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Description : If you use this please leave a link to your track so I can give it a listen :)
Description : 'Omarosa' by Shamoozey is an original slapstick of American politics in Washington DC which is turning into a real hum-dinger, like a reality show, really! Get in touch to use this acapella commercially.
Description : So I uploaded a different version before this one. So it's like a remix. Whatever mood you are feeling for your song. Check them both out. I didn't mix anything just uploaded free to use. If u want anything besides non commercial. Let's talk. Thanks so much!
Description : Here's is 2 songs I made as 1. I didn't funk with mixing. Ill be professionally recording it. Also, I got a Acapella on here DAMN I'd enjoy if someone can make a funky song using both Acapellas. (Pls share with me)
*Disclaimer** As a registered composer with BMI, I reserve the right to be fully accredited and can seek momentary gain in the event this Acapella is used other than non-commercial. Thanks
Description : A Shamoozey Disney cover.... When you wish upon a star!
Get in touch for commercial use. Thanks homies!
Description : Pure vocals, free to use for non-commercial use.
For commercial use or inquiries, contact me.
Description : The acapellas here on looperman are NOT royalty free like the loops are, please read this link and read the rules

Dont attempt to sell anything with my vocals on without talking to me first. Please credit "Miper"
I would also be very thankful to hear what you created

Right now I'm not very interested in creating customised vocals for free.
Description : Another Shamoozey original about hemp oil and CBD. 'Got The CBD'
Get in touch for the cbd acapella 'commercial use' agreement and please (ft. Shamoozey)in your musical creation 'title'. Cheers!
Description : Here's another orig. from Shamoozey. 'Savor The Silence'
A laid-back acapella with deep roots. Maybe not everyone's cuppa! Genre? unknown! BPM unknown!
Get in touch for commercial use of this off the cuff vocal, otherwise have fun and please share your new musical creation
with 'Shamoozey' featured in the title. Everyone needs just a little recognition!!
Description : nothing crazy just cool vibes yeah if you use it just put ft. jamesly and let me hear what you make
Description : Eternal love
Description : adlibs to the vocal named My dream - they are the same length as the main vocal road - just put them together - beginning to beginning.
Description : It is what we sing to our beloved little ones - 4/4 - it's Dm - C - B bemol - F_C - Dm - C - B bemol_C_ Dm.
Ref: (A-A-A) Dm - C - B bemol - Am
Dm - Am - B bemol - Am
Description : Arabic singing
Description : Arabic type vocals
Description : Remember that acapellas are NOT royalty free here on looperman. And may be used for non commercial only. Contact me if you want to use it for commercial uses, and we can see if we can work something out.
Please share your work and credit "Miper"
Enjoy :)
Description : In memory of my dad that passed away in 2016. recorded to Alicia Keys unthinkable instrumental
Description : See 'bio' for use of this masterpiece.
Description : Keep It On Boy, is another original from Shamoozey in a bluezy chill out soul type genre. BPM 120. Get in touch for commercial use. Cheers!
Description : Another Shamoozey original. Suit a few genres. Get in touch for commercial use. Cheers!
Description : Don't attempt to sell without without talking to me first. Please credit "Miper" and I would also be very thankful to hear what you created :)
Description : sorry for the bad quality, i have to use my phone :^/ using my ukulele again, but i'll try to stick to regular acapellas. if you want to feature, use indoji, it's up to you (it helps so i can see what you've made) comment your soundcloud links too please and thank you :) *please don't comment your producer creds & links because i'm not searching but ty
Description : idk, it as something quick i made while doing a song
Description : Electronically enhanced vocal. 60 or 120 bpm. Please credit me: ft:steelyvibe. For non-commercial use. For commercial use contact me prior to any releases.
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