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This is a cover acapella of the song "I'm not the only one" by Sam Smith.

I'm not Sam Smith so please don't even compare. He is on another level. I just felt the lyrics so sang it.

Description : This is my softer vocal i did as a cover on the Instrumental of a wonderful Harry Styles Song . There is also a Layer 1 Bluesy Main vocal i used combined on the track..
Check out the sample track on my trax page.

Description : This is my bluesy vocal i did as a cover on the Instrumental of a wonderful Harry Styles Song . There is also a Layer 2 softer vocal i used combined on the track..
Check out the sample track on my trax page.

Description : An asmr version fron the song "Ecos" original by Hocico

spanish cover español gothic ambient

Description : How can u not know this song by Wham..
This is a slower acostic style cover by me..
the sequence may not be correct so please slice to match
Only wet vox uploaded ..if u need it dry email me
dsnick73 at gmail

Description : I was wondering if anyone wanted to create a remix/cover of the song Rain on Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana? Here's a rough draft of my vocals. I'm willing to do many vocal layers and the whole song! I really want to recreate this song, its so good! Please let me know!
email in bio

Description : free. had some free time so i made this. ig @drwsings

Listen to me on soundcloud, link on my profile, enjoy.

Description : Really felt it when i sang this beautiful song ...the state of the world right now we could some imagination of freedom and equality..
A wonderful Acoustic Guitar Instrumental by AcoustiClub on Utube
I have uploaded the dry acapella after the wet section

Original By Arijit Singh

Description : This version of the Acapella has more emphasis on the Vowels. Just different vibe. Same Key A major.

Description : Recorded on my phone
Original Song by Jubin Nutiyal

Description : Hi had fun playing with this track would be cool also you can hear my piano cover of this on soundcloud if you like . Hope to hear your tracks also x I don't own the rights to this song so it's just for fun

Description : Marília Mendonça - Apaixonadinha feat. Léo Santana (cover)
feel free to use for whatever! sorry if my portuguese isn't perfect haha

Description : Cover Vocals. It is NOT MY ORIGINAL SONG
Db Major Scale
Recorded on my phone.

Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga Full Song by Arijit Singh On Youtube.

Description : Amazing song by the Weeknd ..Absolutely love it..
Here's my own rendition more downtempo..
Wet and dry acapella

Description : Jawsh 685, Jason Derulo - Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat) cover

soundcloud: emilynmusic

Description : Stream this cover here on my soundcloud @kswizzy
and stream my new single "No Disturbance" as Kswizzy

Description : Cover Song - Original By Jubin Nautiyal
TO ALL THE ONE's who LOST A LOVED ONE but are still smiling like me.

Description : Singing My second medley of some of my favourite songs that i think sync together my head at least..
@ beatboxing tunes by me , Jump -Kriss Kross and Luniz - Five
Created the beat as well..on my demo track

Song List
Jump - Kriss Kross
Luniz- Five
Tipsy - J-Kwon
Around the Way Girl - LL Cool J
Creep- Radiohead
Sowing The Seeds - Tears For Fears
Wonderwall - Oasis
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
If u need them dry or split email me..

Description : Sang a few songs together that have the same vibe and tempo i feel.
put together some beatz and music on my sample track

Pimp - 50cent
Human NAture MJ
Playdate - M Martinez
99 Prombs Jay Z
U remind Me - Usher
Cry Me A river - JT
What Goes Around - JT
Outro Playdate - MM

Description : Illenium - Broken Ones (Lyrics) ft. Anna Clendening acapella cover

dry vocals

soundcloud: emilynmusic
instagram: emilynsu

Description : Alan Parsons classic..
Only wet acapella..The end has the chorus backing
Check out the sample track on my trax page with the music backing..

Description : My own slow emo version..
Wet only..

Description : U gotta get the original license u know dat..
this is my own the song
Check out my sample track on my trax page.
Couldnt upload the dry and split vocals cozza size limitation hmu if u like it..

Description : NOT ORIGINAL
Contact me only on Instagram for further queries.

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