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Description : Original: https://soundcloud.com/mayo-music/like-that


Name it like "Michael Mayo - Like That (YourName Remix)" ... To Name differently or use for commercial use contact me first at itsmichaelmayo.com do not use in explicit content. Please only contact me about changing name if you are planning to purchase the music license not asking me about it. Thank You :)

My Contact links: itsmichaelmayo.com
Snapchat: Mayo2.0

sub bass here https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/117529/like-that-sub-bass-by-mike0112-free-90bpm-pop-bass-synth-loop
Description : TEMPO: 90bpm
an older verse I figured I would share.
Description : TEMPO: 90bpm

A track from the upcoming album, SilenceKills. I am almost positive that this is 90bpm, but it is an older beat that I recorded it to, so it may be slightly different.
Description : A track from the upcoming SilenceKills album. Enjoy.
Description : This is one of my tracks from the upcoming SilenceKills album. I do have a hook if needed. Here is a link to the original instrumental. https://soundcloud.com/silencekills/silence-dying-dedication-instrumental
Description : This was inspired by the idea of human nature's dilemma of their own internal moral battles against their personal demons and "goblins". 90bpm. Please say, "feat. Stacy Robinson" in the song title. I would LOVE to hear anything you make with this, so please send me a link!!! Hope you like it!!! :)
Description : The dry vocals for "Higher". (includes harmony). 90bpm. Please say "Feat. Stacy Robinson" in the song title for anything you use this for. Also, please send me a link to anything you make with this. I'd LOVE to hear it!!! :) Hope you like it!
Tags : 90 bpm | Ambient | 1.22 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Just me humming a random melody that popped up in my head, tried hard for 90BPM this time to help

first 2 without reverb, 2nd 2 with reverb
( I really like reverb)
Description : Available for remix and post to soundcloud.

Acapella is not royalty free.
Please direct any official release requests
to soundcloud.com/shaidawn

BPM of this recording is unknown. The original song was written in 6/8 swing feel and is around 90bpm. This acapella is not yet finished so you will have to chop it up and experiment. Key is A Minor.
Description : new concept tune i'm working on.
Description : Dance acapella....PLEASE DO NOT USE 90BPM!!!!! TEMPO IS 88.799BPM !
Description : GadManDubs_Pretty Prison-90bpm
send mixes also to: gadmandubz at yahoo dot co .uk
seeking hiphop mixes, not interested in dubstep or dance mixes, hiphop please, bless
Description : silly love song I wrote for my guitar, chords are g a d g c g, if you use it post it on youtube so i can playlist it, or please make it available for free download so i get a copy. original version in the track section of my profile!
Description : Just sang this to a metronome playing at 90bpm, please comment if you want me to upload more. I can do better I just wanted to get something on here.
Hope yall like it! Please leave a link to what you make with this so I can hear it.

Want more? It's been a long time since I made acapellas for looperman.com So for every 5 likes I get I will make a new acapella and upload it! Click this link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Young-Wisdom/285197218221497
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Description : 3 verses 3 hooks 90bpm vox drop 25 sec in.

Credit Nepaul when using and leave a link to your mix in the comment section.

If interested in the commercial sale of your remix, you must contact me directly regarding non-exclusive rights to this acapella.
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