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Description : i song i wrote at home but heres the vocals for a remix hope its of any good for you all, include feat sam ho

Description : what is bacalao you may ask? its salted codfish in the caribbean when a girl is upset and jealous bacalao is a slang that they are salty

Description : Day 3, trying to go more full, apologize at the end for mic but is 99% clean. I apologize as I don't have a bpm so it is a guesstimate.

Description : From the sample track on my trax page

Description : sang this to a utube Dancehall instrumental(check it out on my trax page)

Description : Credit: Improvisar. "Your Name". Feat. AHYAN
BPM: 110 Cm.

Sorry for my breath hope you can clean it or put in the trash. Have fun and show me the result.

Make us famous! haha You can get royalties with your track, just don't sell my voice on voice banks, please.

Description : *First** make sure you contact me using the RIGHT INSTAGRAM... this other Michael has been getting my traffic

help me beat this dude who's been carelessly taking away my business c; follow me!

2nd if you use please name "Michael Mayo - Dancin' On My Own (YourName Remix)

3rd for licensing contact me on insta or my website

Other ways to contact:

Description : if you need the dry vocals dm me

if you want to use it for commercial purposes dm me
@itsmarcovernice on Instagram

Please put featuring Marco Vernice if you use the accapella

instagram @itsmarcovernice

Description : Wet and dry..2 sectons

Description : Sang this to and Afro Dancehall Instrumental by Paulhauss..

Check out the demo track on my trax page


Description : jus a quick vibe

Description : I don't usually sing to Autotune but here I am
Sang this to a Fantastic Dancehall Instrumental by Paul Hauss called Gimme Love
Check out the sample track on my trax page

Description : no temp or bpm.. sorry. clip I havnt used on one of my songs. I want to see what you peoples can do! please send me your masterpieces!. Soundcloud and youtube upload allowed, just link me too it! anything profit gaining, even if its not a lot, pleases contact me. hope its good for your uses --- SEARZ

Description : Commercial Use Must Be Cleared First.
Vocal Stems Available On Demand.

Description : To The Lyrics

Description : Dancehall style

Description : Wine and Wine is a dancehall type of acapella very different style

Description : Hope you guys enjoy this new acapella! Credit me in the song! and Check out the original if you like the acapella

Any questions or concerns contact me at my website link is in my profile THANKS AGAIN GUYS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! :)


License now to use on your commercial productions visit my official website link on my profile! (itsmichaelmayo com)

Tags : 120 bpm | Dancehall | 1.03 MB | Male | Unknown | Rapping
Usage : CiOnDaddy did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only

Description : Algo que hice rapido para que jueguen con esa hasta que yo me sane que estoy un poco mala de la gripe lol

Tags : 90 bpm | Dancehall | 4.95 MB | Autotune | Male | Unknown | Singing | Key : D#
Usage : MichaelMayo did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only

Description : Key: D# Minor
New acapellas available for remix from my album Lovin' It!
1.You can REMIX vocals.
2.Follow me on Soundcloud (@mayo-music) & Instagram/Facebook (@michaelmayomusic)
3.If you are interested in a commercial Release of your remix version contact me on my official website on my profile. (You may NOT upload to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. without my full legal permission.)
4. Name your remix "Michael Mayo - These Days (Yourname Remix)
All rights reserved (c) Michael Mayo 2018

Tags : 125 bpm | Dancehall | 491.84 KB | Has Lyrics | Male | Unknown | Rapping
Usage : Shamoozey did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only

Description : A Shamoozey intro to the Club scene. From House to the deeper genres, this little bass vocal will suit and get that audience in a state of Shamoozey!
Hey DJs, get in touch for commercial use license.

Tags : 128 bpm | Dancehall | 2.28 MB | Male | Unknown | Rapping & Singing
Usage : Mrshammi did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only

Description : Just a quick freestyle vibe big thanx!

Tags : 105 bpm | Dancehall | 716.45 KB | Adult Content | Autotune | Male | Unknown | Rapping & Singing | Key : D
Usage : LightLight did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only

Description : 100% free to use.

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