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Description : My Vocals for a track on Kompoz. Sync chorus with backing falsetto vox at the end
Description : from my track with same name
Description : Take it easy n let it flow..
Description : I wrote a song for u and it goes like this..
Description : My chorus vox for my track we are humanity
Description : To sync with main vox with same title
Description : From one of my very much older arrangement. Redid the vocals ..fresh off. Sync with Harmonies with same title
Description : Please include ft.Luke Strawson in your title! :)
Tempo is an estimate // To find the real tempo use FL - detect tempo :)
A shilouh inspired sample made for mamy styles of music.

Also make sure to send your work below so i can promote it!
Thanks to all for the support on youtube aswell :)

Free for all use as long as im in the title.
Description : I've been an A-ha fan for as long as I can remember ..not the cleanest take this one but hey, it's no better to be safe than sorry. Chorus Backing at the end
Description : This is my sugary couples wanna tie the knot kiss kiss song first verse and chorus - Still a work in progress . Playing around with some musical arrangement on my track page
Description : Lyrics and vocals - 2nick8

For my track Go To Guy on my track page
Description : The problems I had with a friend. The song is an acoustic interlude that must be ran with a guitar and the drum must be run by an African bongo drum, and a harmonica.
Description : This vocal track of mine probably more suited for an acoustic type guitar or piano..
Description : Vocal part, please use (ft.Luke strawson)
And post your links below for promotion!
Please dont use any sample i make without ft.Lukestrawson. Thank you all!
By the way, love all of the work with my first sample!


Hey there! Sorry for no posts i have alot of school work to catch up on. Im now free to post as much as i like since school is almost over!
Description : Me and my friend named Tadeu Todaro, we live in the same city Catanduva SP.
If you want to use this vocal send me an email: (not for commercial use) If you want to use the vocal COMMERCIALLY contact me to NEGOCIATE A VALUE. If you make a track with this vocal put the name like it: Yourname feat Tadeu Todaro & Bravei

Description : Just a sad sort of song I wrote, works really well with acoustic instrumentals. Add "ft. Cam The Clear" in titles and send me the link! Enjoy!
Description : I wrote this song over Minor2Go's "I never said Goodbye" so you can use that as a reference if you need too. I don't have music for it yet so hopefully someone can find use for it. Just a song about how nothing ever makes sense and people just have to accept it. Please let me know if you use it. I did not apply any effects, just set it on Natural Vocal in Garageband.
Description : I hope you will enjoy this acapella! Would love to hear how you've used these vocals! Full song:
Description : IT's set up as Intro (ahhs)
Verse, Prechorus, Chorus x 2 (I left the first chorus with background ahs, second without so you can choose, then solo-ed out the chorus at the end. The Oh oh ohs are solo-ed at beginning for use as needed)

Chords G, D (or diminished G?), Em, C (standard tuning, Tempo was 163 but I suspect half that tempo works)

Something I worked on in a small amount of free time. Sorry for any mistakes. Let me know if you use it, hmu so I can promote the best tracks!
For permission to use commercially (as with all my acapellas!) talk to me privately via PM!

Description : This acapella is just a guideline to how I originally thought the song would roughly sound (notice im a TERRIBLE singer and cant hit a note). This is why I need you! I would LOVE it someone who is musically talented could take my lyrics and turn them into some sort of a song, ANY genre, style, tempo, doesn't matter I would appreciate you for life. MSG me with anything.
Description : I hope you will enjoy this acapella*! Would love to hear how you've used these vocals!
*Full song:
Description : Key - F major
Maybe useful for someone, just rough singing. If you do something give a link in a comment. Credits: Ft. Ankit Sharda Contact me if there is any problem Email:- Fb:- For commercial use contact me.
Description : A cute little lovey/dovey original Shamoozey jingle. BPM 120. its called 'How Sweet'
Please ft. Shamoozey in your title remix. Get in touch
for commercial use.
Description : Oh I love the dear silver that shines in your hair
and the brow that's all furrowed and wrinkled with care
I kiss the dear fingers so toil worn for me
Oh God bless you and keep you Mother Machree
Description : Just a loop you can use alone or together with the other ones: they are matching.
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