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Description : 180.3 tempo :)
Hope everyone has fun with this one! :)
contact me on Instagram if you would like commercial rights

Description : I will be happy if you mention me. Just credit me (ft. Odarka)

if you want to support my creativity you can purchase a license from my beatstars

Description : ** NON COMMERCIAL ONLY
Find the original song on soundcloud for inspiration! search "stay pukse"

Description : A verse I made for you to use! Send me the final result. If you're going to post, don't forget to tag me by putting "feat. Guineer".

Description : Find the original song on my soundcloud. Stems of all my loops & acappellas will soon be available for download on my personal website. Post if you make anything! Let me know what you think!

Description : From my demo track

Description : THE KEY IS F#m
Free to use, just credit me as ASHESNDREAMS
Find the refference track on my profile
I wrote this song about my coming out process with my mother, as she was homophobic, there were many fights and difficulties before she could accept me as I am, it's been 15 years from then to today, many things have changed, but now I'm free and proud of my sexual orientation

gay lesbian lgbt anger rage rock pop acoustic guitar female vocals spanish latino acapella rock pop edm

Description : IF USED pls put "ft. clxrity"

check my profile for how to contact me for more. preferred if you reached out via discord.

lmk if you can make anything with this!

sad type vocals

Description : This is a lead vocal part off an upcoming EP. Potentially wanting to release remixes commercially, please contact me if you're interested. Otherwise have fun with it. Contact for more stems; backing vox/synths/wav files etc. Soundcloud - NemoNEWSHOES

Description : insta: hegendaan

drop the link of your remix

Description : meme song I made A Major or F# Min

Description : make sure you credit me (2scarze) and my ig is @kapogear

Sad Xxxtentacion Type Vocal X indie pop

Description : Language: German

Description : credit me XD my rap name is 2scarze

Description : Only wet uploaded if ya need it dry for a commercial track email me dsnick73 gmail

Description : RIP Chester

Description : Free to use make sure your credit me (2scarze)
My Instagram is @kapogear credit me on any platform show me your work when you done thanks

Description : Hey guys! As always, make sure to post links in the comment section below to your mixes and always write "featuring Significant Spirits". I always love checking them out :) If you want to use this for commercial stuff, contact me.

Description : A variation and extension of my Acapella What about the memories
From my sample track on my tracks page.

All dry acapella 2 different styles of same lyrics on same line

Description : COMMERCIAL LICENSE REQUIRED. Click profile picture for contact info. Contact for commercial license

Description : Only wet acapella ..stay strong my people

Description : Freestyle with no backing...If you need it dry for a commercial track without my efx email me
dsnick73 gmail


Description : @houponelove #peoro

Description : From my demo track..if you like the vox dry for a commercial track let me know
dsnick73 gmail

Description : free to use XD all i ask for is for you to credit me and show me your work if you want to reach out to me my Instagram is @kapogear and my YouTube is 2scarze ;) thanks and have a good day xxxtentacion type vocal lil peep

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 54
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