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Description : A different take. More Pop Rock like Katy Perry, Kiezsa, Kate Bush, Kelly Clarkson, Alice Cooper.
Don't the key please check if you can.
Pitch and tempo may vary or not.
In 4/4. Pink style!

Description : Like Kieza, Kate Bush, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Alice Cooper all the greats! Kate Bush could sing but some songs didn't fit her.
I'm hoping this one will fit me!
It's Pop/Rock, or EDM if you want.
4/4 time and 120 tempo.
Check please to make sure the key.
I'm fairly guessing since my voice range is limited to 2 octaves my whole singing even training!
Volume turned a notch or 2 equalization, some FX, moderate autotune,
tempo stretching placed every 1st of every beat!

Description : part 2 of the rock hook, download the first part of this if you haven't already.

Description : Spoken Word lyrics about self expression by Kamal Imani

Description : The rock vocal in low pitch

Description : rock vocal in mid range pitch

Description : A Friend recorded this in my studio, but doesnt like it, but instead of throwing it away I though I might as well upload it on here and maybe someone might have some use for it.

Description : Made this over a youtube mgk beat, thought I would drop it here. Show some love and make a hit, no rookies lol

official song out now

Acapella fits: mgk, poorstacy, iann dior, juice wrld, pop rock,

Description : I heard an awesome Synthwave-style House instrumental some days ago (I cannot share it, sorry). I originally wrote a chorus to accompany the instrumental, and then I developed an entire song around the chorus.

I think the full vocals would be more appropriate as part of a rock song but still could work in an electronic song too.

Description : One little verse I did today. It can be actually used everywhere - from house to R&B, Rock, Hip Hop or Lo-Fi. Let me know what you've done :)

INSTAGRAM: itslubosh

Description : IMPORTANT: THE KEY IS C#m
Jódete, mi última canción con intyre
non commercial only
Listen in context trap / rock genere
Intyre's ver:
https:// youtu. be/q1xsZ1A27WY
my ver:
https:// youtu. be/MKW2huvgxEE

tags: spanish trap rock relationship split hip hop r&b rnb 150bpm latino latin espanol fuck you

Description : Artist: Emerson Olaf
Song: Vaterland
BPM: 129
Theme: Europe
Style: Melodic Metal / Hard Rock
Language: English
Sequence: verse - chorus - verse
Use: Non-commercial and commercial but you have to give the credits to the artist, example: feat. Emerson Olaf

Description : Artist: Epic Church
Song: Counter-Revolutionary
BPM: 140 BPM
Theme: Life / Philosophy
Style: Gothic / Rock
Sequence: verse - chorus - verse
Use: Non-commercial and commercial but you have to give the credits to the artist, example: feat. Epic Church

Description : Artist: Epic Church
Song: Conquest
BPM: 140 BPM
Theme: Exploring / Discovery
Style: Synth-Rock
Sequence: Verse - Chorus - Verse
Use: Non-commercial and commercial but you have to give the credits to the artist, example: feat. Epic Church

Description : Cover, original by BRECAX

F#m 70 bpm
https:// youtu.be/86HQa8TpC60

Only non commercial

Spanish rock pop sad love edm

Description : I resang 2 of my earlier acapellas on the same tone with a different groove
Sorta Hip Rock
First part is how i combined all the layers and then i split everything up on 8 bar each
All dry

Description : IF USED INCLUDE FT METALED IN THE TITLE DONATIONS ARE NEEDED IF YOU WANT two different VOCAL TRACKS IT WILL COST YA from now on i am only going to upload my vocals mix and if you want them not mixed it will cost a small fee contact me for details and i may not be able to give you some of my older acapell

Description : Rap rock.. First park combined and layered. Second part all split.

All dry

Description : You can use; you can market it as you want provided you place Ft Nosta 2 Larue & Ft B Rock. And post your link so we can listen to your remix,For the best of you we will release your title on a compilation

Vous pouvez l'utiliser, vous pouvez commercialiser comme vous le voulez à condition de placer Ft Nosta 2 Larue & Ft B Rock, Poster votre lien que l'on puisse écouter vos remix et pour les meilleurs d'entre vous nous sortirons votre titre sur une compilation

es un cover
hice una versión rock de la canción, espero que les guste
Referencia aquí:
www. looperman .com/ tracks/detail/215857

cover rock spain spanish mexico latino pop electro edm

original by Leo Dan
usar como referencia:
youtu .be/QYsoNbCpMKQ

Rock pop spanish latino español cover argentina mexico sad lyrics 80's music edm dubstep lo-fi trap sadcore

debido a que la canción es un cover

Yo la usé para un track de salsa, puede ser utilizada para cualquier estilo, la versión original es flamenco rock
My version: youtu. be/ VKV8d3l1zw0

Original: youtu. be/ d-tKf-XmT2A

cover salsa flamenco latino spain spanish mexico

Description : Tema de autoría propia
REFFERENCE: search on youtube
"ashesndreams el sonido de las olas"
youtu. be / w0ERxsL4tr8
puede ser utilizado en géneros de electrónica dubstep, trance, future bass, pop, rock etc share your version with me

tags: pop español spanish olas mar amor mex


Escribí está canción para ser utilizada en un track de EDM, pero también puede funcionar para pop, rock, dubstep, future bass, trance, acústico o cualquier otro género musical.
Tags: pop latino double voice harmonize armonía dos voces español spanish

Description : Escribí ésta canción para mi novio (el título son sus iniciales), puede funcionar para música pop, rock, lo-fi, indie, electrónica, edm, future bass etc
totalmente en español.
Si la usas, por favor déjame el enlace en tu comentario y añade al título de tu mix (Ft. Ashesndreams)
spanish, amor, español, latino

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 157
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