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Description : Reggae Track Vocal Stem for your amusement. Complete stems here: Hope you guys and gals can find inspiration and use this vocal in your remixes. Please contact me for commercial uses. Have a great summer! -Slimm
Description : fun vocals preferablly used for tribal songs , you can use it however you like if you are creative ;) show me your work if you have used these vocals in your Track ,it will make me happy :)
Tags : 85 bpm | Reggae | 2.94 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : 'Infectious Smile' 85 BPM. Lets start a 'smile' epidemic!! Be creative! As always, (ft. Shamoozey) in your 'title' remix, get in touch for 'commercial use'. Keep smiling!!
Tags : 120 bpm | Reggae | 1.16 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'Doobie Afternoon'. 120 BPM. Another Shamoozey original crying out for a little reggae or soul? Suit various genres! Please do the honors of letting Shamoozey know if you use his acapellas in your music creations, this will avoid copyright issues down the road a piece of pie.
Description : Here's a Johnny Nash cover– 'I Can See Clearly Now'. 123bpm. Key of 'C'. As always... Feat.. Shamoozey in your 'title' remix of this classic, thanks!. Get in touch for commercial stuff.
Tags : 160 bpm | Reggae | 2.10 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'Reggae Hurricane'. 160bpm. Another original raw reggae rock acapella by Shamoozey..... (Feat. Shamoozey) in your Title remix, thanks!. Please also,, get in touch for purchase of this acapella or any Shamoozey vocals.
Description : Shamoozey cover. BPM 120. "Hallelujah"
Tags : 80 bpm | Reggae | 1.90 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Here's another Shamoozey original sickly little reggae/jazz number coming in at 80 bPM. (Sounds like a lazy racehorse) 'Lets Start Over Again'. Suit various genres. This acapella is evergreen, just imagine, this song could be known as the 'after break-up song of the century' Hmmm! Get in touch for the commercial fruits of this little lady schmoocher. Be sure to feat. Shamoozey in your new TITLE remix. Have a great weekend!
Description : RAW version
Description : Another love sllick Shamoozey original acapella 'syllables'. BPM 108. Genre? open to the masses! Please (Feat. Shamoozey) in Title. Get in touch for commercial sales on all Shamoozey acapellas.
Description : Another Shamoozey original great 'hook'' and chorus line 'What Can You Do With Your Body' . BPM 79. Might suit Reggae genre?! Put (Feat. Shamoozey) in your Title and remix to a boil. Get in touch for commercial ventures!
Tags : 1 bpm | Reggae | 873.24 KB | Male | Rapping
Description : Another Shamoozey masterpiece! BPM? Don't know what genre, A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals are "officially released" for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.
Description : I wrote this from the perspective of a good friend who was dying of Sarcoma. It's a tribute to the legacy he left when he passed away. The original version is on my youtube username powderjay1 for tempo/placement reference. In his honor I ask you not to change the song title "As the tide rolls( Harper's song) by Powder Jay and (your name)" . please use the tag "powderjay1" so I can find it and pass your mix to his family. To show the importance of the song to his family the lyrics were displayed at his funeral. Please do not chop the lyrics, use them in their entirety. Thank you and Have Fun!
Description : Okay, original Reggae song from Shamoozey, inspired by a true friend. Its called "Reggae Gypsy". BPM 160. Chords Am, G. For details on all Shamoozey acapellas and commercial releases, please click Shamoozey profile pic for more information. Thanks!
Description : alles was ich will - DRY background - no fx - no piching - You can use it for free for non comercial stuff, just put my name in the title (feat Joe Cramer). If you wanna try making money with it, just ask me befor you do so ... I hope you can use it.
Description : alles was ich will - DRY vocals - no fx or else - You can use it for free for non comercial stuff, just put my name in the title (feat Joe Cramer). If you wanna try making money with it, just ask me befor you do so ... I hope you can use it.
Description : alles was ich will - WET vocals and background - just like used in my original track. - You can use it for free for non comercial stuff, just put my name in the title (feat Joe Cramer). If you wanna try making money with it, just ask me befor you do so ... I hope you can use it.
Description : Another original from Shamoozey called "i dont believe" BPM 140. Key Em. Any genre!! You can hear my version recorded live with birds and all on reverbnation. Cheers!
Description : This is an original by Shamoozey, inspired by a gentleman named Mike. The BPM is 115. Key of Am.
Description : Here's another original by Shamoozey. This one is a tear-jerker that was written for a special person but will apply to a lot of guys and gals with the right music backing. Not sure what genre as its very unique. Maybe reggae! The BPM is 120. Key of C.
Description : Here's another Shamoozey original in the Reggae genre called "My Momma Loves Me" BPM is 80. Chords D, G, A. The right touch on this one and it might be popular. Give me a shout if you use in your musical creation. Cheers!
Description : Moses appeared to Shamoozey last night in a dream with a Bob Marley hat! This was the result - full version. BPM is 110. Key of "C". Chord change @ 1:10 mark-up one fret. Must have an early night! Cheers!
Description : You ever get the feeling that nobody ever listens? I know that feeling and have come to answer the call with my new kapella! "Nobody Listens At All" Anyway, back to the business at hand. I hear a little Raegge maybe?, or funk-fuzz, maybe some electronic house stuff? Well, i let you decide on that. The BEAT is 120. Key of C. Chords C, F, G. As ever, if you want to make dinero on this acapella., see el Shamoozio for mucho information. Porfa vore. I learning Spanish!
Tags : 120 bpm | Reggae | 1.57 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : New acapella in spanish to see what you can do with ... free to use
Tags : 120 bpm | Reggae | 2.51 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : sorry that is in Spanish lot of people ask me for :)
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