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Tags : 102 bpm | Pop | 2.18 MB | Male | Singing
Description : No i'm not a psycho..
Description : Another acapella for you to mess around with :-)

Watch the original on youtube: "How To Loot Brazil - Speed Button"

You may use this for all purposes under the following terms and conditions:

1. You have to name it "How To Loot Brazil - Speed Button ('your name' remix)
2. The acapella HAS TO BE in time with the instrumental/beat and it MUST be in a proper key.
3. Hit me up when you plan to release this and register for royalties.
Tags : 98 bpm | Pop | 5.19 MB | Male | Singing
Description : from my IDM track same name on my track page . Was playing around with the pitcher on that mix. These are the clean vocals.
Tags : 105 bpm | Pop | 1.19 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Verse n chorus idea. Chorus split at end
Tags : 130 bpm | Pop | 8.00 MB | Male | Singing
Description : do something with it. make me happy, add some effect to make it sounds better, suprize me.
Description : Key: C Minor
New acapellas available for REMIX from my album Lovin' It!
1.You can REMIX vocals.
2.Follow me on Soundcloud (@mayo-music) & Instagram/Facebook (@michaelmayomusic)
3.If you are interested in a commercial ($) Release of your remix version contact me on my official website on my profile. (You may NOT upload to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. without my legal permission.)
4. Name your remix "Michael Mayo - Forgive me (Yourname Remix)
All rights reserved (c) Michael Mayo 2018
Description : a vocal cut that has simple lyrics like "1 2 3" "i love you" and "dance the night away" ..if you used this piece i would love to see your work :D
Tags : 75 bpm | Pop | 2.00 MB | Male | Singing
Description : From my track same name on my tracks page..
baby don't blame this on me.
chorus backing split at the end
Description : Hi last asking if somebody dont like clean acapella...for real to somthing??
Tags : 90 bpm | Pop | 646.60 KB | Male | Singing
Description : Part song idea..u need it dry shoot me a mail dsnick73 at gmail dot com
Tags : 103 bpm | Pop | 1.57 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Check my reference vox for mix and efx. same name uploaded on my acapella page
Description : To all the haters and lovers..Mixed wet vocal as reference. There is also a split dry vox uploaded same name
Tags : 130 bpm | Pop | 707.21 KB | Male | Singing
Description : i wrote this please dont use autotune if you use it. i would like a dark style like billie eilish or au/ra but do whatever you want with it
Tags : 110 bpm | Pop | 851.09 KB | Male | Singing
Description : Little something i wrote . everything i uplaod will be original unless i say so . if you use this please link a comment .
Tags : 100 bpm | Pop | 987.01 KB | Male | Singing
Description : This is just a little something i wrote if you use it please link below . i would like some dark sounding music but do whatever you want with it . if you want the version without reverb comment
Description : Found a cool track on SC. Wrote this to it. Would be good for dubstep or edm/house I think. I really like it. Can write more if need be. Key and tempo are not known.
Tags : 90 bpm | Pop | 3.23 MB | Autotune | Male | Singing
Description : free for non-commercial use
contact me otherwise
Description : Tried doing a little 'pop' verse.
Tags : 165 bpm | Pop | 1.86 MB | Autotune | Male | Singing
Description : free for non-commercial use
contact me otherwise
Description : Original: soundcloud.com/prod-17/lil-peep-high-school-cover

Send your remixes on my email or VK:
email: boonmadeit@gmail .com
vk: vk.com/bun_prod
Tags : 112 bpm | Pop | 1.85 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Don't get high and be a hero or u'll end up cryin and be a zero..
Description : 3 Vocals layered, low, mid and high. I've split them after the first part
Tags : 106 bpm | Pop | 1.06 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Adding on to my earlier 1st verse and chorus uploaded
Tags : 98 bpm | Pop | 1.28 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Vocal Idea
Tags : 109 bpm | Pop | 3.33 MB | Male | Singing
Description : after a long time I'm leaving an acapella here, show me what you do.
add me on credits like Backster Ross
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