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Description : spoken word rhetorical keeping it real rant.

Description : Smooth optimistic lyrics spoken word

Description : Spoken Word motivational speech

Description : Motivational speaking with a football analogy by Kamal the Hip Hop Teacher

Description : Motivational spoken word poetry from the dome of kamal imani

Description : Ascend with us on the spoken word mind flight with Kamal Imani and souls

Description : Spoken word poetic lyrics made to uplift people and a people who are down, with that real feel sound. Kamal Imani

Description : inspirational and motitivational spoken word by kamal imani. some background noise.

Description : Run to Allah find your identity. Be at peace
spoken word kamal imani

Description : Do I? Why? This is about existence

Description : short vocal sample for tehno tech
use it how you want...
if you want edit my name show demo before...'
msg directly @nina_moody123

Description : A positive spoken word and soulful song about love and unity.
There is background noise as I did this on the fly in a noisy environment.

Description : Ethnic riddim sexy spoken word holla back song
In the beginning there is outside noise, ambulance noise. i liked it and left it there on purpose.

Description : African accents, spoken word, kamal Imani

Description : Spoken word poetry mad for a dubstep track.

Description : Do you want to go to the next level in your life? I want you to know that.....

Description : rapid spoken word hip hop flavor motivational lyrics

Description : Fiery hip hop poetry spoken word lyrics in the form of a message to the people

Description : This is a self-reflection poem with jazzy hip hop music. Very spiritual and philosophical by the poet kamal Imani

Description : This is about my bout with covid via a house track and spoken word

Description : A spiritual talk and call to return to your spirituality by Kamal Emanuel aka Kamal Imani

Description : With the current state of violence in American and throughout the world, Kamal Supreme the "Speaker of Da House" has provided the world with a spoken word solution and proposal that will elevate us all from human beings to divine beings.

Description : This is the spoken word house music version of one of my poetic signature pieces. It's an audience's favorite about hypocritical political people

Description : Spoken word poetry Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme about people pimpin metaphysics and spirituality but not showing the people how to manifest practicality like real estate and resources

Description : Spoken Word metaphysics

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 623