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Description : Sorry I do not know BPM.. wish I did. Free to use for non commercial - non-profit use. If you want to own rights to vocal (wav. file No effects) or any collab hit me up!
Description : Quick RnB/Soul track: Lyrics available in the lyrics tab below - if you use this commercially please contact me beforehand.

KEYS G+C+D# down to F-B-D original found at:

If you use it, please put FEAT. NORBZ in your title and link to the original track in your description wherever you upload it (and please link to your version from here so I can have a listen :)).

Thank you~!
Description : Electronically enhanced vocal in Em. Please credit me Ft Steelyvibe and send me links to finished tracks. For non-commercial use. Contact me for commercial use prior to any releases.
Description : Girl got class like Barbara Streisand! We bout to bounce! Just add ft. Jozzua Lance to whatever you do. Hit me up if you need anything.
Description : Electronically enhanced vocal. Please credit me and send me links to finished tracks. Contact me for commercial use
Description : Original acappela by Shamoozey. BPM 120. Key of Am. Chords A minor, G, (Em, A,) and D. Its called 'City Girl'
This one would have a nice rock beat, with a lttle blues/country rap thrown in feel to it.
Would suit a few different genres. Please Ft Shamoozey in your title remix!
To release commercially, please get in touch with Shamoozey for commercial projects.
If not, Shamoozey will activate his assets and bring you gumbas to fruition like you deserve! Danke!
Description : "Drop top, we be riding don't stop, holla if you see me in my drop top"
That's the hook, now make sure you check the rest of the ironic lyrics. Is he talking about his ride or his chick? Lyrics from the original hip hop poem "Yo, I copped a new whip"

This is part of my new digging in the crates cipher for looperman friends and supporters.

Contact me on Facebook kamalsupreme
Bless the Mic LLC
Revolutionaryart Productions
Description : Song title "Follow You" but you can change it. I know the lyrics seems like the poor girl is stalking the man....hee hee!
Please ft. eSoreni
For commercial use, please visit my website for more details. Do not send anything to a label because my vocals are registered.
Please send me track before posting online.
Description : 'Ibiza Fun'. 160bpm. Key of Am. Original acapella by Shamoozey. Suit House/Dance/Reggae genres. Here's a rough cut of how it sounds with a Ukulele beat.
Could do with some lady harmonies from some of the girl acapella singers here on Looperman?
C'mon girls, what ya think? Would sound awesome!. We might get a free trip to Ibiza!! woo-hooo!
Please (Feat. Shamoozey) in your Title remix, thanks!. Please also,,
get in touch for purchase of this acapella or any Shamoozey vocals.
Tags : 109 bpm | Blues | 2.63 MB | Male | Singing
Description : An old Ledbelly blues tune 'My Girl in the Pines' Shamoozey style
BPM 109. Feat. Shamoozey in your TITLE
of this old classic if you'd like to chance producing it!
Description : Asta Manana is another Shamoozey original acapella. BPM 100. Key?
Its a sad story about a man leaving a woman with ups and downs. Boy meets girl, girl is crazy, boy leaves! Whats new, right?

Not sure what genre? Maybe trip-hop or something Mexican. A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals are "officially released"
for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.
Description : Description : Description : Nice Acapellas for a Club/RnB song, etc. if used: CONTACT me at ALSO give CREDIT. im open to FREE collabs as well
Description : Rap-Please give credit to Djjackiejack
Description : Reworked acapella, slower and extended. Verse is Dm7 and Chorus C. Please credit me and send me links to finished tracks. Contact me for commercial use.
Description : Verse Dm Chorus C. Please credit me and link to finished tracks
Description : Listen to the response to Meghan Trainor's NO

"Yes" is a response to a song about a girl who isn't

letting the guy spit any game. At least he's not

getting anywhere with it, but he's found out that when

her friends are gone, he has a chance. Enjoy!
Description : Lyrics to an unreleased song that i have. You may use the acapella but you need to provide credit to DJ Phil and i would like a link to listen to the finished product.
Tags : 115 bpm | Rave | 1.32 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Mary Mac was actually an Irish girl with a beautiful pair of eyes. BPM 115?
Description : It's a 3/4 but you can use it in 4/4 139 Bpm
Description : No set tempo, just words
Tags : 120 bpm | Rock | 2.48 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Jingle bells by the great Shamoozey, getting ready for the Christmas rush - BPM 120. Any Key!
In the second verse, the narrator takes a ride with a girl and loses control of the sleigh:- woo-hoooo!
Merry Christmas loopies!
Description : Made this because i was bored at the time, use this for what ever !!! All i ask for is you to CREDIT me in the song title Ft L-TAX :) And comment or send me a link i'd love to hear what you can do with this.
Description : Think Fast and Furious! This song is for you if you love hot rides and if you love or are a hot girl! Rapidly emerging hip hop lyricist Kamal Supreme is talking about both at the same time, but you have to check out the lyrics to get the fire!
Description : Nice bars for a pop song. if used: CONTACT me at ALSO give CREDIT. im open to FREE collabs as well
Description : If you plan on using this one commercially, contact me! Not sure what genre this would be haha.

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