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Description : Verse 1 is 32 bars, Verse 2 is 16 bars.
Please listen to reference track for timing the acapella - https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/192781
I wrote this to a half time beat.
**Please give credit to 'Ease' if you use this acapella**
Message me/comment for dry stems and separate audio, I'll be happy to send.
Tags : 105 bpm | Pop | 4.56 MB | Male | Singing | Key : C
Description : This isn't royalty free acapella, this is acapella from my track "In Between"! If you want to use this vocal must name your project Foulds - In Between (Your Remix). Send your remixes to the best ones will get commercial release to spotify, itunes etc.
Happy producing!
Tags : 100 bpm | Weird | 1.30 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Get in touch for commercial use of Hush Little Baby, otherwise please share your creation. Thanks and Happy Moontag
Tags : 120 bpm | Rock | 2.77 MB | Male | Singing | Key : C
Description : A happy upbeat 'Side by Side' acapella by Shamoozey. BPM 120. Key of C. Genre friendly!! Please credit Shamoozey in your remix title.
Description : Happy vibez for these days

not for commercial use please contact
Description : Not for commercial use. Original vocal Acapella by 'I am Mordechai'. F#m, 700bpm.
Original for reference: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/tower?in=iammordechai/sets/reveations-part-1-ep
HD file: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/tower-vox?in=iammordechai/sets/acapella-vocal-only-stems
Happy music making.
Description : Not for commercial use. Original vocal Acapella by 'I am Mordechai'. F#m, 700bpm.
Original for reference: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/shut-your-mouth-1?in=iammordechai/sets/reveations-part-1-ep
HD file: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/shut-your-mouth-vox?in=iammordechai/sets/acapella-vocal-only-stems
Happy music making.
Description : all genre allowed
Description : all genre are allowed
Description : fun vocals preferablly used for tribal songs , you can use it however you like if you are creative ;)

show me your work if you have used these vocals in your Track ,it will make me happy :)
Description : Let me hear what you guys make!!!
Description : Attention DJs/EDM producers! This acapella might not be for you, but you are welcome to get creative. :)
I'm looking for an acoustic style song in hopes to create some emotion into the song. I'd be happy to re-do vocals if the instrumental is what I envision.
Please ft. eSoreni. Not for commercial use.I don't sing to make other people money, so please do the right thing and get a license.

Chords used:
D 4/4
A 4/4
G 4/4
A 4/4

Key C
Bass D A G A
Description : Dedicated to all Sound Men in the music business
'Mr Sound Man' An 'original song' and acapella by Shamoozey.
Sorry, no BPM, it was done on the fly!... Let me know if you would like to experiment
with this track. Mr Sound Man will probably not
be able to save your career or make you sound 'happy' but he/she
can make you sound pretty good!
Here is a Shamoozey vocal with just acoustic guitar example:
Description : If You're Irish 127 BPM. Time for some fun!
Happy St Patrick's Day!
Description : Link to the original version: https://soundcloud.com/vrikie/how-to-fall-in-love

the actual tempo is 120.302

Description : Just a little something I came up with. Happy mixing!??????
Description : Not for commercial use. Original vocal Acapella by 'I am Mordechai'. Emin, 100bpm.
Original for reference: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/me-v-world-i-am-mordechai
HD file: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/me-v-world-i-am-mordechai-acapella-with-count-in
Happy music making.
Description : Not for commercial use.
Original vocal Acapella by 'I am Mordechai'. Amin, 95bpm. Original for reference: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/the-punishment?in=iammordechai/sets/reveations-part-1-ep
HD file: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/the-punishment-lead-vox?in=iammordechai/sets/acapella-vocal-only-stems
Happy music making.
Description : Original vocal Acapella by 'I am Mordechai'. Emin, 100bpm. (Based on a poem by Mordechai Vanunu)
Original for reference: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/buried-alive?in=iammordechai/sets/reveations-part-1-ep
HD file: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/buried-alive-vox?in=iammordechai/sets/acapella-vocal-only-stems
Happy music making.
Description : Not for commercial use. Original vocal Acapella by 'I am Mordechai'. 130bpm, E min.
Original for reference: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/wasted-1?in=iammordechai/sets/reveations-part-1-ep
HD File: https://soundcloud.com/iammordechai/wasted-vox?in=iammordechai/sets/acapella-vocal-only-stems
Happy music making.
Tags : 105 bpm | Blues | 1.42 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'Happy Blues'. 105 BPM. a happy jazzy blues trinket originalo acapella by..... you guessed it, Shamoozey! the happy monk!
Get in touch for commercial release, otherwise have fun and be sure to ft. Shamoozey
in your remix title. Would love to hear your work on this pella, so please share. Cheers!
Description : Just a happy vibe!
Description : This is for a project I'm working for, your happy to use just have Ft. Michael Lacroix in the title.
Don't forget to share and show me your work! I love hearing them!
Description : 'Unanswered Questions' by Shamoozey.
Peace and Happy 2017
Description : My acapella from a song that i created.
If you use this i would be very happy to listen what you`ve made with this.
If you mind to post somewhere what you`ve created put in the title (ft.Ss).
Btw the language is Romanian.
"Te iubesc" means "I love you".
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