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Chill Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Tags : 71 bpm | Reggae | 1.75 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Aahh reggae is soooo chill.

Dry split after first section. check updated full acapella

Tags : 135 bpm | Pop | 5.09 MB | Autotune | Male | Singing

Description : Description : Hi if you do something with this please put
No Chill-MnM (Your name Remix)
and please send it to me I would really love to hear it.
Personal is free
Commercial use contact me:

Description : A simple hook I came up with. Free to use in any non-profit project as long as you put (ft. Lucas Charlie Rose) in the title.
If you want the track on spotify itunes and other commercial uses hit me up!

Description : Keep It On Boy, is another original from Shamoozey in a bluezy chill out soul type genre. BPM 120. Get in touch for commercial use. Cheers!

Description : Tempo: 82.
Key: B Minor.

If used please send me a link.

For custom vocals email me at:

Please insert Cole The VII ft. (Artist Name), or Remix.

This acapella is a chill type, hip hop beat. Can also be used for other genres too.

Description : Here is the acapella for a collab I did with FARaWAY. I took off the reverb so you can use whatever effects you want. Show me what you've got, it's a pretty chill acapella.

Tags : 113 bpm | Blues | 1.26 MB | Male | Singing

Description : 'Send Me Down The River' another original by Shamoozey in the soul chill out genres. Get in touch for commercial use.

Description : I like to think that you just wanna chill

Description : An exotic vocal sung in 3 Ancient languages. Would like to hear your version of songs. I hear it like something which goes with Danez Prigent Gortoz a Ran style arrangement . The mix may also be useful for Hiphop or electronic chill outs. Please share a link of what you come up with.

Description : heres my version

Description : Just a chorus and an outro for a song I made awhile back. Was originall for a contemporary christian song but I thought it'd be good for a chill hip hop track hook or something pop rock like. Idk the bpm. Please don't use for profit! Thank you!


Description : Contact me if you are trying to sell my vocal, credit KnowKontrol

Description : If you're interested in using this for commercial/for-profit purposes, contact me at :) For reference chords, check out this loop:

Description : Its a chill out song , i hope you like it , if you use this please send me a link to your work . shout out to Djkass , go check his work :)

Description : An acapella I freestyled! this acapella is really airy and ethereal and would work well with ambience and chill. Welcome to paradise! If you use this in your track - Please comment the link. Thank you :)

Description : Here's a little ditty I just wrote and had to sing. The BPM is 105. Key of "E". Not sure what genre, slow rock or chill-out i guess.
Let me know if you you're going to use it commercially. Cheers and Thanks!

Description : Here's a slow rock chill out acapella called "some people got it". Can be used in a variety of genres. The BPM is 120. Key of Am.
Please let me know if you plan on using my acapellas commercially, especially in videos. I am open to the idea but will need to hear it first and discuss details. Thanks!

Description : Going for the record here with the shortest lyric ever in a musical piece! Hey, i can dream, right? We all should! Remember, they said it couldn't be.

The BPM is 120 and the Key of Am
Chords are Am, G, F, D, Am

My teacher tells me never to use reverb or echo, hopefully he wont hear this!! tee-hee

I guess this little ditty can be used in pretty much any genre from Techno to Chill out. I will put it in the Rock category for now.

Some cool music/beat to this and it will sound gorgeous! Echo n all.

Cheers and remember to LOL :-)

Description : Feel free to experiment, just credit me if you use it,I will be interested to hear what you come up with, thanks.

Description : From a chill out track

Tags : 90 bpm | Folk | 1.46 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Ahh, fallen leaf, those women are trouble!! I guess this acapella could be used in a variety of genres, but i do like to chill out. Happy creating my Loopermen, and women! lol

Description : Now come on shawty you can chill and just sip it slow, you aint gotta knock it down like a domino, you wanna drink tonight then shawty watch me buy the bar, cuz you aint really livin life unless your livin large

Description : This is an acapella I recently made that puts me in the off-set mood, pretty chill. I hope you like it, I have an analyzer on my voice which makes the whippy sounds, reason for doing it was to have a different spark to these vocals. Note: I have track echo and reverb on it only already. Contact me in a comment or to if you use my vocals. Thanks! :)

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 32
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