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Description : The hook from my song Brown Girl

Description : hit me up on insta @ macrazybeats for the rights!

Description : A# Major or Bb Major Scale.
Vocal Harmonies
Please credit : Allison

Description : Hope you guys enjoy this one. I haven't been uploading so thats what ill be doing for now on with different genres and different singers

Description : Slava Ukraini

Description : This is some kinda magic..upcoming track

Description : fast flow song

Description : If you use put ft. Michael Mayo in the title

you may not put on spotify or apple music without a license.

contact for license:

*make sure you contact the right Michael mayo or you will probably never get a response

Description : Hey guys! Here's the acapella of my new song.
For reference for the official one head to my SoundCloud for the real one. right your name like this: KIM - Pop a Load ('YOUR NAME' REMIX) with YOUR NAME where you name will be!

Have Fun and I would love to hear your Remixes!

Description : You can contact me direct for features
You can only use this Vocal on Non-Paid Music Streaming Services. That means No SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC or ALL MUSIC STREAMING SERVICES, just Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, etc.
Feat me like (You feat retardedsick)
pls share if you make anything ;)

Description : drill song

Description : Language: German

Description : "You" is a song I worked on in July 2020. However, I had many other songs in progress, so I did only this hook. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to finish the song. Today, however, this record came on my mind, so I thought I would share it with you. Honestly, I am very curious what you will come up with, as it was originally a sad ballad.

IG: itslubosh

Description : if for commercial purposes please specify (feat MYAKESH)

Description : Vocal by Jack MacRath
contact me on Instagram at macrazybeats or email (link in bio, click photo) for the purchase of this vocal. ALSO BULK DEALS AVAILABLE !

Description : A little harmony stack from a writing sesh
in BbM 82bpm (analyzed bpm so may be off)Contact required if used. (Ft or x Rene Foxchild) find me on social media @ Renefoxchild.

Description : Credit Triceradont. Look on profile for email if you want to use commercially. Drop a comment with your track, I would love to hear it!

Description : NO SPOTIFY OR ANY PAID STREAMING services without contacting me plz.

Kid Leroi kinda style

Credits: ft. Sergi Yaro

You may use this acapella in your track as long as its a free usage(soundcloud,youtube)

This acapella is also available for licensing.if you plan to pitch the track to label or selling it,plz contact me first at my email in my bio - you may support me or say thanks by your donation


Description : Harmony stacked verse and chorus from a writing session. A# minor. Am looking for a beat built around it and, maybe record lead vocals on top of it. Contact required if used find me on social media @ Renefoxchild.

Description : Harmony stack. please contact me if used.

Description : all genre are allowed

Description : This song is from my album "To Be Human" would love to here what you guys come up with. IG: MichaelMayoMusic

"Michael Mayo - On My Mind Ft. Sxnity (YourNameHere Remix)"

You may not put on apple music or spotify without my explicit permission contact me at IG: Michaelmayomusic or

Description : Vocal by Jack MacRath
contact me on Instagram at macrazydaslime or email (link in bio, click photo) for the purchase of this vocal. ALSO BULK DEALS AVAILABLE !!

Description : I will be happy if you mention me. I will be glad to hear your works. Just credit me if u use (ft. Odarka)

please CONSIDER the TEMPO and KEY of the acapella when creating your music,
note, this is important! KEY: Bb min, BPM: 100

please use it for non commercial using!
If you'd like to use it for commercial use please contact me to purchase licence!
or please give me 30% royalties

INST/ @odarkamusic
SC/ @odarkamusic
TWITTER/ @odarkamusic

Description : This vocal is one of a kind ngl so, please enjoy it

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 214