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Soul Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : My poetry. A short poem spoken in russian. Lyrics & voice by Igor Pose.

Description : Free
send me alink
I'm not sure about the tempo

Description : A little bit of shamooze rap and 'thanksgiving soul' from the great Shamoozey. 'Thanksgiving - Bury The Hatchet' Feel it, sip it and breathe in that musical spirit, until it caresses your very soul. As always, get in touch for 'commercial use' and.... please ft. Shamoozey in your new titled masterpiece.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Its not worth it, so bury that hatchet this thanksgiving!! Thank me later!

Tags : 123 bpm | Dance | 1.50 MB | Male | Singing

Description : 'Show Me What You Got' is an original Shamoozey acapella boppin to the sound of an eclectic musical composition in the Dance genre. With its own intro of 'its happening right now' gives it a soul touch!
Suit many many genres with the soothing ear candy from the great one to capture feelings of your deepest secrets, uh how dark!

Be sure to Ft. Shamoozey in your new creation and please get in touch for 'commercial use'. Ta Ta! Bis spaeter, bueno amigo!

Description : For personal use only.
For commercial use, spotify, or profit use CONTACT ME!!

Tags : 196 bpm | Rap | 4.51 MB | Male | Rapping | Key : G#

Description : For personal use only.
For commercial use, spotify, or profit use CONTACT ME!!

Tags : 120 bpm | Soul | 1.24 MB | Male | Singing

Description : A little Gospel original pella by his holiness Shamoozey. BPM 120. Suit a few genres!
Get in touch for 'commercial use' and please FT. Shamoozey in your new title creation and share. Praise the Lord.

Description : resang the original vocals,Added a verse and variation on chorus to lower and higher. I put this under deep house but could go Soul/pop too...

Description : My poetry. Lyrics & voice by Igor Pose.

Tags : 102 bpm | Soul | 635.17 KB | Male | Singing

Description : i'm sellin my soul to the devil

Tags : 100 bpm | Soul | 1.81 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Dedicated to eSoreni - Beautiful Vocals!!
Don't leave! Plleeeaassssseeeee. Stay on, its fun here on Looperman.
Let the begrudgers go...... Don't waste ur time. Take a deep breadth and let it go!

Description : DRY Acapella 125 bpm - same as before just a dub on the word "away"

Description : DRY Acapella 125 bpm

Description : DRY Acapella 97 BPM

Description : Dry Acapella 88 bpm.

Description : Short impro vocal. Use as you like. Please send me links to finished tracks

Tags : 115 bpm | Pop | 440.88 KB | Male | Singing

Description : From my Track Save my Soul on my tracks page

Description : A challenge for some super cool music producers and DjAys with this classic by Shamoozey 'She Believes In Me' This BPM is off the M scale
so button down da hatches and pull more hair out my mochatchos. Cheers!
Please share your new creation with a Shamoozey acapella. Bueno und Danke shun!

Tags : 94 bpm | Soul | 240.47 KB | Male | Singing

Description : Might be a good extension to my earlier post.

Tags : 73 bpm | Soul | 1.12 MB | Male | Singing

Description : My thought to Vocal process in the making here

Tags : 68 bpm | Soul | 2.30 MB | Male | Singing

Description : From my track Prisoner of your Love - Remix on my track page

Tags : 108 bpm | Soul | 358.44 KB | Male | Singing

Description : Just a hook chorus

Tags : 65 bpm | Soul | 549.05 KB | Male | Singing

Description : A slight variation from my original track verses of my song Going Home on my tracks page

Description : The song is about a breakup. The song is a mix of Kelly Clarkson's Because Of You and Tina Arena's You Made Me Find Myself. The song is a country pop power ballad with rock and soul influences. The song starts off as a haunting acoustic track then progresses into a country-pop ballad with a soulful rock vibe.

Description : The song is about an inseparable relationship I had with a lover of mine. The song is a mix of Madonna's Take A Bow, Brandy's Have You Ever, and Boyz II Men balladry sounds. The song is a mid-to-late 1990s R&B balladry elemental pop influence.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 104
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