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Acoustic Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : Eb Major
Sad Vibe

Description : Original By Arijit

Description : created a beat for this look it up same name\
If ya need the dry vox email me
dsnick73 gmail

Description : Just a Vibe

Description : Just a vibe

Description : Just a vibe

Description : COVER VOCALS
Please give credits to the ORIGINAL BAND if you upload commercially.

Description : Please pay the COVER fees before you make it Commercial. Do the right thing and pay the original artist.

Description : This is my softer more ambient cover vocals for a 3 song mashup
1. Let me down Slowly - Alec Benjamin
2. Arcade - Duncan Laurence
3. Without Me - Halsey

Check out the sample ambient track on my tracks page

Description : E minor,

Description : Contact me for full vocals

Description : Just Vibe
Dm/F Maj
Great Respect to Chris Martin

Description : OFF Tempo
Urdu/Hindi Vocals
Original By the Great Rafi Sahab

Description : i did this to a beat on yutube called feelings halsey inspired guitar pop instrumental in REBEL channel.

Description : Just a chorus
Wet layered and dry split

Description : Wet and dry hook

Description : its just something i sang while scrolling down looperman home page

Description : C#major

Description : Original by Jagjit Singh

Description : A slower rendition to the Bruno Mars Classic.
Sang it to a piano Instrumental. Check out my sample track
If u would like the dry vox email me dsnick73 gmail

Description : Just a simple verse with simple lyrics. Can't really say in which key I sung, but the chords I used on the piano were Bmin Gmaj7.

No autotune used, but has slight EQ, reverb and delay.

Has lyrics.

Description : Just a lame birthday song

Description : Singing this Police classic with some 2nick8 flavor..
Check out the acoustic sample track on my trax page.

Description : JUST A VIBE

Description : Wet and dry

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 318
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