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Contact me to purchase the commercial license.
(email on my profile)

Well, this time I decided to play a little with my voice and use Antares' Mutator plugin (voice change plugin) to create a sweet and subtle vocal, something youthful and captivating.
I used the throat shaping and pitch shifting technique to create the basic characteristics I would like to hear in this vocal.

Description : I'm a gold digger and a good sinner.

Remix for Personal Use Only: Please include feat. Alicatt in the title and credit the original song, Gold Digger. Send me a link, so I can hear your spin!

Commercial license and high-quality vocal stems are available NOW for instant download on my website (link in profile). 40+ spectacular .wav files used to create this song. Brain candy from my mouth to your ears!

Description : Feel free to use this for NON-PROFIT, you don't need to ask. But MAKE SURE you upload it as "Freak for the night - Ryder (your name) REMIX" so it's clear that it's not the original. (This goes for soundcloud and youtube)

To buy and use it commercially, hit me up on instagram or email. Always down to meet other artists and make connections, so come say wagwarn! Enjoy this one - had lots of fun making it.

Description : Afrobeats vocals for a song about money. The exact key is Ab minor.Please Please Please post the link or track to looperman so everyone can enjoy what you made thanks!

Description : Hope you like it, and hope to hear what you do with it.

New Sample

*DRY no fx added

Please share your productions.

Description : From my demo track on my trax page..

Description : Just credit me (ft. Odarka) and please give me 30% of your royalties

if you`d like to get full version please dm me in insta or follow the link in bio!

have a lovely day!
if you want to support my creativity you can purchase a license from my beatstars

Contact me to purchase the commercial license
(email on my profile)

New improved version, I improved the audio quality of this old vocal I did a few years ago.

If you do a non-commercial song with my vocal,
don't forget to share it below in the comments.
Feat me like (You feat. Junior Paes)

Description : credit feat Frank Zozky, comment your work, thanks

Description : Please comment your remixes, thanks
put Frank Zozky - Dreamin (Your Name Remix)
Original on Spotify, Soundcloud etc...
Contact me on Soundcloud if you wanna release your remix commercially and I will approve we split 50/50

Description : Original on Spotify and Soundcloud
Please comment your work, thanks...must put ft Frank Zozky

Description : Original versions on Spotify, Soundcloud etc
Please comment your remixes, thanks
Put ft Frank Zozky

Description : if you made some music with this, or you want to make money with it let me know on ig

Description : Find the refference song on my profile
This acapella is free to use as it is. The only way to obtain it clean without effects is by Writing here a coment or sending me a direct message on my IG or Facebook, where you show me the remix youve made. If I like it, I will provide you with the raw stems.
If you want to release your song, please credit and tag me as "ashesndreams". I don't respond messages via Looperman.
TAGS: Latino spanish reggaeton pop female sexy

Description : My new song

Contact me to purchase the commercial license.
(email on my profile)

This vocal was initially part of an exclusive project,
but the producer who requested the vocal never returned contact to finalize the entire agreement.
After 4 months with this vocal stuck, I gave up waiting and decided to give this vocal a new chance by sharing this work here with you in a non-exclusive way.

Description : all genre allowed do videos

Description : Want to know how I mix my vocals? Check out my YouTube channel!

Contact me for custom vocal recordings.

Description : Just a song that made my friend

Description : In the style of Lil tjay or any melodic singer/rapper. Hit me up on insta to purchase this vocal and many more. 3 for 1 for a limited time.

Description : Rap rnb type vocals Its over
License in bio

Description : rnb type vocals hook
License in bio

Description : Rnb type vocals verse
License in bio

Description : R&B Hip Hop type vocals (Acapella) - All Alone
License in link

Description : This accapela is free for you to use in your songs with the exception I get 10% royalties when uploading to major streaming platforms for profit. Please reach out to me on insta - jackraddon before uploading to streaming platforms :)

An accapela in which I recorded and never released, all lyrics and melody are completely original. I require that when you use this and upload it to platforms is to credit me on social media with the tag @jackraddon when uploading to social media platforms

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 191
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