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Autotune Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : A short but simple rendition of Peaches. Autotune used. Unmastered you'll have to master it with the track. The BPM is 70. Please get in contact with how you used it cheers!

Description : Sang this to a Post Malone type be on Utube by COBRA. Check out my sample track on my trax page
First part wet processed on D Maj Autotune slow
Second part dry Raw

Description : Sang this to a Travis Scott type beat by Adrian Donal on youtube Check it out on my trax page.
G minor on the processed autotune scale
Dry unprocessed is also comes after the 1st part

Description : Second part to a little hook that I came up with. First part didn't really work, but quite liked this. Can imagine it being used over EDM.

Vocal has been processed with eq, reverb and delay. No autotune was used.

Description : Please tag " feat french summer breeze" thanks
autotune + reverb
French hook

Description : Just a simple verse with simple lyrics. Can't really say in which key I sung, but the chords I used on the piano were Bmin Gmaj7.

No autotune used, but has slight EQ, reverb and delay.

Has lyrics.

Description : Please only tag in your title " Feat French Summer Breeze"
spanish verse

Description : Just a simple chant, repeating the word 'Yena' for a total of 4 bars. Not sure what genre it would fit, so I used Cinematic as I guess it could be described as emotive.

No autotune used, but has added EQ, reverb and delay.

Description : I love this song. My rendition sorta of an in between anka n buble..
Sang it as close as possible to the F# key so that the autotune would sound more natural.
Check out my sample track on my trax page

Description : Comment a link if u used it! It's me singing a very emotional text with much autotune and fake harmony dubs. ^^

Description : Some autotune to sweeten it..

Description : Throw Some Autotune on this and Go Crazy

Throwaway I wrote after she broke my heart lol

Description : I'm warming up to this Autotune thing..Like Post Malone said i only know how to sing with Autotune..
Only wet vocals
Sang this to a Tantu Beats Lofi-Beat called Eternal .Check out my sample track

Description : This my my autotune sung style of my original song called high hero with some extended vocals. Ony wet vocals.
D Sharp Major
Sang it to Paul Hauss Instrumental called no secrets.

Description : I don't usually sing to Autotune but here I am
Sang this to a Fantastic Dancehall Instrumental by Paul Hauss called Gimme Love
Check out the sample track on my trax page

Description : free. lofi hook. no autotune.

listen to me on soundcloud, link on my profile, enjoy.

Description : free. two voices. no autotune.

Spooky black/corbin/shiloh dynasty/kina cover.

listen to me on soundcloud, link on my profile, enjoy.

Description : Autotune this..
Wet and dry..2 different tones

Description : just some simple words with heavy autotune (hello t pain)
Credit me as - Ruslan Tishenko
feel free to use it no comercial
For any questions please contact me in Instagram - @ruslantishenko

Description : i dont know the key just something i made up to someone elses instrumental
Sad song
Botched autotune
still i wanted to share it
it doesnt have official music yet
see what you can
and send me a link

Description : autotune efx+

Eb minor


Description : Key actually: Bb minor
Effects: Autotune efx, floorfish

Description : vocals autotune trip
Please send your link :)

Description : Had this laying around
Autotune was set to D Major

Hmu on Insta @mulaoff

Description : Hey all. This is my very first full Acapella. I don't have a singing voice so a bit of autotune is fixing it up. Since this is my first one. I GIVE MY PERMISSION FOR ANYONE TO USE FREE! Just add me in the title and send the track my way.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 90
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