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Description : This is the song that I felt inspired by the punk band, Bad Brains, British rock and roll singer, Joan Armatrading, and jazz/blues legend, Nina Simone and I am hoping that somebody can add an acoustic guitar to my acapella and could give it a smooth and soft but soulful hip hop drum programming and lots of psychedelic guitars and if anybody is finished with the beat with my acapella to the instrumental beat, please leave a link on the comment box, if anyone has a Soundcloud account, please share the link to the comment box as well too.
Description : This is a song I wrote and recorded with, in a style of Fetish by Selena Gomez & Gucci Mane, the song is trappy but with more alternative hip hop and trip hop based, the drum pattern is hip hop, trap, and trip hop influenced and it needs to be in a 124 BPM and a little bit more bass heavy and a bit more hard-edged, if anybody has an idea, please leave a comment with my acapella and the requested beat of how it should sound. Thank you
Tags : 82 bpm | RnB | 4.79 MB | Male | Singing | Key : A
Description : It's an acapella that I made earlier today and I am hoping that any producer that is skilled in piano + electronic drum progamming, If you are that producer, please leave a download link on
the comment with my acapella and the piano and
modern electronic drum programming and I will be very impressed with the work and hopefully I
can hardly wait to see and hear some good results.
Description : Description : Here are more accapellas from a band Im in called Solomons Disco 44.....track title is "Here I Am".... Key: Verse Em7 Chorus Em7 G A G....Original here https://solomonsdisco44.bandcamp.com/track/here-i-am

Also included are verse and chorus of bass guitar stem, two guitar stems, brass stem, drum stem, and organ stem

Credit either as Solomons Disco 44 - Here I Am (Your name and Mix) or YourName/Solomons Disco 44 - "Here I Am"...

Licensing -- Releasing is OK: We want you to be successful so we're not going to chase you around if you sell a handfull of copies, but we would appreciate links or a physical copy of product if released that way...However, if by chance you have a substantial hit, then - yes- we would re-negotiate compensation :D
Tags : 88 bpm | Blues | 5.40 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Here are accapellas from a band Im in called Solomons Disco 44.....track title is Junkman....

New Jack Shuffle New Orleans style blues funk

Original is here:

Also included are backing vox, bass guitar stem, guitar stem, brass stem, two drum loops

Credit as Solomons Disco 44 - Junkman (Your name and Mix)

Releasing is OK, we're not going to chase you around if you sell a handfull of copies...However, if by chance you have a substantial hit, then - yes-compensation would be appreciated :D
Description : A deeper than deep Shamoozey narration of EA Poe 'An Enigma' Get in touch if you want to release commercially. Beat used from looperman-l-1588764-0105507-amirmofrat-drum-quality-reminisce. Listen to Shamoozey version on Soundcloud!
Description : "For The Love of Allah" is a refreshing Muslim Hip Hop Song with Araibic drum patterns and sounds. It is great for social events and just singing along and having a great time giving thanks to the Creator. Author
Uploaded on
Kamal Emani
Thu May 19, 2016
World : Traditional Arabic
Description : TEMPO: 100bpm
Verses from the upcoming album SilenceKills. This goes nice with my Westcoastin' drum loop https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92974/westcoastin-beat-100-by-silencekills-free-100bpm-rap-drum-loop. Not satisied with my instrumental yet tho.
Description : Description : Yet another old and terrible soundbite of mine. The lyrics were inspired by my trip to Santa Fe and a couple Native American (Navajo) sights a couple years ago. I am well aware that parts are slightly out of tune, and PLEASE feel free to adjust it. If you use it, send me the link to the FINISHED work and credit me as Chaucie (you don't have to credit me, but send me the link). This is for non-commercial use only.
*As a side note, do not ask me for a longer version of this. There is none. This is an old song/recording and therefore I don't want to spend time writing more lyrics for it.
Tags : 110 bpm | Rock | 1.59 MB | Male | Singing | Key : G
Description : a verse and a short chorus that can be used in many genres...let me know if u use it
Description : Okay, so this track is a poem about the difficulties of being a person of mixed heritages.

