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Description : This is my Chorus effect morphed and pitched with a few lines of my VOX.
Description : I use this chorus in one of my songs. It's free. Enjoy, and please send me your sounds if you use it.
Description : An indie pop Acapella that’s can be great for any mix. Please contact me at
Description : This is a song in progress and this upload is a 4-part harmony of the chorus. Please feel free to remix and add instrumentation; I am v keen to collaborate with producers.
Description : Another Toronto Style (yes I live here) Lazy Dubby Drowny vocal - RnB track of mine I just stripped the vocal from to see what you guys can do with it.

EDIT: I may have exported with the latter part of the song starting at a 1 or 1/2 bar delay - the "you got me feeling like I never felt before" should always fall on the 1-1 beat with "you" hitting the first kick.. To fix simply cut the track in half, line up the last chorus as above, and pull backward/forwards on the halves to find a mix point..


Please put 'FEAT. NORBZ' in your title, and link to the original in your description wherever you upload it. And please link to it from here so can listen to it :). Enjoy!
Description : Free Birds chorus full
Description : Please, put the credits: Lily und Wolf - Me For You And You For Me (Your Remix)
Original video link is below:
Tags : 80 bpm | RnB | 817.44 KB | Male | Singing | Key : G
Description : A little idea I've been working on / the chords are Gmaj7 to Dmaj (2nd inversion) / if anyones interested, message me and I can send you a better quality vocals only with a chorus and second verse / if you're able to make anything send me a link or comment and I will be sure to listen thanks!!
Description : I didn't expect the first version of this song to be so well received so because of that I attempted to clean up/speed up/finish the vocals with this second version. Key is the same, tempo is higher and there is a bridge.

G, D (Gsuspended?), Em, C
This is for all the verses, prechorus', and Chorus'.

Bb, C, G
Bb, C, G, C

This is for the bridge!!

As always the vocals are free to use so long as its non commercial and free to download. Please add "ft WithoutMyArmor" and contact me for COMMERCIAL use only (i.e. you intend on selling the content so that we can work out an arrangement if necessary)

Thank you!
Description : Description : Here are more accapellas from a band Im in called Solomons Disco 44.....track title is "Here I Am".... Key: Verse Em7 Chorus Em7 G A G....Original here

Also included are verse and chorus of bass guitar stem, two guitar stems, brass stem, drum stem, and organ stem

Credit either as Solomons Disco 44 - Here I Am (Your name and Mix) or YourName/Solomons Disco 44 - "Here I Am"...

Licensing -- Releasing is OK: We want you to be successful so we're not going to chase you around if you sell a handfull of copies, but we would appreciate links or a physical copy of product if released that way...However, if by chance you have a substantial hit, then - yes- we would re-negotiate compensation :D
Description : IT's set up as Intro (ahhs)
Verse, Prechorus, Chorus x 2 (I left the first chorus with background ahs, second without so you can choose, then solo-ed out the chorus at the end. The Oh oh ohs are solo-ed at beginning for use as needed)

Chords G, D (or diminished G?), Em, C (standard tuning, Tempo was 163 but I suspect half that tempo works)

Something I worked on in a small amount of free time. Sorry for any mistakes. Let me know if you use it, hmu so I can promote the best tracks!
For permission to use commercially (as with all my acapellas!) talk to me privately via PM!

Description : From a song I did at the end of last year that's really one (of many) of my best songs/projects. One of my favorite hooks that I've wrote. I wanted to see what the rest of the world can do with it. Let's make history!
Description : Own creation. If you make something with these vocals,show me what you`ve made, and don`t forget to credit me "Feat.Ss".
Description : Just something I was tinkering with. Hope you can use it! I believe the chords are D and A. Not sure on the key, necessarily but that should help.

Three different chorus' with layered, double layered and solo. Contact me if you want commercial use or if you need dry vocals.
Description : This is a little chorus of a 90s song - The Reason is you do not give to make music with it because of the copyright but I used only one refrain and not the whole song.
Description : A trapish type song mean to hype a crowd up. Have fun with the vocals. If you liked Kim Possible back in the day, you're gonna love the chorus.

First verse: Tyrii (IndieStreetsMusic)
Second Verse: Feyo The Longest
Description : A song I wrote in high school that I revamped a bit for better quality. I tried to make it so that all parts didn't overlap (but some are supposed to, such as the chorus' with the background parts but left them in a line so you could adjust them how you wanted.)
Description : brima - Get Down Low feel free to make your remixes and coment tracks! i might write a second verse if the mixes are good :) chorus (C, D# F G F#) Reference track:
Description : 117.600 BPM The Acapella to the first song i ever made with my friend Yas on the chorus... enjoy and comment your tracks
Description : VERSE 1.
This is the chorus. Beat NUMBER 2 SHOULD LAND ON THE WORD "OPEN". 93 BPM
CREDIT as iSH. and add my social links :

Description : This is the chorus. Beat should land on "baby". 93 BPM
CREDIT as iSH. and add my social links :

Tags : 104 bpm | Pop | 2.17 MB | Male | Singing | Key : A#
Description : Original acapella by Shamoozey called 'Ambiance'. 104bpm. Key of A minor. Not sure of genre!
A smoochie little hook and chorus line jingle. Please (Ft. Shamoozey)
in your 'title' remix. Get in touch for commercial release.
Description : the singer is Miku and my pitched up voice as the chorus
i forgot the bpm so good luck
Description : 'Lovin Feelin' simple hook and chorus melody original acapella by Shamoozey.
BPM 125. Chords- C, Am, G. Can be used in many genres.
Please (feature Shamoozey) in your TITLE remix. Get in touch for
commercial possibilities. Thanks!
Description : Another Shamoozey original great 'hook'' and chorus line 'What Can You Do With Your Body'
. BPM 79. Might suit Reggae genre?!
Put (Feat. Shamoozey) in your Title and remix to a boil. Get in touch for
commercial ventures!
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