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Tags : 108 bpm | Funk | 4.50 MB | Male | Singing | Key : D
Description : "Get Up" by Solomons Disco 44. Key of D. James Brown styled retro-soul/funk. Two chords of song are D7 and a bridge in A7...thats it. This track Vocal accapella, basic drumloop, Guitar, Bass and Brass in D7(main) and A7(bridge...Liscencing: The band is Solomons Disco 44 so credit either as "Solomons Disco 44 ( mix) or " featuring Solomons Disco 44". Lisencing: Please Read - Thank You for wanting to remix us. We are OK if you release your mix -- We want you to be successful so we arent going to chase you around if you sell handfulls of copies. However, if you surpass the $1000 dollar mark, we would like to be compensated in some fashion. I do periodic checks on all remix statuses. If you release on CD or vinyl, please send us a copy. Send links to your mix either here or at . I eventually get to them so dont be alarmed if I dont respond back. You can hear the original here:
Thank You again and best of luck
Description : Quick RnB/Soul track: Lyrics available in the lyrics tab below - if you use this commercially please contact me beforehand.

KEYS G+C+D# down to F-B-D original found at:

If you use it, please put FEAT. NORBZ in your title and link to the original track in your description wherever you upload it (and please link to your version from here so I can have a listen :)).

Thank you~!
Description : Here's a little piece of rock n soul from Shamoozey called 'You Im Thinking Of'.
Coming in this beautiful Monday morn @ 104 BPM. Key of A minor. Steady as she goes maestros!!
Be sure to ft. Shamoozey and please get in touch for commercial use.
Tags : 104 bpm | Soul | 669.49 KB | Male | Singing
Description : Bad Woman by Shamoozey. BPM 104. Get in touch to use commercially.
Description : This song is a uptempo pop rock and dance punk sound that has a strong psychedelic soul and folk rock influences, it similar to Kelly Clarkson's
My Life Would Suck Without You, but more psychedelic, soulful, and a bit less rock and more R&B and electronic sounding, if anyone is interested in making a psychedelic soul/electronic rock/R&B/disco-punk instrumental that is in the vein of Kelly Clarkson, The Beatles, and punk band, Bad Brains, and if you have a Soundcloud account, post the link with the instrumental and my acapella on my comment box, OK, au-revoir.
Description : Keep It On Boy, is another original from Shamoozey in a bluezy chill out soul type genre. BPM 120. Get in touch for commercial use. Cheers!
Tags : 100 bpm | Soul | 2.17 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Someone's being a naughty boy, yes its the Shamooze up to old tricks again with a tote doobie pela. Get in touch for commercial use, otherwise have fun and share your new creation featuring Shamoozey in yo title dude.
Description : KEY D Major - - FOR FREE NON PROFIT USE YOU MUST NAME ANY MIXES CONTAINING THESE VOCALS "Michael Mayo - Heart and Soul Ft. Sean Pharo (YOURNAME Remix)" ANY remixes that are name different or being used for ANY profit without the proper licensing will be taken down.(or face legal action) No exception to the rules! If you sample this YOU MUST STILL CONTACT ME! IF YOU ARE *NOT* sure about anything feel free to contact me on my website or social media or snapchat Mayo2.0 --If you don't like these terms don't download it, however downloading them your agree-- P.S: Be willing and ready to pay for license agreement before contacting me. (No exceptions)
Tags : 113 bpm | Blues | 1.26 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'Send Me Down The River' another original by Shamoozey in the soul chill out genres. Get in touch for commercial use.
Tags : 100 bpm | Soul | 56.03 KB | Male | Singing
Description : Stuff I have in my voice memos
Tags : 90 bpm | Soul | 1.16 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A 'Tomorrow' cover jingle ditty by the great one!
As always, please ft, Shamoozey in your title remix.
Description : River of Love Acapella is
15 seconds of the inner soul by the great Shamoozey.
A true masterpella, so get those love juices flowing!...
As always, ft Shamoozey in your title remix.
Tags : 90 bpm | RnB | 1.97 MB | Male | Singing
Description : An original off the cuff touch of soul/ blues slow rocker from Shamoozeroono. Aptly named 'Nowhere To Go'
No BPM but its a hum-dingey! Remember to enlighten the great one
with your musical added sounds and please get in touch for this
commercially viable acapella masterpiece. Peace of mind tinkers!
Description : This acapella is NOT FREE! If you want to use it non-commercially please add feat. mhyst in the title. If you want to use it commercially please contact me here or visit my website at
Description : Fun reference to Motown artists that have inspired me. Let me know what you guys do with this one. Thanks! :)
Description : Here it is without the metronome.
Description : So this is for a project that I just started called "The Hybrid Files". It's just what I have come to see in my reality and am struggling to find answers. So just like our musical forefathers I wanted to put my misunderstood thoughts into music in hopes that someone out there will feel me :)
Description : Soulful reminder that sometimes, all someone needs to here is "me too" or "I can relate" because it makes a world of q difference knowing that you're not alone. :)
Description : A verse that I wrote today. More of a soulful approach to some rap lyrics. :)
Description : Short hook with a a bit of aggression towards the oppressors of society. I could see this being in an action movie with a gunslinging hero. :)
Tags : 120 bpm | Reggae | 1.16 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'Doobie Afternoon'. 120 BPM. Another Shamoozey original crying out for a little reggae or soul?
Suit various genres! Please do the honors of letting Shamoozey know if you use his acapellas in your music creations,
this will avoid copyright issues down the road a piece of pie.
Tags : 109 bpm | Soul | 2.64 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Its a Hare Krishna Saturday, or Sunday if you live on a mountain!
Another Shamoozey acapella masterpiece and a 109 BuMP. Perfect!
Get in touch for rights to commercially produce this dream pella for money! And feat. Shamoozey, the bald one himself.
in YOUR musical creation. Yeah!
Description : 'Number 45', 120 BPM. searching soul type acapella original by Shamoozey.
Hard to genreize! just like our president. It is what it is!
Get in touch with the great Shamoozey for comercial release
of this 'knock em dead' acapella. Meanwhile please remember
to (ft. Shamoozey) in your title remix. :)
Tags : 120 bpm | Jazz | 2.77 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'Tomorrow Never Comes' 120 BPM/ a touch of jazzy australian soul with a hint of deliverance. Would sound good with a didgery doobie side-kick.
Anyway, back to the present... as always, get in touch if by chance you use this acapella with your music creation, for commercial purposes.
Meanwhile, please ft. Shamoozey in your title remix.
Description : 'Trouble in the Hood'. 127 BPM
Wake up rap and soul seekers its another Shamoozey original. Woo-hooo!
As always, get in touch if by chance you use this acapella with your music creation
for commercial purposes. Meanwhile, please ft Shamoozey in your
title remix, you might make it to the Shamoozey private stash.
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