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Description : dry split after first wet part

Description : Bla bla bla..

Description : I'm not completely sure of the bpm. Just use fl studios. If you make anything with it, please show me!

Description : Just recorded this, not much. But I hope someone finds some use for it!

Description : Original song

Can be used with any genre

Leave a comment with your creation :)

Description : Original
Here is the full song
Share your creation with me in the comments!

Description : Dry vox on second part.
I've done a starter bass melody for this track will be putting up soon and possibly a beat too..

Description : Boola Vogue., A Come All Ya with the pure lilting voice of the great Shamoozey.
Get in touch for 'commercial use' and please ft. Shamoozey in your new creation. Thanks!

Description : I like this one....sped up the tempo on the "gimme Sumthin.." parts to match the original Hard times faster tempo. if you need the original tempo for those vox let me know .

Description : From one of my base tracks..goes well with my woke up beat on loops page

Description : One of my very first vocal works..aah ,memories..

Description : Goes nicely with my Top of the World bass n Keys on my loops page. Backing vox and ad libs at the end

Description : vocal idea - verse 1 n chodus

Description : Short Vocal Verse and Chorus all dry.

This is my tribute to my Samsung Note 4 which has been a rock for me all these a few days I will say helloww to mai neeewww freng NOTE 9!!

Description : as requested

Description : There's a long ass meeeeeeee at the end. If you can put a key on it it would last forever n ever n..

Description : Added 2nd verse and chorus

Description : This is the original verse and chorus . the earlier one I posted has been adjusted uptempo.

Description : 2 parts lower and higher

Description : driving along in my car..

Description : There is also an original 85 bpm version with 2 parts i will upload

Description : Track vocals - Split the chorus backing at the end

Description : U can refer to my reference track on my song page

Description : Sync with Low Vox

Description : Sync with Higher Vox

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 209
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