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Jazz Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : Credit "H.M.S & TBX" if used.

Description : A Shamoozey 'Bum Diddy' in the key of oh God. Sounds like a jazz bummer!
How much did he bum? Git in toucho for commercialiano vocalo usago. Bueno Amigos!

Description : The song is about seduction, sex, lust, and desire. The song is a mix of Kylie Minogue's Confide In Me, Mandy Moore's One Sided Love, and Joyce Moreno's Barracumbarra. The song has a mix of Middle Eastern, Arabic, Brazilian jazz, funk, trip hop, neo-psychedelia, progressive rock, and ambient pop.

Description : The song is about understanding a friend going through a depressing time. The song is a mix of Brandy Norwood's Truthfully and Deni Hines/Don-E's Delicious, it's a mix of soulful pop balladry and a little bit of smooth jazz to go with it.

Description : This is the song that I felt inspired by the punk band, Bad Brains, British rock and roll singer, Joan Armatrading, and jazz/blues legend, Nina Simone and I am hoping that somebody can add an acoustic guitar to my acapella and could give it a smooth and soft but soulful hip hop drum programming and lots of psychedelic guitars and if anybody is finished with the beat with my acapella to the instrumental beat, please leave a link on the comment box, if anyone has a Soundcloud account, please share the link to the comment box as well too.

Tags : 102 bpm | Jazz | 2.77 MB | Male | Singing

Description : A little jazzy original schmoozer by Shamoozey.
'Dance The Night Away' 102 BPM. I can hear a good bass and sax on this track, with little nuances to fill in this masterpiece!!
As always get
in touch for 'commercial' use of this acapella.
Lets make jazz great again!

Tags : 99 bpm | Jazz | 1.35 MB | Male | Singing

Description : 'Stand Up Blues' 99bpm. Another original from Shamoozey in the bluesy/jazz stroking genre.
Please mention Shamoozey in you new TITLE remix credits, thanks!
Please also,, get in touch for purchase of this acapella or any Shamoozey vocals.

Tags : 80 bpm | Reggae | 1.90 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Here's another Shamoozey original sickly little reggae/jazz number coming in at 80 bPM. (Sounds like a lazy racehorse)
'Lets Start Over Again'. Suit various genres. This acapella is evergreen, just imagine, this song could be known as the
'after break-up song of the century' Hmmm! Get in touch
for the commercial fruits of this little lady schmoocher. Be sure to feat. Shamoozey
in your new TITLE remix. Have a great weekend!

Tags : 120 bpm | Rock | 2.41 MB | Male | Singing

Description : 'This mighty fine woman is fine' and mine at 120BPM, don't know key!
Could be rock, blues, jazz, or whatever. A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals are "officially released"
for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.

Description : a pella from a song of mine suitable for dub,reggae,jazz,hip hop...let me know if u use it

Tags : 89 bpm | Jazz | 2.86 MB | Male | Singing

Description : a jazz standard pls let me know if u use it

Tags : 80 bpm | Jazz | 3.33 MB | Male | Singing

Description : This is the acapella of a jazz song of mine.
Pls let me know if u use it.

Tags : 143 bpm | Jazz | 1.96 MB | Female | Singing

Description : It's a gospel jazz, short fun one.
If 143 is not the correct bpm/tempo, please let me know. Thanks.

Non-Commercial, please include "feat. Patricia Edwards" and leave link here.
Commercial, please contact me.


Description : This is a jazz 'pella I created some time ago. It has a "back in the day" feel to it Think Ella, NKC, Tony Bennet, Carmen McCrae, et al. I especially uploaded this one for all the jazz producers here on Looperman. I am very interested in hearing what they do with it.

The lyrics and melody have been copyright protected, and is only for non-commercial use. Your work using this acapella should not be distributed, and should only be uploaded to Looperman as a non-download.

Description : Swing jazz. I had SO much one doing this one. It made me feel good just singing it.

For non-commercial projects PLEASE INCLUDE "Feat Patricia Edwards" and post link here.

For commercial projects please contact me.


UPDATE: a bit of a struggle with the bpm here, but i hope 92 is good.

Description : This is a chorus vocal I did and I do have the full vocals for full song which I personally wrote.

I've looped the chorus. It has a sweet melody to it. I can see reggae on this one or an acoustic. You never know. You might have a tune ready for this one or waiting for quality vocals.

As usual drop me a message if you need the full vocals song. I'd upload them here but I don't want the upload to take too long that is all.

Drop me message here and it be sorted. And when you do use the vocals be cool to link back and all that jazz. Thanks.

Acapellas 1 - 16 of 16
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