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You may use this acapella anywhere just ask me before you sell at!

THANKS PUT "FT. Michael Mayo" In the title

Description : If you would like to release this for non commercial purposes you may put "Ft Michael Mayo" and use free *I still reserve the right at any moment to tell you to take remove my vocals"

For commercial use or chords contact me at itmichaelmayo [dot] com

Reference track:

Description : This is just a verse and the hook is at the beginning. The bpm is between 114 to 116 make sum fire!! Please credit Ft WintrsXo and post song links in comments. SoundCloud Only

Description : Hope you enjoy!
Feel free to upload your song with my vocals to Spotify or other platforms!
My vocals are free for profit but if you would like to make one please message me on snapchat which is: zeexjayy, thank you!

Description : Remix it and please post link in description if used.
With PEAСE&RESPECT for all World from RUSSIA.

Description : Vocals DOES Follow the circle of fifth. MINOR PENTATONIC SCALE
Sample has 2-3 milli seconds latency due to computer limitation. Please adjust the sample start time when you are working on it. Thanks

Description : A Sad Song Written by Sasha Ferguson.

Description : A little verse I made up for a friend and recorded it so I didn't forget lyrics.
I personally think it turned out pretty sweet and didn't want to get rid of it.
I'd love to hear if it get used!

Description : For personal use only.
This acapella is NOT for commercial use, Spotify, iTunes etc.. But if you want to use it for commercial/profit use, please contact me. My email is on my profile.

Please send me your links, I would love to listen to what you have made.

This acapella was recorded on a rap, trap type beat.
Check out my SoundCloud for more of my music. Links are on my profile

Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap & Reggae type

Description : I think I was recording it for BPM 136, I believe the key is Am.

Please mention me in your track (feat Ksufus), mention in the description my SC\Ig (@ksufus) and share the link here in the comments.

If you want to use this vocal COMMERCIALLY, please contact me through SC\IG\email to discuss details.
Do NOT release this vocal before negotiation.

Description : watch the original on youtube: "How To Loot Brazil - American Ocean" in all its DIY beauty :-)

if you plan to release this, please hit me up first. if your remix is super awesome and i approve of it, you may release it, even for commercial purposes under the condition that you name it "How To Loot Brazil - American Ocean ('your name' remix), if we don't agree otherwise.

Description : Have fun with the vocals! Reminds me a little bit on Two feet! You can upload the vocals on Youtube and Soundcloud. Before uploading them on streaming platforms (like spotify, apple music etc.) please contact me.

Description : Have fun with the vocals! It is basically a Intro of a song that I have created! You can upload the vocals on Youtube and Soundcloud. Before uploading them on streaming platforms (like spotify, apple music etc.) please contact me.

Acapellas 1 - 13 of 13
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