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Description : Wet and dry. beat and guitar hook up too.


Description : A cool simple guitar acoustic would match the mood for this song...All wet first section dry on 2nd section. Check out my demo track on my tracks page. Also on YouTube lyric music video search 2nick8 Body is a temple

Tags : 98 bpm | Lo-Fi | 265.88 KB | Male | Singing

Description : Free, I will put it in loop section next time, but for the moment it's blocked, idk why
Sorry it's not the same bpm as the vocal, I know it's a bit dirturbing, my bad

Tags : 93 bpm | Pop | 1.14 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Did these vocals for a nice guitar instrumental on Kompoz. This is the reference track. Separate tracks uploaded as well
1. Main Vox
2. chorus backing
3 Ad libs

Description : The song is about a year long relationship I was in and I deserve the same respect I wanted, but didn't get it back and it was awkward and we felt out of place, but since I was I wanted to air out my feelings, I have it to hear it, the song is in the style of Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me and Leann Rimes' It Feels Like Home and the drum similar to a late 90s R&B/soulful and almost teen pop and bubblegum balladic feeling and also a rock guitar at the last 90 seconds of the song.

Description : The song is an acoustic ballad with electronic production, with slow techno drum patterns, that is a bit late 90s-early 00s bubblegum pop, woozy synths, and acoustic guitar, that is almost country and more jazzy rhythm.

Description : The problems I had with a friend. The song is an acoustic interlude that must be ran with a guitar and the drum must be run by an African bongo drum, and a harmonica.

Description : This vocal track of mine probably more suited for an acoustic type guitar or piano..

Description : A little blues rock acapella by Shamoozey in the vein of JL Hooker. 'In The Mood For Love'
BPM 100. Key of E. Plenty of room for some lead blues guitar/sax experimenting!!
Get in touch for commercial use, otherwise have some fun!

Tags : 108 bpm | Funk | 4.50 MB | Male | Singing | Key : D

Description : "Get Up" by Solomons Disco 44. Key of D. James Brown styled retro-soul/funk. Two chords of song are D7 and a bridge in A7...thats it. This track Vocal accapella, basic drumloop, Guitar, Bass and Brass in D7(main) and A7(bridge...Liscencing: The band is Solomons Disco 44 so credit either as "Solomons Disco 44 ( mix) or " featuring Solomons Disco 44". Lisencing: Please Read - Thank You for wanting to remix us. We are OK if you release your mix -- We want you to be successful so we arent going to chase you around if you sell handfulls of copies. However, if you surpass the $1000 dollar mark, we would like to be compensated in some fashion. I do periodic checks on all remix statuses. If you release on CD or vinyl, please send us a copy. Send links to your mix either here or at . I eventually get to them so dont be alarmed if I dont respond back. You can hear the original here:
Thank You again and best of luck

Description : This is the song that I felt inspired by the punk band, Bad Brains, British rock and roll singer, Joan Armatrading, and jazz/blues legend, Nina Simone and I am hoping that somebody can add an acoustic guitar to my acapella and could give it a smooth and soft but soulful hip hop drum programming and lots of psychedelic guitars and if anybody is finished with the beat with my acapella to the instrumental beat, please leave a link on the comment box, if anyone has a Soundcloud account, please share the link to the comment box as well too.

Description : Description : Here are more accapellas from a band Im in called Solomons Disco 44.....track title is "Here I Am".... Key: Verse Em7 Chorus Em7 G A G....Original here

Also included are verse and chorus of bass guitar stem, two guitar stems, brass stem, drum stem, and organ stem

Credit either as Solomons Disco 44 - Here I Am (Your name and Mix) or YourName/Solomons Disco 44 - "Here I Am"...

Licensing -- Releasing is OK: We want you to be successful so we're not going to chase you around if you sell a handfull of copies, but we would appreciate links or a physical copy of product if released that way...However, if by chance you have a substantial hit, then - yes- we would re-negotiate compensation :D

Tags : 88 bpm | Blues | 5.40 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Here are accapellas from a band Im in called Solomons Disco 44.....track title is Junkman....

