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Description : Hello this song is called Ivy i made it in honour of touching grass.
top g wyattbutcherbeats on the second verse once agian lets goo

key is D sharp major
bpm is 174

link your remixes if you make id love to listen :)

yeah dog

Description : AFRO POP

If you use these vocals put "Ft. Michael Mayo"

You *CAN* to post on SoundCloud & YouTube.

You *CANNOT* distribute to monetizable platforms like Spotify & Apple Music without permission.

You do not have permission to use the sample in the beginning!

Visit for licensing info. (c)2023 Michael Mayo, all rights reserved

Description : these are vocals from a song that i never released, so if you use them make sure to link it!! i wanna hear :)) vocals are in the key of Eb Major

Description : 16 bars of spanish rap, i recorded with a melancholic beat but you can use the kind of beat you want, if you use it put ft. ERN, thanks.

Description : A Collab I have with CT

Description : Wrong is a song about being wrong lol

Description : useable for streaming services but please put featuring Lil Lan & Yung Kabin

Description : 180.3 tempo :)
Hope everyone has fun with this one! :)
contact me on Instagram if you would like commercial rights

Description : Jamming to a techno track in E flat major

Description : Only wet acapella uploaded out my sample track
if u need the dry vox email me
dsnick73 gmail

Description : I made this verse for you to use, send me the result, I'd love to know how it turned out! If you're going to post the song, put it in the title "ft. Kyosan Kozimotto".

Description : Composed in Vocaloid4 with Ruby. Composed mostly for rock or any other high-energy genre. Feel free to cover and reupload, :) Lyrics also written by me.
Ruby is a bit weird because I had to tweak her quite a bit to get her to okay, but after that she's great, though I'm used to working on lower octaves.

Description : Drop what you make in the comments!

Description : Show me what you got in the comments!

Description : A draft song I wrote about a couple I used to know.
(Vocals recorded on my phone since I'm not home.)

Would love to hear a guitar behind it

If posting anywhere please put ft. clxrity and comment with, or send me, a link!


Description : A few vocal stacks

Description : Please read the entire description before using the vocal

Contact me to purchase the commercial license
(email on my profile)

For commercial use license details or custom works,
send me an email ;)

If you do a non-commercial song with my vocal,
don't forget to share it below in the comments. ;)
Feat me like (You feat Junior Paes)

Description : I made this acapella for a demo song, which was written in Hungarian language.

Key: Eb Minor / D# Minor

Here's the whole song:

Description : With efx

Description : Curious to hear what yall got. Already made a song out of it but I wanna see it from a different perspective. Comment your work belowww! Hit me up for collabs

Description : Sad Vibe- Not Sure About the Key

Description : This is mostly a song i wanted to do cause a break up i went through

Description : Song about being in debt. Send me what you make with this and get in contact for commercial use!

Key is Eb Minor.

Description : I just wrote this
Find the refference track on my profile
free use, just give me the credits as Ashesndreams

pop latino reggaeton trap edm ashesndreams female acapella free collab espaol spanish love girl female latin mexico dancehall remix

Description : Make it fire an if you need info for license click on my picture it'll take you to my profile

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