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Description : Dave yelling OMG
Description : OMG Oh My God Adlib 80 BPM. Post what you come up with. My friend Dave.
Description : Just a short bit of improv with adlib and harmonies, make sure to include Feat. Abby Wilson, if used. :)
Description : Updated: took out lead adlib from last chorus, so you musicians can play a little. :-)

Song I wrote in 2005. Please give me a listen if you use this.
Description : Now, I bet this will come useful for anyone into reggae, or needs some dub reggae adlib, for drum n bass. I did this in a home studio with an awesome mic.

Even though I did this on 69bpm, it can still be used for some fast drop beat track as a glider adlib reggae.
Acapellas 1 - 5 of 5
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