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Description : Make sure to download layer 2 of 2. This track is royalty free so long as a copy of your track is emaiked to
Description : old school calypso reggae style
Description : One long stream of consciousness verse with a simple old school style flow.
Description : An old school rapper and poet shares tales of his teen years growing up on the streets on New York and New Jersey in the 1980's hip hop era. Dope beats and rhymes.
From the soundtrack of the movie "Up in the Attic"
See Youtube-Up in the Attic hip hop throwback movie.

Old School Reminisce is the hot hip hop throwback club banger that will bring you back down memory lane to the old school rap pioneer days when hip hop was fun and heads use to wild out but still rocked with a sense of purpose. Kamal Supreme tells of his street adventures in NYC and NJ via spoken word hip hop poetry over a banging beat which is part of the soundtrack of the hip hop independent film "Up in the Attic".

check the tempo
Description : everybodys doing that old school dance. i do it from time to time i just didnt realize it made a comeback
Description : Me doing what I do. A nice tight Old school flow with some good punch lines. I actually think it's pretty funny. almost a self parrody about gangsta rap. This time I left out all fx so that You can have more leeway with the track. I've had a few complaints and now that I think about it< I certainly agree! also one more note, I recorded this to Bump The Beat By Dyeverse, and for some reason it is at a nice round 93 BPM. O well, It's a good tempo for this song. He does make great beats, but I digress. enjoy and let me know if you're gonna do somethin with it. I'd love to hear your work. and by the way. I left all three parts together so it's gonna take some cutting to add chorus etc. the first part stops at a natural pause, the second stops at "but what's my name?" the original chorus was " It's the Pimp Daddy.......etc." you'll see
Description : a fun old school rhyme I wrote with some friends awhile back. I got stir crazy not being able to upload tracks so I thought I'd have a go at A cappella. I'm sure with the write beat and production you could do something cool with this. let me now how it turns out.
Description : This is the Love Don't Shine No More Acapella. it is really old school with me (chase manhattan) rapping. tell me what you think or just use it, but if you do use it on a track. be curtious! let me know.

my email is
Description : This is the chorus of the song. I absolutely hate it! I had my cuz, Sweets, sing it smooth like some Jagged Edge type-joint and he turn it into the old school Get Dooownn Get Dooownn, type deal... uugghh! Got something better, HIT ME WITH IT!!

Hit me with your best beat!! If you choose to sample anything here, Please notify me as to how my work is being used. I'm an independent artist, so lets network!
Tags : 85 bpm | Hip Hop | 546.53 KB
Description : 1 VERSE
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