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Description : Acappella was never used :)

Do not put on apple music or Spotify without my permission, put "Ft. Michael Mayo" or Prod by You in the description.

Contact me: (Make sure you message the right michael mayo)
Official Website - itsmichaelmayo.com
Instagram - instagram.com/michaelmayomusic
Facebook - facebook.com/michaelmayomusic
Twitter - twitter.com/mayoandketchup
YouTube: youtube.com/michaelmayomusic
Tik Tok - tiktok.com/@michaelmayomusic

Description : it s full no fx non exclusive already realized acapella. if you want it for commercial you should!buy licence msg insta @nina_moody123
if you use it for non commercial platforms like soundcloud youtube don t forget credit me like feat or remix/
if yo use it for commercial without permition will be blocked!!!

Description : it s just a hook not full... if you want full and for commersial using msg me insta @nina_moody123
if you use it for non commercial plarphorms like soundcloud youtube dont forget to use my name like feat or remix...
if you use it for commersial without permition or paying will be blocked!!!!
suits for dance music tech techno funky not for chillout or pop...

Description : Part of a new male rap and soul sample pack we have finished

Check out full song at voxyboxacapellas.com

feel free to use as you wish

Description : Please all I request is simply you contact me with permission before releasing anything having to do with my vocals and projects.It need volume raised and equalization, some FX, autotune or pitch correction, tempo stretching, pasted to the first of every 4 beats.

Description : More info coming and on request, all midi, notation chord and key information, just send me an email via looperman. At the moment, I've set the track permissions to non-commercial. However, If you are interested in the track just email.

Description : So I had originally intended to work on the full version of this song over the course of some weeks, but I came to the conclusion that I need to be prolific more than perfectionistic if I am going to become good at songwriting.

So here we are; Boom: vocals for an uplifting house song.

Description : I wrote this around a week ago. I categorized it as a verse because it's a verse and chorus. There's more to this song, but these are the only verses that I think are any good.

I'll eventually rewrite the full song, when I can think of a way to improve it. I'll likely change the Chorus melody long before then.

Description : This isn't really a full song, but it has enough content to constitute two verses, a pre-chorus, and a chorus for a house song. I would want to add at least an intro, maybe also an outro, to give it more depth.

I have entered it as an audition for a producer's project.

Description : Wrote and sang this vocal to a Utube Pop Instrumental by AstoriaBLVD check out the sample track on my trax page
Only wet and layered vocal uploaded if you need the dry and split vox email me
dsnick73 gmail

Description : jungle house tribal blend spoken word soul

Description : If you use put Ft. Michael Mayo. Can't Wait to hear what you make.

If you would like to use commercially or put on Spotify and iTunes and apple music contact me first for a commercial license on insta: Michaelmayomusic or itmichaelmayo.com

MSG ME if you want midi

This song was a song that was gonna be on my album but it wasn't the best out of the versions using the same beat so lets see who can do the best! :)

Description : Here are vocals for a song I wrote. Feel free to use for whatever projects you want! Do not release under my artist name on commercial platforms or it will get removed.

Soundcloud: emilynmusic
Instagram: emilynsu

Description : NO SPOTIFY OR ANY PAID STREAMING services without contacting me plz.

Perfect acapella for a house track

Credits: ft. Sergi Yaro

You are free to use this acapella in your track as long as its a free usage(soundcloud, youtube)

This acapella is also available for licensing.. So if you plan to pitch the track to labels or selling it somewhere, plz contact me first through my email in my bio.


Description : High quality Tropical house acapella

Follow himixmusic on instagram and you can use it Non Commercial
Please share link if you use it.

NOT free for commercial use, contact me if you want commercial license: himixmusic @ hotmail.com

BPM: 105
Key: G Major

Description : Wet and dry vox chorus before verse

Description : Hey Everyone this is from one of my Excercise Bass House single called "Turn it Up"if you use be sure to name it "Michael Mayo - Turn It Up (Yourname Remix) to use these vocals for commercial use contact me at itsmichaelmayo.com

Description : Covid killed the shopping malls...

Description : *Archives Alert!*

Here is a song from the archives if you'd like to use put "Michael Mayo - Are You Down (Yourname Remix)" as the Title

Also For licensing this song for commercial use please reach out at itmichaelmayo.com

Recorded in Key: G Major

(c) Copyright 2014-2021 by Michael Mayo

Description : For commercial use, please contact me.
This is just a hook.

Description : Smooth up-tempo sexy house track with smooth sensuous spoken word vocals by Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme

Ready SEX Go House Version

Description : I produced this for a contest; the goal was to develop a harmony and lyrics for an existing instrumental. I lost but had fun, and I don't think the lyrics are horrible, lol.

The genre of the instrumental was tropical house.

Description : Pretty awesome acapella, right? Use for FREE for all your non-commercial projects and post a link to your track here.

Name the remix as follows:

Alma Podrida (YOUR NAME HERE remix) by AAP featuring Andre Cordova.

Want to profit from your own remix? Purchase an unlimited usage commercial license for this acapella from our site, release via your own label and keep 100% of the royalties, for only $29.

Visit aapofficial dot com, or click the link on our Looperman profile.

Description : This is an acapella for my song "Investigation Held by Kolobki 2021" based on the Soviet cartoon "Investigation Held by Kolobki" by Alexander Tatarsky and Igor Kovalyov. This song is a story about a smuggler named Karbofos who stole a striped elephant from the zoo.
Note that this acapella has a F# minor key like the OST.

Description : For commercial purposes contact me.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 276
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