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Description : Electronically enhanced vocal. Please credit me: Ft Steelyvibe and send me links to finished tracks. For non-commercial use. For commercial use please contact me before any releases.
Tags : 1 bpm | Ethnic | 1.50 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'Budding Spring' was inspired by this Looperwoman member.
canette3frostie at
Sorry, there is no BPM so u have to be creative! As always see my bio for conditions on the use
of this acapella. Cheers!
Tags : 102 bpm | Ethnic | 1.34 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'buongiorno amore' another original by Shamoozey. BPM102.
Its wake-up call for the Italians who are gonna love or really hate this acapella!
The great one got his diaphramo blood fired up for this, life a black stallione.
Feat. Shamoozey in TITLE please. Contact Shamoozey if you wish to go
the commercialiano route. Makimee offa i cannota refusa!
Description : From Russia with Love..Shamoozey style... BPM 120
Tags : 115 bpm | Ethnic | 1.10 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Shamoozey Italiano style originale called
'I Want To Love You Maria' ciao bambino!
BPM 115. As always put (feat Shamoozey)
in your TITLE remix. For commercialino promotione
contacta Shamoozey directly at the castilino.
Description : This original by Shamoozey titled 'Wear My Heart on my Sleeve" acapella.
BPM 120. This one has a schmoozey feel to it! just bend that hip and....
there ya go! Let it ride momma! As always, put (feat. Shamoozey in Title
of your remix. For commercial agendai (new Shamoozey word} ok,
Get in touch for commercial promotion of this acapella!
Description : Indian Rain Dance by Shamoozey. Bpm 123.
A signed contract/agreement is needed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals/Narrations/RainDances
are "officially released" for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels/SoundDesigners, etc.
Description : "For The Love of Allah" is a refreshing Muslim Hip Hop Song with Araibic drum patterns and sounds. It is great for social events and just singing along and having a great time giving thanks to the Creator. Author
Uploaded on
Kamal Emani
Thu May 19, 2016
World : Traditional Arabic
Description : Down The Aisle. BPM 125.
Tags : 80 bpm | Ethnic | 1.16 MB | Male | Singing
Description : another version of an old song of mine
Description : Here's a short and sweet little ditty i just wrote that could be applied to a lot of musical genres/compositions, because of the sentiments. Lets face it, its "either here nor there"
The BPM is 80. Key of D. Remember, if you're not here, you're there! lol. For commercial use please get in touch! Cheers!
Description : saying 'friend' in Korean
Description : Nice to Meet you in Japanese. If you end up using this then please leave a comment with a link to your work. I would love to hear it.
Description : Thank you and You're welcome in Japanese. If you end up using it then please post a comment with a link to your work. I would love to hear it.
Description : Hello and Farewell in Korean on tempo. If you use it then please let me know and post a link in the comments.
Description : A song in russian styled like russian folk songs.
(not for commercial use)
Description : Here is an old German song translated to English. I sang along with a beautiful singer on Youtube - of coarse she sang it in German, Her name is "Natalie" The music is on there and the beat which I;m not sure if i done it justice, but it is what it is, right? Anyway, Guten tag!! lol. Anyone want to take a stab at it be my guest and Merry Christmas!!
Tags : 180 bpm | Ethnic | 4.10 MB | Male | Singing
Description : an ethnic track sung in Bulgarian pls let me know if u use it
Tags : 114 bpm | Ethnic | 2.64 MB | Male | Singing
Description : an old Bulgarian/Balkan song sung by me...pls send me a copy if u use it
Tags : 90 bpm | Ethnic | 1.56 MB | Male | Singing
Description : This is a well known pub song. Should have put the knocks in there for some effects. Anyway, I guess it doesn't sound to bad?
Yes, heading on down to Cavan now for the Fleadh Ceoil in Ireland, I wish!

I'm not sure what Genre to pick for my accapelas, there is no Irish or Celtic genres? Oh well, I'm happy to be here nonetheless. Cheers!

Must go get a lotto ticket now.
Description : NOTE: Please contact me if you use this track -- I'd like to hear your work. Thank you.
Description : Just bored, the ending part is autotuned terribly
Description : Thanks to my best friend SUKI, for lending her tumbao spanish voice to this song [and putting up with my picky picky behind lol]

To all the flowers in full bloom out there - longing for a little sun and the casual visit of a humming bird. Enjoy.
Description : Been dying to record this—one of my most excentric works. Enjoy!

"Paradoja al revÃÂs [Paradox in reverse]"
by Hektor Thillet

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

Paradoja al revÃÂs [Paradox in reverse]
Written & performed by Hektor Thillet
Description : Here’s a humble offering in the genre I’m most at home with—Electro-Tango.
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