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Description : NOT ORIGINAL
Contact me only on Instagram for further queries.

Description : COVER SONG of Arijit Singh

Complete song on my soundcloud

DO NOT USE IT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES but feel free to use for non-commercial purposes.

Contact me on Instagram

Description : Feeling kinda reflective while driving...sang this song to a utube instrumental ..check out the sample track on my trax page..
Wet and dry..

Description : Freestyled sang this with no backing ..
Edited slightly to sync with 98bpm..
if you need it dry hit me up
dsnick73 at gmail

Description : Sang a slightly laid back cover of this classic Stone Temple Pilot Hit to a Utube instrumental by Karaoke Junkies..
RIP Scott
Acapella is Up
* The Bpm varied slightly throughout the song

Description : Just freestylin this brilliant hit with a beat i created..pretty close?
Chk out my demo track on my trax page
Only wet acapella uploaded due to the size limitation. You can email for the dry wav..
dsnick73 at gmail
Beat is up too..

Description : Just some la de da's

Leave a comment or send a PM if you do something with this track please! Thank you!

Can really be used with any genre

Description : I got nothing against saw dust but i mean the wood made from it..come on.

Description : It's a strange new world people..
Wet and dry vox

Description : One of my earliest compositions. Resinging it now to a different tempo ..couldnt find a good instrumental so i freestyled it with just a beat on my trax page
Wet and dry..

Description : This is a new vocal version of my original acapella that i sang to my own demo production mix on my trax page
Wet and dry

Description : Straight From my mind and heart to the mic..
Wet and dry

Description : This is a slower sorta live guitar vocal to the demo track on my trax page with guitar and vocal efx.

This is just volume balanced dry more or less

Description : A slow acoustic number. Sang this to a wonderful guitar acoustic intrumental on utube by Ryini Beats
Wet and dry

Description : Didn't know which one was the best so I put them all up from lower to high..
All dry..

Description : Just freestyling a vibe
Wet and dry

Description : I'm planning to make this into a full song. But I also want to see how you guys can improve this snippet. Cook up this for non-commercial use!

Once you do something with this, please get me featured on the title of your song e.g) feat. M!ro

Also, I'm selling each loop which is bypassed all the effects I used so find me(miroseok) on Beatstars if you are interested in it. Thank you :)

Description : Written 23 May 2018

Description : Disclaimer: I wrote all these lyrics, please don't claim my lyrics as your idea/yours.

To those of yall who are stumped and looking for song ideas, I threw a bunch of different song ideas that I created into this acapella so feel free to sample and rearrange it as you please :).

Most of these are just incomplete song ideas so if you do come up w/ an idea that you think would be a banger let me know :D

Soundcloud: emilynmusic
Instagram: emilynsu

Description : Raw unedited vocals for a song I quick-wrote. Don't know exact tempo or key

Instagram: Emilynsu
Soundcloud: Emilynmusic

If you have contacted me from looperman about collabs/other things, I am sorry I haven't responded/seen most as I got flooded with 100+ messages in a short period of time, I wasn't trying to ignore your message!

FOR COMMERCIAL USE/COLLAB INQUIRIES please email me at the email on my looperman profile page.

Description : Use these vocals the way that resonates best with your beat; as a whole or parts of it. Enjoy and please share your work, looking forward to hear your sound!

PS. If there's a producer out here that can give me some tips on how to reduce the static noise even further within garageband, please let me know.

Description : A song i wrote in October 2017.

Description : Someone -who(m?) asked me to stay anonymous, requested an acapella consisting of multiple parts that can be used either standalone or together. Enjoy, please share your work!

Description : simple hook engllish

Description : simple hook English

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