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Tags : 80 bpm | Rock | 1.80 MB | Male | Singing
Description : From my track same name on my track page. Slightly uptempo.
Description : Short Vocal Verse and Chorus all dry.

This is my tribute to my Samsung Note 4 which has been a rock for me all these a few days I will say helloww to mai neeewww freng NOTE 9!!
Tags : 76 bpm | Rock | 851.90 KB | Male | Singing
Description : First verse and Chorus
Description : Another Day A Capella by Shamoozey.
Bpm 104 slow rock beat in the Key of A minor.
Get in touch for commercial prospects.
Tags : 75 bpm | Rock | 1.46 MB | Male | Singing
Description : "Heaven hath no fury like an angel's scorn.."
Wrote and sang this vocal for a track on kompoz.
Description : Toying with verse and chorus..
Description : Blowing out steam here...
Tags : 86 bpm | Rock | 1.56 MB | Male | Singing
Description : From my track EXORCISED If u need it dry let me know.
Tags : 115 bpm | Reggae | 1.06 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A sleazy little origapella reggae jaunt by Shamoozey coming in at low rock reggae beat 115 BPMs. Feel it? Just imagine below deck on a yacht with champagne and 'in love' with the one of your dreams, holding hands gently rocking with the waves and a big turkey shell knocked me arse over head! On a yacht with you and meeeeeee!
El toucho da nacho und commercialo uso una pellie. (watch out boyo)
Description : A Christian Song I did
Tags : 110 bpm | Rock | 4.21 MB | Male | Singing
Description : From My track with same name. A tribute to the Wolverine Character
Tags : 78 bpm | Rock | 2.32 MB | Male | Singing
Description : From one of my earliest intended rock track called Done With U..redid the vocals..
Tags : 78 bpm | Rock | 193.13 KB | Male | Singing
Description : Some unused lines that I sang for a chorus
Description : The song is a mix of Ray Of Light and Nobody's Supposed To Be Here. The song is a dance track with EDM, rock, electro house, and eurodance influences.
Description : The song is about a breakup. The song is a mix of Kelly Clarkson's Because Of You and Tina Arena's You Made Me Find Myself. The song is a country pop power ballad with rock and soul influences. The song starts off as a haunting acoustic track then progresses into a country-pop ballad with a soulful rock vibe.
Description : The song is about seduction, sex, lust, and desire. The song is a mix of Kylie Minogue's Confide In Me, Mandy Moore's One Sided Love, and Joyce Moreno's Barracumbarra. The song has a mix of Middle Eastern, Arabic, Brazilian jazz, funk, trip hop, neo-psychedelia, progressive rock, and ambient pop.
Description : This is a song about escapism. The song is a mix of Natasha Bedingfield's Pocket Full Of Sunshine and a mix of country pop/pop rock with strong touches of worldbeat and disco like a Better The Devil You Know by Kylie Minogue and I want to capture the feeling of these sounds.
Description : The song is about a year long relationship I was in and I deserve the same respect I wanted, but didn't get it back and it was awkward and we felt out of place, but since I was I wanted to air out my feelings, I have it to hear it, the song is in the style of Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me and Leann Rimes' It Feels Like Home and the drum similar to a late 90s R&B/soulful and almost teen pop and bubblegum balladic feeling and also a rock guitar at the last 90 seconds of the song.
Description : The song is about where I was with a friend that was fearless but aggressive and heartless until I saw the tears come out and our friendship blossomed for the first time. The song needs to be in the style of Kelly Clarkson's A Moment Like This and Taylor Swift's Mine, but with a more psychedelic and soulful approach and a bit more rockier and folky in tune like a mix of Stevie Nicks, Tracey Chapman, John Mayer, Beck, Coldplay, Alanis Morissette, and Fun.
Description : A catchy little rock acapella original by Shamoozey
'South America Brazil'.. BPM 120. Key of 'C'.
Get in touch for commercial use of this little cutie! Gracias amigos! Ola, Bueno!!
Description : A little blues rock acapella by Shamoozey in the vein of JL Hooker. 'In The Mood For Love'
BPM 100. Key of E. Plenty of room for some lead blues guitar/sax experimenting!!
Get in touch for commercial use, otherwise have some fun!
Tags : 94 bpm | Blues | 1.03 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Sang this after a drive one day...has a bluesy sorta a rock feel to it..
Tags : 100 bpm | Rock | 113.54 KB | Male | Singing
Description : This is my Chorus Wet Vox for my track Run for your life on my track page.
Tags : 122 bpm | Trap | 2.67 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Please put REMIX in title if used. For commercial use, collabs,more exclusive vocal work contact me by visiting My Profile or workwithk19 AT gmail . com .
All social media profiles are K19HadToDoiT
Tags : 102 bpm | Rock | 1.67 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Dumpster Diving A Capella:
A slow beat your chest rock acapella by Shamoozey. BPM 102.
Get in touch for commercial use. (ft. Shamoozey) in your new track title.
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