link to the album in your description:

(Please follow I'm brand new there).

Vid launching this - up on the 18th:

2. Put 'FEAT. NORBZ/REMIX' in your title.

NOTE: These are 432hz.

Do NOT monetize please. Make the hottest remix and I will consider publishing + profit share. If your track is chosen, I'll give you the full .wav. :)
Description : An electro hop acapella. Please contact me if used.
Description : Some super throwback vocals so mine that I found while digging through the archives. Maybe you creative minds out there can make something of this. It originally goes to a snappy dance beat with hip hop elements but, I'd love to hear something new and crafty. PLEASE email me or add a link in the comments to your creation. I ALWAYS love to collab, and join forces with others. Love you all. Thanks in advance.
Description : Please credit me: Ft Steelyvibe and send me links to finished tracks. For non-commercial. Contact me for commercial use prior to any releases
Description : Free for personal use only
Contact me for commercial use

F Major
Email: TheMusicVII
Soundcloud: Cole The VII

Contact me for custom vocals and for features.
Description : Description : Personal use only. (We will take legal actions if used publicly without permission)
For releases, requests & licensing contact my profile. By licensing you will receive a dry and wet .wav of the vocals (with an extra backings track) Example:
Description : Personal use only. (We will take legal actions if used publicly without permission)
For releases, requests & licensing contact my profile. Example:
Description : If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.
Description : Electronic vocal in G. Please credit me and send me links to finished tracks. For commercial use see profile
Description : A dancy summer type Acapella perfect for any mix. Please contact me at if used.
Description : These are vocals of a single which was released last year. The label agreed to put them out for remix purposes. Free to use for NON-commercial projects (no selling!). Please give me credits in the title (Ft. Sehya) and state your track as 'Remix'.
Description : Party People! Here are your instructions on how to do the catwalk at the club or the party!
#1 Form a soul train line.
#2. Walk like a top model and do your dance. Have fun!

Now models and the fashion world have a strong song to work the catwalk to. Serious house/dance music that adds sensuous flavor to the fashion scene!

Check for tempo.
contact me at
Tags : 140 bpm | Dance | 1.11 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A Dance vocal. Perfect for any mix. (It’s built for you to Bae able to cut and drag). Please contact me at
Description : Dance/Trance/Trap/Multiple Genre Acapella
Good for olympic music, inspirational, lifting.
Contact for BUSINESS ONLY.
Description : By this agreement, you are allowed to use vocal sample ”Rocket Launch” commercially and release your original music with it. You may not re-sell or re-distribute the vocal/license.
You must send the full track finished in .wav to "", otherwise your track will be taken down.
You must use " AVALOX - Rocket Launch (Feat. Farizo) [INSERT YOUR NAME REMIX] " with your release.

-AVALOX 22.12.2017

For Midis and samples please get the full RMX Pack in my youtube channel, just serch for AVALOX
Description : A dance club type vocal good for any mix. Please contact me at
Description : An indie pop Acapella that’s can be great for any mix. Please contact me at
Description : Here's from my new songs Name the song

Free USE (Non Commercial) of this song is only when you name it
"Michael Mayo - Get Up & Dance (Yourname remix) Or to pay to use contact me at or Key: C# major
Snapchat: Mayo2.0

You MAY NOT USE FOR COMMERCIAL USE IN ANYWAY WITHOUT PAYING THE LICENSE FEE AND SIGNING THE ROYALTY CONTRACT FIRST. DON'T EVEN CONTACT ME IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO PAY IT! Not for label release either my resume is full of those. NO EXCEPTION! Any use without my permission will face a potential for a lawsuit. If you don't agree DON'T USE IT. ***Looperman does not offer acapellas in the same manner as loops***

Written and Preformed by Michael Mayo
(C) 2017 by Michael Mayo
Description : Here's a different tone and version of the vocals
Description : You're very much welcome to play around with this acapella. Feel free to use it for commercial purposes but make sure to name it "How To Loot Brazil - Boot Licker ('your name' REMIX)". Have fun!
Watch the original tune here:
Description : Hot Techno-House Dance Song with tight metaphorical lyrics comparing heaven to a beautiful woman that the rapper wants to visit!
By Kamal Supreme

Check the tempo

contact me on facebook kamalsupreme

rezawrectaz music ascap
Description : GENRE: Works with alot of different genres

Name it like "Michael Mayo - Mayo Walk (YourName Remix)" ... To Name differently or use for commercial use contact me first at do not use in explicit content. Please only contact me about changing name if you are planning to purchase the music license not asking me about it. Thank You :) D# Minor

My Contact links:
Snapchat: Mayo2.0
Description : This song is a uptempo pop rock and dance punk sound that has a strong psychedelic soul and folk rock influences, it similar to Kelly Clarkson's
My Life Would Suck Without You, but more psychedelic, soulful, and a bit less rock and more R&B and electronic sounding, if anyone is interested in making a psychedelic soul/electronic rock/R&B/disco-punk instrumental that is in the vein of Kelly Clarkson, The Beatles, and punk band, Bad Brains, and if you have a Soundcloud account, post the link with the instrumental and my acapella on my comment box, OK, au-revoir.
Description : some uplifting vibe!!!
Description : Free to use for NON-commercial projects (no selling!). Please give me credits in the title (Ft. Sehya). This is a cover of an original track by Joshua Kadison. I don't owe the rights so no commercial licensing. Key: E Major Bpm: 128
** depending on the no of downloads, I will replace this one by a better version with the complete lyrics...
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