New Jack Shuffle New Orleans style blues funk

Original is here:

Also included are backing vox, bass guitar stem, guitar stem, brass stem, two drum loops

Credit as Solomons Disco 44 - Junkman (Your name and Mix)

Releasing is OK, we're not going to chase you around if you sell a handfull of copies...However, if by chance you have a substantial hit, then - yes-compensation would be appreciated :D

Description : Dedicated to all Sound Men in the music business
'Mr Sound Man' An 'original song' and acapella by Shamoozey.
Sorry, no BPM, it was done on the fly!... Let me know if you would like to experiment
with this track. Mr Sound Man will probably not
be able to save your career or make you sound 'happy' but he/she
can make you sound pretty good!
Here is a Shamoozey vocal with just acoustic guitar example:

Description : Contact me at the email on my profile for commercial use!

Used this loop, by DesignedImpression:

for inspiration.

Description : Here's a track i recorded with the help of a Danke loop called "Voices" (thanks Danke) Its called "Cranky Old Man" The BPM is 70 and the Chords i used on guitar are Am,G,F,G. Listen to it here ~ Of coarse, you can do your own version!!

Description : This track is about the senseless killings of 9 people at a church while praying in Charlestown South Carolina USA. How sad, its all because of racial hatred and the rebel Confederate flag which is still flying at Government buildings in SC. BPM is 100. Key of G. I done a version on guitar and the chords i used in a (slow rock beat) were G,Em,C,D. But you can use whatever way you feel it touches you.

Description : Another original from the great Shamoozey with a verse and hook combo. Its called "i love you over and out" Sorry about the bleed thru but i was having fun recording it with my little guitar. Not sure what genre. BPM 115. Key of Am. Chords Am, D7, E. Cheers!

Description : Urban Shokker's first 'pella :) This is from our song "Raise the Funk" (link below).... at the end of the pella, there are three short stems which can be broken into loops (1) Distorted Wah Bass Guitar (2) Distorted Wah Slap Bass guitar (3) funk guitar - all from the original 96 BPM . E7 jam, I believe, although Em pentatonic works. If you use, please credit us somewhere, either as Urban Shokker - Raise The Funk (YourName Mix) or as Yourself, Title featuring Urban Shokker....Happy Looping :)


Description : Not sure if the clubbers will want to shake it momma with this one! Its about the "Death Penalty" and being burned alive from the inside out with Nitrogen Gas.. i done an acoustic guitar which you can hear on YT but i had to give this one a gold rapping to. The BPM is 130. Cheers!

Description : If i can save one person with this song that i just wrote about "SUICIDE", it will be mission accomplished! Its in a slow rock genre mode or whatever you think?
The BPM is 115 in the Key of A-minor.
Guitar chords - Am, C, G, Am, F, C, G, Am.
As ever, give me a shout if you wanna use commercially. Cheers and be safe out there!

Description : Here's an old Jimmy Buffett cover song called Margaritaville. Gotta hand it to this guy, i like his parrot head style!!Sorry about the bleed through, i was trying to play guitar along with it!
Oh well, the BPM is 120. Key of G. Cheers!

Description : Here's one that can be used in a multitude of genres, even has a little crescendo,augh! Shamoozey at his best and gettin it on!

Anyway, The BPM is 120 in the Key of "D"
The chords are D,G,F,C, D. Sounds great on guitar but I could hear some other funky stuff in there to! Ha! Give me shout if you use it!
Cheers & Thanks!

Description : Here's my first acapella of the new year from. Its a love song called Maggie. An interesting piece with bpm at 190 @ 3/4 measure. Not sure of the Key.
I capo 2nd fret - guitar chords are C, F, G, Dm.
Happy new Year everyone. My your January blues turn green!

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