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Description : Sang this twice and left it with without reverb delay efx..Check out the sample acoustic track on my tracks page..

Description : NO SPOTIFY OR ANY PAID STREAMING services without contacting me plz.

Avicii style uplifting acapella about youth days

Credits: ft. Sergi Yaro

You are free to use this acapella in your track as long as its a free usage(soundcloud, youtube)

This acapella is also available for purchase for exclusive buyout or royalties split + recording fee. So if you plan to pitch the track to labels or selling it somewhere, plz contact me first through my email in my bio.


Description : Hey Guys! My little cuz came to sing ths song he he made this sad vocal just for yall! I hope you like it

Description : May your dreams take your far away. Did you use my vocals? Please share, I love to hear it!

Previously recorded as 3v3sound, but you may call me Ava Suzanne

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Description : heres a sad hook i wrote :) feel free to use for whatever projects you have.

ig: emilynsu
soundcloud: emilynmusic

Description : Wet and dry

Description : D Major/B minor

Description : Original Song by Atif Aslam

Description : Original Song by Atif Aslam

Description : Original Song at 95 BPM- Original Song by Atif Aslam.
This is a bit faster at 105BPM.

Description : This is the actual OCTAVE Sam Smith goes to sing the Chorus part of the song.

Description : In the chorus part-Sam Smith goes really high in the A4 note. I am not Sam Smith.

Description : LOSSLESS WAV file on BANDCAMP only.

Description : How can u not know this song by Wham..
This is a slower acostic style cover by me..
the sequence may not be correct so please slice to match
Only wet vox uploaded ..if u need it dry email me
dsnick73 at gmail

Description : Really felt it when i sang this beautiful song ...the state of the world right now we could some imagination of freedom and equality..
A wonderful Acoustic Guitar Instrumental by AcoustiClub on Utube
I have uploaded the dry acapella after the wet section

Original By Arijit Singh

Description : This version of the Acapella has more emphasis on the Vowels. Just different vibe. Same Key A major.

Description : Recorded on my phone
Original Song by Jubin Nutiyal

Description : Same chorus as my original but different verse and humm..

Wet and dry

Description : Amazing song by the Weeknd ..Absolutely love it..
Here's my own rendition more downtempo..
Wet and dry acapella

Description : Had this laying around can't make any music at the minute.

Description : I Had a beautiful dream..
Layered 2 wet vox together and split dry vox too..

Description : Wet and dry . 2 sections

Description : NOT ORIGINAL
Contact me only on Instagram for further queries.

Description : COVER SONG of Arijit Singh

Complete song on my soundcloud

DO NOT USE IT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES but feel free to use for non-commercial purposes.

Contact me on Instagram

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 287
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