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Emotional Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : An emotional plea from a son to his father.

Description : This vocal is in High Pitch. Good for Electronics. Emotional yet modern. The high pitch depicts the voice of a baby singing. So it goes along with the theme of the song.

Description : Emotional Rendition

Description : It's an emotional plea to a lover.

Description : An all original Shamoozey kinda lullaby jingle about Christmas Time.
Christmas is an emotional time for everyone, even sad people! Lets create a cry in ur beer Christmas masterpiece! Get in touch for 'commercial usage' and please Ft. Shamoozey in your new title creation and share. Happy Christmas everyone!

Description : Kinda Emotional Song Name "Michael Mayo - No Fake Friends (YourName Remix) ... To Name differently or use for commercial use contact me first at do not use in explicit content.Key C# Minor

My Contact links:

Description : Just because you have arguments in a relationship doesn't mean that person isn't right for you. Relationships between two individuals are as flawed as those people, but they can still be the best thing to happen in either person's lives.

Description : Emotional hook and chorus by Shamoozey called ' Male Basic Instinct'
BPM 100. Get in touch if you have a commercial agenda or inclination on the wild side, musically speaking!

Description : A sad chorus perhaps for hip hop emotional, link me if you use this. Thanks!

Description : Were you ever so happy that you were sad? An emotional basket case, right? Anyway, the great Shamoozey once again breaks the boundaries of logic with his "The Happy Sad Song". The BPM is 115. Key of "C". Get in touch if you use this masterpiece! Cheers!

Description : Here's another original lovey dovey from the great Shamoozey called "Changes". I think its wonderful how music can change your day for the better! Its all about the changes you make in life, right? TGIF.
Anyway, this one is about an emotional longing for love. The BPM 120 Key D-minor. Chords Dm, Am, Dm, Am -- Chorus F,C,Dm,Am,Dm,Am,Dm
Give me a tinkle if you like to use in a commercial fashion. Thanks!

Description : "Shes Gone" - Short powerful lyrics to an emotional state of mind. I wrote this short song that covers a lot of situations, including divorce, which a lot of us guys go through, and girls too! Can be used in a variety of genres!

Anyway, this track is 120 BPMs
Chords - Am, G, D on 2nd Fret.

Please let me know if you use this acapella, would love to hear it. If you want to use it in a commercial project please contact me.

Cheers & Thanks!

Description : Full lyric vocal, emotional song about my past relationship. NOT for commercial use, contact me. Link me or email at if you used the acapella. :-)

Tags : 140 bpm | Rap | 567.01 KB | Male | Singing

Description : Emotional piece from a rap song I was working on, based on a relationship ending due to suicide.

Description : about a past relationship its so emotional

Description : just me getting all emotional on you

Description : about emotional changes a person goes thru wit success and failure wit their partner.Do they remain the same or do they change as ur situation changes

Acapellas 1 - 17 of 17
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