This poem is very dear to my heart, so I am looking to include the best remixes of this poem in my free music Friday project on my youtube. All videos will link back to the soundcloud or looperman profile of the producer.

I've been enjoying the marriage of EDM and Spoken Word lately, but for this piece maybe industrial or Drum and Bass would best capture the emotion.

please send me the link if you use this.
Description : This Pop female Drum and Bass track puts a positive spin on the age old experience of breaking up.

Available to remix & post on soundcloud. Please send a direct message to www.shaidawn.com for any official release or label requests. This acapella is not royalty free. Must include "ShAi Dawn - Go On (Remix by...)" in the song title. All rights reserved. A MEGA thank you to everyone who has used my voice to create something new and wonderful.
Description : im trying some new drum sounds and this is my vocal if used please include feat, metaled in the title
Tags : 90 bpm | Weird | 663.32 KB | Male | Rapping
Description : A good beat here with the human drum. Excuse me now while i pass another kidney stone!
Description : Drum Roll please with Diddlent
Tags : 128 bpm | Pop | 1.24 MB | Autotune | Male | Singing
Description : A small cover of a verse from the Saturdays' top 3 hit, "All Fired Up" All credits belong to them. Would be great in pop, electro, dubstep, drum 'n' bass...anything really. Please credit me with a feature in the title, but it's free for everybody to use.
Description : July 1, 2012 - THIS VOCAL CANNOT be used for Drum & Bass Commercial releases, non-commercial purposes for DnB genre ONLY! Any other genre is fine. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you.

Inspired by Gaffattack's "Be It" track https://www.looperman.com/users/profile/304968
Description : January 16, 2012: THIS VOCAL CANNOT be used for Drum & Bass Commercial releases, non-commercial purposes for DnB genre ONLY! Any other genre is fine. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you.

If you use this please give me a listen.

Rnb, Neosoul, Hip Hop...you choose

Pellas have a bit of effect on them but it was done in 2007 (another program) so I can't change it, theres no reverb or delay though. Enjoy.
Description : January 16, 2012: THIS VOCAL CANNOT be used for Drum & Bass Commercial releases, non-commercial purposes for DnB genre ONLY! Any other genre is fine. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you.

Written in 2008

Please give me a listen if you use this. Thanks.
Description : This is a vocal clip with no effects and no real tempo. If you have a word or phrase you'd like recorded in this style (no adult content), please let me know and I will try to upload it for you. Thanks.
Tags : 110 bpm | Pop | 3.45 MB
Description : the acapella to my song "Dont want 2". Please let me no if you use it :P

i think with improved drum set and musical sound, it could sound decent
Description : This is the chorus to one acapella I uploaded called lies but still, it will fit as a loop for your uplifting chorus or intros etc.

Has a touch of melody to it too and works well with RnB, Drum N Bass of the speed and bpm I mentioned, and even reggae.
Description : I think will work great for rnb, drum n bass, reggae although my vocals have their own distinctive style.

Clear vocals on the bpm I mentioned and if you try these chords, it will fit..C/G/D.

Enjoy and link back if you use these vocals.
Description : Now, I bet this will come useful for anyone into reggae, or needs some dub reggae adlib, for drum n bass. I did this in a home studio with an awesome mic.

Even though I did this on 69bpm, it can still be used for some fast drop beat track as a glider adlib reggae.
Description : This vocal though done on 130 beat, drum n bass, it was also used to test out in studio using dance track too.

So it can be cut, edited and used and if you do some more work and cut it to place on beat, it will sound sweet. It glides good.

If you do use it, let me know with a link. More to come.

I have not used any major FX or filters etc. Again, I wanted to give you the full control because if I put filters, etc, it just don't give you the amount of space for you to do your own thing.

So go for it, use it, when you have, drop me a line in comment with link. That way, when I got a site up, I will be dedicating it to everyone who uses the vocals and direct everyone to your site or profile.

My goal...have my vocals scattered all over globe. Oh yeah.
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