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Description : E minor Scale
160 BPM

Description : A# minor scale

Description : E minor scale

Description : E minor Scale

Description : A minor scale

Description : F # minor scale

Description : Delay and Reverb

Description : C minor

Description : DELAY AND REVERB

Description : B Minor Scale,

Description : D Major Scale

Description : Just a quick two lines that popped into my head while I was in front of the mic.

Processed with EQ, reverb and delay.

Description : A major Scale

Description : Bb Major Scale

Description : A Major Scale

Description : B Major Scale

Description : A# Major Key

Description : B minor scale 87 Bpm

Description : F sharp Minor

Description : From my track same name cx out on my trax page

Description : Wrote this for my wife's birthday..bored of the usual one..
Cx out my sample track in my tracks section

Description : Harmonies D Major

Description : Harmonies- G major or E minor

Description : A major scale or F#minor

Description : OFF TEMPO
F major Scale

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 331