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Autotune Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : Credit: How U Want Me To Do feat. AHYAN
Reference beat: Distance by Ezmuzic on Youtube.
140 BPM Gm.

The last chorus was made if you want to put on the start cause I made a mess recording live with effects, recorded a part with autotune.

Glad to hear your version, post here or send me.

Description : Im back once again! Mentally I am doing way better and ready to start back to uploading! :)

Never had a chance to flex pitch this sadly, but I thought it was still good enough to upload!! (Flex pitch is basically manually adding autotune to make it sound better in logic pro x)


Description : Made a random song today, thought I would drop it here. Show some love in the comment section and share your creations below

NOTE: trim a slight tad, in the beginning, to make the vocals a little more on the beat, my daw creates that small space for no reason, just a tad shift to the left, nothing crazy

NOTE: This acapella is for Youtube and Soundcloud only. Do not put on monetizing streaming platforms.

fits: juice wrld, lil uzi vert, chief keef,

available on my SoundCloud: justron

Description : You can add this into various places to make it stretched to 3:22.
This has to be turned up so no haters.
I just want to hear my voice to something
and everybody needs tweaking I'm sure.
But please take into consideration I'm doing my very best! It'll need melodyne or autotune,beat placement on the 4/4 and tempo stretching if necessary with equalization. Top 40 trendy Hip Hop. I think it's G#m or G m or G# I'm not sure!

Description : Short cheeky hook! I'd love to hear what you do with this one :) There's a "MUAH!" kiss at the end~

120bpm vocal, no autotune

Description : Like Kieza, Kate Bush, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Alice Cooper all the greats! Kate Bush could sing but some songs didn't fit her.
I'm hoping this one will fit me!
It's Pop/Rock, or EDM if you want.
4/4 time and 120 tempo.
Check please to make sure the key.
I'm fairly guessing since my voice range is limited to 2 octaves my whole singing even training!
Volume turned a notch or 2 equalization, some FX, moderate autotune,
tempo stretching placed every 1st of every beat!

Description : For the length of 3:35 at least and no more and not less or much.
Needs like I've always discussed a little up in volume and equalization and a little FX and autotune and some vocal chops and making it sound like Top 40 Pop EDM synth at places.

Description : Not sure what key this is.
I'll take a guess C# again?
Or F# or B minor or G#?
I just went with it.
It need volume raising a little not much!
And a little FX, equalization, autotune and manually pitch adjustments, tempo stretching
and placed on every beat in 4/4.
Looking for not amateurs but professionals please.
It reminds me of Katy Perry or Ke$ha.

Description : Volume needs to be raised a little and equalization, small amounts of FX can be applied, moderate autotune that is expensive and manually pitched corrected and tempo stretched to what you want and manually placed on the first of every 4/4 beat in any areas for the music. It's about a man and woman's Bi Polar relationship and life's ups and downs. Can be any key if it compliments.

Description : I'm not a Julie Andrews and since even the expensive mic can't pick up everything this needs extra volume
and equalization.
Autotune is for people with almost perfect pitch anyway.
I want this Top 40 EDM Pop.
It's a repeated 2 verses and a quick chorus.
It can be a jazz version to this.
And my latest version to The World can be a blues version to that one but a commercial Top 40 Pop hit also to that one and this one with EDM.

Description : Needs volume raised, equalization, little FX, moderate best expensive autotune, might be on 100 tempo and may be in G minor but please check. I'm very insecure with my innate abilities still.
Can be either Pop or RNB or chopped for EDM and EDM tempo or stretched. In 4/4.

Description : A Hip Hop song based on Missy Elliott, Doja Cat and Beyonce. This was an older project from a few months old. Volume needs a few notches and equalization with little FX and some moderate melodyne or best sounding autotune that doesn't sound like the Cher effect or robot but more like the Top 40 trendy radio artists sound like to Pop like Katy Perry, Doja Cat, Rihanna, Beyonce and Selena Gomez. I want a newer sound than Salt N Pepper and Raven Symone though!
In 4/4 120 and hopefully it is!

Description : I like to be up to date with my Pop, Hip Hop, RNB and EDM.
My greatest influences are Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and Beyonce.
You can check to make the key is G m but it sounds to me like it is. No matter how strong the mic and singing is and 6 inches away, it does need volume raising, slight FX, moderate Antares or other best autotune or melodyne or something like that and equalization because all singing and music needs that to be properly aligned and professional. I am on the 4/4 beat.

Description : I added more verses and sung again in the recording.
I think this may be G minor in 4/4 and 100 tempo but please check first.
You can use moderate autotune and mild FX, equalization and slight compression if need to and volume adjustments. And stretching the tempo a bit and place on every first of 4/4 beat and semitones and main key change 2-3 notes if needed.
Volume a tad raised too.

Description : An R&B/Pop song I went back to.
100 tempo in 4/4.
Don't know the right key.
I just randomly sung it.
I'm going to guess lower mid G# minor?
It needs volume raising, mild FX, melodyne or autotune, vocal doubling, and equalization to the vocals and music. A very professional touch.

Description : Needs moderate FX, volume raised, equalization for music and vocals, moderate autotune, pitch correction that isn't melodyne, and any effects for commercial Pop EDM for high quality studio, radio FM, TV, major record labels. I just found these the most best quality and prettiest!
I was told I need a Neuman or Shure instead of Road microphone. Rode is pretty decent.
I can't afford the full price of one or near it.
Maybe someone has one they can give me.
If you feel this isn't studio grade.

Description : Please all I request is simply you contact me with permission before releasing anything having to do with my vocals and projects.It need volume raised and equalization, some FX, autotune or pitch correction, tempo stretching, pasted to the first of every 4 beats.

Description : Please ask me if you want to use this in any way for commercial purposes! The vocals need extra volume and blending 2 of the same tracks together and can semitones for harmonies. Slight FX, moderate autotune or melodyne, stretching to the tempo of 123 or 125, placed on the first of every 4 beat in 4/4. Vocal and music equalization is required also. You can semitone it any way you want if you wish or select the key you want!
I think I'm going to redo it again as it's a little rusty!

Description : You can have commercial license or permission to produce commercial free to use to access my songs. I'm affiliated with BMI.
You are free to semitone higher or lower any notes, volume raise vocals, volume adjust vocals, volume equalization on both vocals and music.
Autotune or melodyne, stretch the vocals around the tempo, copy and paste the vocals to the first of every 4/4 beat, use sparingly and a little FX.

Description : NO SPOTIFY OR ANY PAID STREAMING services without contacting me plz.

Agressive autotune Acapella

Credits: ft. Sergi Yaro

You may use this acapella in your track as long as its a free usage(soundcloud,youtube)

This acapella is also available for licensing.if you plan to pitch the track to label or selling it,plz contact me first at my email in my bio

buymeacoffee.com/sergiyaro - you may support me or say thanks by your donation


Description : Son planant avec autotune me contacter si besoin

Description : A short but simple rendition of Peaches. Autotune used. Unmastered you'll have to master it with the track. The BPM is 70. Please get in contact with how you used it cheers!

Description : Sang this to a Post Malone type be on Utube by COBRA. Check out my sample track on my trax page
First part wet processed on D Maj Autotune slow
Second part dry Raw

Description : Sang this to a Travis Scott type beat by Adrian Donal on youtube Check it out on my trax page.
G minor on the processed autotune scale
Dry unprocessed is also comes after the 1st part

Description : Second part to a little hook that I came up with. First part didn't really work, but quite liked this. Can imagine it being used over EDM.

Vocal has been processed with eq, reverb and delay. No autotune was used.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 107
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