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Description : C MINOR IS THE KEY
I am an 18-year-old producer and artist from the United States
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Description : autotune efx+

Eb minor


Description : Key actually: Bb minor
Effects: Autotune efx, floorfish

Description : i made another full song for you guys to pratice with unless you get the licence, if i hear or see my vocals on spotify, itunes, amazon music, tik tok without my permission i will take legal actions, if you haven't purchased the license then you can only post on soundcloud and it must not be moonetized, thank you and enjoy, also i think my vocals are in C# Minor

Description : Sad Vibe
E Minor Key

I hope y'all can feel the emotions behind the vocals.
Language (Urdu)

Description : B MINOR
I wasn't really trying to sing on a beat. It's just a thought, like I know I'm gonna leave you-But still I am trying to meet you, in a hope, that may be I can fix things between us. But it's just my wish.

Description : Sad Vibe,F#minor.
There is little bit of latency on the loop. You might want to move it forward a little bit on your Daw to make it sit at 105BPM.


Description : F# min


B minor Key

Description : D minor- Verse and a Hook. Sad vibe- 174 or 87 BPM

Description : D-Minor Scale/Chromatic

Giving a Bibilical Reference of "Parting Ways Like Sea"
Comparing it with the Distance between us. It's an expression where two people who are not supposed to be separated are separated.

Description : F Minor Key, Sad Love Song in Urdu and English both.

Description : Vocals DOES Follow the circle of fifth. MINOR PENTATONIC SCALE
Sample has 2-3 milli seconds latency due to computer limitation. Please adjust the sample start time when you are working on it. Thanks

Description : Have fun !

Vocal info:
Bpm: 166
Key: A minor
Camelot: 8A

Description : A little hook i made, have some fun !

DM me the mixes ! :-)

the vocal info

bpm: 102
Key: D# Minor
Camelot: 2A

Description : An idea I had recently, kind of Justin Bieber tune.
I think it is in F minor, 125 BPM.

If you have thoughts how to develop it, I am up to continue working with this track:)

Please indicate in your track name that it is a remix of my vocals and mention in the description my SC\Ig (@ksufus)

To release these vocals or use some other way commercially, please contact me to discuss details.

Description : Of Course another sad Acapella. I am not sure which key I sang this one but sounds very close to C minor.

Description : This is an Urdu/Hindi Vocals in E minor Key. It's a sad vocal. Bollywood type sad Urdu/Hindi vocals. Check it out.

Description : Sung in G minor key. Very emotional song.

Description : These vocals were recorded for one trap track, but were not used. I think it was in D minor, 116 BPM.
So I am looking for some cool music, to continue working with this track and maybe release it. Please send me your versions!

Please indicate in your track name that it is a remix and mention in the description my SC\Ig (@ksufus)

To release these vocals or use some other way commercially, please contact me to discuss details.

Description : C minor Key- Vocals for a complete song and HARMONICS

Song is divided into TWO parts. Please remove the unnecessary repetitions as it is for Harmonics.

This vocal can be CUT cleanly at regular intervals at 140BPM.

Description : D# Minor Key.
Game of Thrones Finale Season 8 was disappointing but Arya Stark's character was always strong. She even killed the Night King. So I had to say a verse about her.

Description : F# minor
Sung in higher octave than usual.

Description : C Minor Is the Key

Description : C minor, slow emotional, love ballad type song

Description : Looking for some cool music, to release this track. Send me your versions!

Modified with some plate reverb, JJPvoc, rider and EQ. Slightly compressed, to leave some room for mastering. There is no autotune. BPM is 116.

Do NOT release this vocal before negotiation.
If you want to use this vocal COMMERCIALLY, please contact me through SC\IG\email to discuss details.

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