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Description : Demo build trap beat bedtrack on my trcks page for collab

Description : Dry layered and split

Description : This Acapella track is coming from one of my latest songs I released both on this site and soundcloud.
Vocals are completely raw, edit them how you please :)
BPM 160
Hope you can find use of it! Kind of trap style rap

love seeing what everyone creates
thank you for your time
much love

Description : Put FT. Michael Mayo in title


Great for fun MIXES! Or PARTY TRAP!

For commercial use contact michael mayo at

Written and Preformed by Michael Mayo
(C) 2018-19 by Michael Mayo

Description : My first shot at Bilingual rap.
Idk what the bpm


This acapella was a highly requested that I remove effects.

Title must be "Michael Mayo - Have Fun (yourname Remix)"

If you wish to use *COMMERCIALLY* (Putting on streaming services like apple music, spotify or TV/FIlM) You must contact me and pay the license fee and sign the contract!


Key C major

Written and Preformed by Michael Mayo
(C) 2019 by Michael Mayo

Description : Dark Sexy Funny Trap. If you have a good track to collab hit me up i'll send u the dry seps..Basic trap beat on my loops page


Written to my piano loop "Driscoll" -

Description : This is my trap style version of my original acapella Thinking of You

Description : Depression and Anxiety is misunderstood.
I know..
A little spin of, my original true song and acapella, more of a trap style.

Description : Hook I did a while ago.
All I ask is to be Featured

Description : little deep trap verse I made. contact for any commercial release .. free for non- profit use. Please tag "Ft. Searz" and link my page in description. soundcloud dot com searzofficial :}
make it greassssy

Description : 140bpm Trap hip-hop Vocal

Free for NON-COMMERCIAL and NON-PROFIT use (such as Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube etc.)

drmz myb vvd by xlus1v
Someone asked for the accapella without the verb

Description : Lit bass and beat and tight lyrics. Why did he trust his boys in the trap game? Now they got him on lock down.

Check the tempo
contact me at facebook kamalsupreme

For published sales 50% Rezawrectaz Music ASCAP T.Oats

Description : Mexe Sua Bunda
It's a Trap project in Portuguese
This acapella is ogirnal, not commercial use.
If you like design in portuguese please let me know I will do more upload of acapella in portuguese.
For commercial use please contact me.

Description : A Trap Hook I Just put together, if you need me to write and record anything to an instrumental you've made then email me an lets talk business,


Description : Enjoy to mess around with this acapella from the brand new album "Gods Of Disco Hand Claps", listen to the original here:
It's a shuffled/triplet beat at 128 bpm or a smoothy groovy heavy trap ballad at 64, depends on :-) As always, you may use it for commercial purposes but you MUST name it "How To Loot Brazil - Dropkick The Sun ('your name' RMX). Have fun and hit me up with your results!

Description : Dance/Trance/Trap/Multiple Genre Acapella
Good for olympic music, inspirational, lifting.
Contact for BUSINESS ONLY.

Description : If used,PLEASE title as "Remix" ad do NOT put "Ft, Feat or Featuring". For commercial use, exclusive vocals, features and collabs contact

Tags : 140 bpm | Trap | 1.03 MB | Male | Singing

Description : A little original trap at 140 BPM from Shamoozey.
Its called Mouse Trap and deeply raw but got that trappy feel to it. Be sure
to ft. Shamoozey in your title remix and share. Get in touch for commercial use.

Description : Trap Hook I Just Recorded

Description : Exted=nded version to this previously uploaded pella! New verse ft iGDtRAP. If used please put "Remix" in the title and do not use "ft, feat,featuring" etc. For commercial use, exclusive vocals,collabs etc

original reference

Description : New Flame from DSA Dre. Contact

original reference

Description : Back And Forth Trap Freestyle Between iGDtRAP and OG Kelso. For commercial use, Exclusive Vocals,Collabs etc contact

original reference

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