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Description : reverb and delay

Description : Reverb and Delay

Description : scale of c minor

Description : Would love if someone could show a cool base with this and we could work together on finishing the whole song. I have another verse, bridge and then chorus again, but don't want to post the whole thing unless someone can do something with it.

Description : I tried to sing high notes. Reverbed

Description : delay and reverb

Description : This is a song ive made called Forever. these are the accapellas. u can use these. but if its for comercial use. contact me for first.

Description : A simple four bar verse with four simple lines. Vocal is enhanced with a eq, small amount of reverb and de-ess. I purposely haven't quantized, over processed, or auto-tuned it to help it retain a natural feel.

Description : Check out my demo track
C Sharp Major

Description : Reverb and Delay

Description : Nice Clean Reverbed Vocals

Description : Really looking to actually make something serious, problem is my vocal mixing and mastering is horrendous. Any ideas or help appreciated, also let me know what you can make, thanks!

Description : E minor Scale
160 BPM

Description : A# minor scale

Description : E minor scale

Description : E minor Scale

Description : A minor scale

Description : F # minor scale

Description : Delay and Reverb

Description : C minor

Description : DELAY AND REVERB

Description : B Minor Scale,

Description : D Major Scale

Description : Just a quick two lines that popped into my head while I was in front of the mic.

Processed with EQ, reverb and delay.

Description : A major Scale

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 341
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